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Glen Drummond, Gilead Sciencess Daniel James Schneider, Life Science Commercialization Consultant Peter Marchesini, inVentiv Health Lawrence G. Wright, Ph.D., MedErgy HealthGroup Mentoring takes patience, foresight, and unselfish devotion to furthering the success of others. Creating a corporate culture of inclusiveness, is a skill that is often unheralded — until now. We salute those who take the time from their own busy careers to help others in develop their paths to success. THE MENTORS People Power Glen Drummond, Director, Commercial Learning and Development, at Gilead is always looking to provide proven, as well as innovative solutions to his organization and the commercial groups he serves. Passionate • Driven Name: Glen Drummond Current Position: Director, Commercial Learning and Development, Gilead Sciences Education: B.A., Bradley University Date and Place of Birth: August 1957, GlenRidge, N.J. