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IMS Health’s Ask IMS is a cost-effective, Web-based service that provides strategic market intelligence to help drive the growth and success of early-stage biopharmaceutical companies. Drawn from IMS’ comprehensive pharmaceutical market information, Ask IMS offers timely decision-making support for understanding critical market opportunities and issues, as well as for planning and executing successful commercialization strategies. The service delivers both top-line and in-depth insights about the healthcare marketplace at the country level, equipping early-stage companies with timely and accurate information for their business development decisions and funding efforts. Clients can quickly leverage IMS’ syndicated market audits for countries worldwide, focusing on critical areas such as sales and prescribing trends, primary disease treatments, and promotion activities in specific markets. Answers to client queries are delivered in preformatted, presentation-ready reports that can be customized for a variety of uses. “With more than 1,500 biopharmaceutical drugs in active development by early-stage firms, companies are seeking evidence-based insights to develop and integrate commercial thinking early on and throughout the development process,” observes Jim Mahon, general manager, product and portfolio management, for IMS. HD360?, the latest edition of Health Decisions’ Web-based trial management platform, is designed to provide a full, seamless view of clinical programs, enabling more efficient operations and better strategic decision-making for every trial management function. HD360? is a natural extension of Agile Clinical Development, the company’s trial management methodology based on continuously adapting both trial design and operations. “The HD360? system is designed to make these loops even more effective,” observes Rick Farris, chief operating officer. “It is a flexible yet strong technology base for seamless communication between a trial’s data and its decision-makers, letting us see every opportunity to eliminate waste and make our sponsors’ programs run faster and more smoothly.” Two integrated modules have launched with HD360?. Investigator View enables investigator sites to complete tasks more easily and efficiently, reducing the time and effort required to enroll and track patients, enter data, and manage queries. The module instantly downloads, cleans, and analyzes trial data, making information available to site personnel based on their study role and ensuring that it reaches the trial’s decision-makers as quickly as possible. It also tracks a framework of site performance metrics in real time for more flexible, effective overall site management. “A study can progress only as quickly as its investigator sites can enroll patients and collect accurate data,” says Maurice Hagar, Health Decisions’ head of IT. “This sets the baseline of efficiency that drives all other aspects of the study.” The second HD360° module, Monitor View, promotes more strategic, proactive trial management and significantly reduces monitors’ time and travel expenses. Featuring user-friendly search and reporting tools and automated resolution of some query types, HD360° Monitor View ensures greater control over investigator site performance and data trends, producing faster, more accurate results with fewer wasted resources. Health Decisions plans to release a third module, Sponsor View, in 2010 that will feature enhanced reporting and analysis tools for sponsors. AIR Health Group, a recently launched division of AIR Marketing, offers an analytics-driven marketing platform intended to improve the relevancy of communications between the pharmaceutical industry and physicians. Through AIR Health, physicians will receive only pertinent clinical updates, medical education programs, and other information that align with their historical behaviors and indicated communication channel preferences. With the launch of the AIR Health solution set, the pharma industry will now have access to advanced communication optimization techniques needed to provide targeted, important clinical information to physicians via individual choice mediums. The AIR Health model uses AIR Marketing’s proprietary analytic technology, Cyclone, in conjunction with two advanced marketing solutions developed exclusively for AIR Health. A powerful analytical model designed to aggregate key physician practice, education, and other peer interactions at the individual physician level, Accentrx provides a single view of physician predictive, as well as stated preferences. Accentrx serves as an electronic communications record. Optimizing the intelligence derived from Accentrx, MyOperon provides the platform for personalized Website URLs for each physician to receive optimized messages. “Not available to the pharmaceutical industry until now, AIR Health’s innovative application offers a breath of fresh air that will forever change pharmaceutical marketing,” says David Ralls, VP of AIR Marketing and partner, AIR Health. Ask IMS offers innovators access to gold-standard business intelligence, giving them an efficient, cost-effective way to transform their scientific vision into market reality, says Jim Mahon. Our approach to clinical research rests on a framework of ­integrated feedback loops, which means everyone working on a study is observing data and performance trends on a constant basis and using that information to refine the trial, says Rick Farris. The module ensures that sites are performing at their best, letting them maximize productivity with as little tedium as possible, says Maurice Hagar. AIR Health is backed by more than a decade of experience and performance in leading cutting-edge analytical marketing programs, says David Ralls. Thomson Reuters and NextDocs have integrated Thomson Reuters’ Liquent InSight regulatory software platform and the NextDocs Document and Quality Management System, providing a comprehensive solution for managing regulatory content from authoring to publishing and submission. The integration allows the two systems to work from a common set of Microsoft SharePoint-based documents, enabling Liquent InSight and the NextDocs system to seamlessly interact with one another. For example, organizations can access NextDocs documents housed in SharePoint and build an eCTD structure using Liquent InSight. “Our Liquent InSight platform provides a single authoritative platform, which allows users to manage regulatory information through all stages of development, from early submissions to marketed registrations,” says Rick Riegel, VP and general manager, services and software solutions, at Thomson Reuters. As part of their enhanced partnership, NextDocs is also supporting Thomson Reuters’ Liquent SmartScribe set of document templates, which enable users to create common technical documents quickly, efficiently, and in a constant standard. The user-friendly templates help to ensure all documents comply with format requirements. “Our collaboration with Thomson Reuters creates a complete, integrated software solution that we’re proud to offer,” notes Zikria Syed, CEO of NextDocs. In other news, Thomson Reuters has launched Thomson Pharma Partnering Forecast, a new product that provides a combination of competitive intelligence and sales forecast data to enable quick and credible assessment of the sales potential of pipeline and marketed drugs. Thomson Pharma Partnering Forecast contains a consensus of analyst forecasts for strategic drugs across the major pharma therapy areas and combines these forecasts with downloadable, patient-based revenue models for drugs in more than 100 indications. The models include transparent assumptions on incidence and prevalence, eligible numbers of patients, estimated timing of approval, pricing, and market share within the indication. The data are linked with the industry’s most trusted source of intelligence on the industry pipeline, allowing customers to assess the competitive position of a drug and quickly forecast its sales potential. The product combines data captured from Thomson Reuters’ own drug monitoring team, including assessments of multiple analyst forecasts, and integrates it with drug assessments, patient-based forecasts, and approval timelines licensed from its recently announced partnership with BioMedTracker. “Our customers tell us that they must do sales forecasts more quickly and more often than ever before,” says Jon Brett Harris, executive VP of life science at Thomson Reuters. “This combination of market-based and patient-based data points will enable our customers to quickly create credible forecasts of a drug’s potential.” Customers can take advantage of a one-of-a-kind authoring template package, says Zikria Syed of NextDocs. Joining forces with NextDocs ensures our clients will be able to work effectively with content managed in SharePoint, says Rick Riegel of Thomson Reuters. The latest version of CEGEDIM DENDRITE’S Mobile Intelligence customer relationship management suite provides robust functionality to empower cross-functional team collaboration within life-sciences organizations and enables centralization of key customer information across the enterprise. Additional features of Mobile Intelligence 5.0 include online and offline versions that feature the same robust functionality; advanced tools that enable users to configure and customize their business solutions quickly and at lower cost; and seamless integration with Cegedim Dendrite’s OneKey healthcare professional database. For more information, visit cegedimdendrite.com. MEDICIGLOBAL has released a new version of its global Web-based ADapt system with features that further accelerate the launch of customized, local patient recruitment-retention programs around the world. The latest version of ADapt operates faster due to core architecture optimization and provides study sponsors and sites with paperless ethics submission and approval tracking. Other enhanced management features of the new version include increased project communications between users in the field and study sponsors; more detailed tracking of materials in development, by country, language, and specific editorial changes; and user-activity management to ensure tasks are completed and project timelines are kept on track. For more information, visit mediciglobal.com. SYMYX TECHNOLOGIES has released Symyx Notebook 6.3, a major version upgrade that adds parallel chemistry support for synthetic and medicinal chemistry to Symyx’s enterprise electronic lab notebook (ELN) product. Symyx Notebook 6.3 improves support for synthetic chemists, analytical chemists, and biologists in regulated and nonregulated environments by offering many new capabilities, including support for parallel synthesis, library enumeration, searching of enumerated reactions, and solid phase organic synthesis. For more information, visit symyx.com. The latest version of Adis R Insight from WOLTERS KLUWER PHARMA SOLUTIONS now includes an inThought Approvability Index (IAI), as well as worldwide revenue forecasts from inThought, in its drug profiles. Adis R Insight quantifies probability of approval and revenue potential for thousands of drugs in development. The new version uses the intelligent forecasting of inThought, Wolters Kluwer Pharma’s pharmaceutical research service, to assign approvability ratings and generate revenue forecasts. The IAI assesses the progress of a drug candidate through clinical development and assigns an evidence-based score for specific line items relating to safety, efficacy, trial design, and other factors in each phase of clinical development. For more information, visit wolterskluwerpharma.com. Clinical Site Services (CSS) has launched MyClinicalTrial.com, a comprehensive Website focused on advancing the significance of clinical research. “People of all ages rely on the Internet to find out about their medical condition or research something to discuss with their doctor. They want to feel more empowered,” notes Chris Trizna, president of CSS. Visitors to MyClinicalTrial.com will find a wealth of information on specific disease states and indications, as well as health-related groups and discussion forums. In exploring a variety of treatment options, they will also be able to search for clinical research studies by illness, ZIP code, state, or travel distance. A registry is also available for those individuals who would like to be contacted in the future about specific research studies. Investigator sites, pharmaceutical companies, and CROs will also find MyClinicalTrial.com valuable, as any study listing posted will be viewed by an engaged audience seeking more information for their healthcare decision-making. Currently, investigator sites are able to post their clinical trial listings for free, and sponsors and CROs can list their studies until the end of the year at no cost. The goal of MyClinicalTrial.com is to educate people about the importance of clinical trials, provide the latest industry information, and identify the right studies for prospective volunteers. It will be promoted across major media outlets, including television, Internet search engines, healthcare-focused Websites and social networking sites. NewCardio has launched its lead product, QTinno, a software suite that provides accurate, fully automated, and comprehensive analysis of QT intervals and other ECG markers for cardiac safety assessment in drug development. Every drug in development must undergo studies to determine cardiac toxicity levels. These TQT/QT studies currently involve semiautomated readings by cardiologists, assisted by software relying on two-dimensional algorithms. The fully automated QTinno solution has the potential to replace this costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process, providing higher-quality results and a more efficient approach. The company believes that its QTinno intelligent automation software solution is the industry’s first viable offering for the accurate, automated analysis of ECGs used to determine cardiac toxicity in drug development. “The launch of QTinno is the culmination of our efforts focused on developing and validating the industry’s first intelligent automation solution for ECG analysis for clinical drug trials,” says Dorin Panescu, Ph.D., NewCardio’s chief technical officer and VP of research and development. Formedic’s MedEfficio is an easy-to-use, point-and-click interactive health history questionnaire for patients to complete before their next doctor’s visit, enhancing the time patients spend with their doctors. Patients can access MedEfficio for free online via a secure Website, medefficio.com. Questions are written in an easy-to-understand format and are based on the type of physician being seen and the reason for the office visit. After the questionnaire is completed, a report is generated for the patient that includes a section of health messaging ranging from questions to ask their doctor to suggestions for managing their condition. The last section of the report is for the doctor, where the information provided by the patient is translated into familiar medical terminology. Patients have the option to provide the report to their physician by e-mail, by printing a copy, or by uploading the report to their personal health record (PHR). MedEfficio does not store any of the patient’s information, allowing the patient to retain control of their completed questionnaire. “MedEfficio answers the needs of a growing patient population that want to manage their health by using online resources, while providing the doctors with a complete health history report of the patient,” says Amy Cesario, manager, e-marketing and communications. “Studies have shown that patients are more likely to fully complete an interactive online health questionnaire than a traditional paper one.” Cozmix’s recently released SizeMix software solution reduces the need for outside consultants by giving sales managers the capability to run in-depth sizing and optimizing analyses of their own salesforces. The SizeMix process provides all of the components necessary to complete a full internal review of a salesforce’s size, structure, and product focus. This allows sales-oriented organizations to gain an in-depth understanding of their salesforce’s deployment without the increased disruption and costs typically associated with external consultants. Cozmix President Steve ­Maughan initially developed the SizeMix process as an internal framework used for Cozmix’s salesforce optimization and consulting projects. “In the past we used the SizeMix process during our consulting projects, and it consistently delivered insight into optimal salesforce sizing and deployment, as well as significant improvement to our clients’ sales growth, profitability, and business focus,” Mr. Maughan notes. “We are very excited about the SizeMix release because we have improved both the power and usability of the tools and made them available to give our clients complete control over their salesforce sizing analysis,” he says. Cozmix is making a limited number of beta licenses available for testing. The initial release of QTinno delivers a leap forward in terms of accuracy, reproducibility, timeliness, and cost in performing cardiac safety analysis in TQT/QT studies, says Dr. Dorin Panescu. Our goal is to provide a gateway for people to become better informed about their healthcare and their treatment options, which may include participation in a research study, says Chris Trizna. We have improved both the power and usability of the tools and made them available to give our clients complete control over their salesforce sizing analysis, says Steve Maughan. Novozymes Biopharma’s new Website, biopharma.novozymes.com, has been designed to enhance usability and provide a comprehensive resource for information on Novozymes Biopharma’s range of recombinant products and technologies that help customers in the biopharmaceutical industry improve drug safety and efficacy. The easy-to-navigate Novozymes Biopharma Website provides visitors with quick and easy access to a wealth of information about customer solutions to optimize biopharmaceutical manufacturing, improve drug products, and contribute to better lives for patients. The site incorporates the latest company news and events and in-depth resource sections offering downloadable brochures, application notes, and data sheets on all of Novozymes Biopharma’s animal-free products and technologies. Visitors can also use the Website to view specialist articles and presentations from key company representatives covering a number of interesting industry topics. “Novozymes is committed to keeping its customers ahead of industry challenges and developing tailored solutions to deliver continued commercial success,” says VP Peter Rosholm. OCEG’s new Website, oceg.org, includes features that allow users to find key governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) resources, join in discussions about specific risk and compliance issues, connect with peers in specific industries and geographic locations, and implement or assess GRC capability model practices in their organization. The new Website also enables users to view and book to attend upcoming webinars, boot camps, and other events, as well as browse the extensive OCEG resource collections. The site offers a number of guides for download, including OCEG’s GRC Capability Model (Red Book 2.0) and GRC Assessment Tools (Burgundy Book). OCEG is a standards-setting organization that helps improve governance and risk management. This new Website provides a ­comprehensive resource for both current customers and organizations interested in how Novozymes’ animal-free solutions can significantly improve efficiency, says Peter Rosholm. New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies Featured Briefs: IMS Service Offers Decision-Making Support Health Decisions Introduces Clinical Trial Management System AIR Marketing Unveils Analytic Marketing Tool Thomson Reuters, NextDocs Expand Software Partnership Sidebar: E-upgrades and Enhancements Clinical Site Services Provides Patients with Clinical Trial Information NewCardio Offers Cardiac Safety Monitoring Software Formedic Launches Interactive Questionnaire to Strengthen Patient-Doctor Relationship Cozmix Releases Salesforce Sizing Software New Website Highlights Novozymes Biopharma’s Product Portfolio OCEG Unveils New Website Follow up AIR HEALTH GROUP, a division of AIR Marketing, offers an efficient, effective, and customer-centric solution set for pharmaceutical marketing. For more information, visit airhealthgroup.com. CLINICAL SITE SERVICES (CSS) provides patient-enrollment solutions for the clinical research industry. For more information, visit clinicalsiteservices.com. COZMIX INC. is a salesforce strategy consultancy and software development company. For more information, visit cozmix.com. FORMEDIC provides customized, professional medical forms to more than 194,000 physicians. For more information, visit formedic.com. IMS HEALTH is a global provider of market intelligence to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. For more information, visit imshealth.com. HEALTH DECISIONS is a full-service clinical research organization (CRO) specializing in high-efficiency adaptive solutions. For more information, visit healthdec.com. NEWCARDIO INC. provides cardiac diagnostic technology and services. For more information, visit newcardio.com. NEXTDOCS provides Microsoft SharePoint-based document and quality management solutions for life-sciences companies. For more information, visit nextdocs.com. Novozymes Biopharma is a part of Novozymes A/S and offers ­regulatory-compliant, dedicated, and proven solutions to optimize ­manufacturing, drug formulation, and drug delivery. For more information, visit biopharma.novozymes.com. OCEG is a nonprofit organization that uniquely helps organizations by enhancing corporate culture and integrating governance, risk management, and compliance by providing guidelines and standards. For more information, visit oceg.org. THOMSON REUTERS is a source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. For more information, visit thomsonreuters.com.

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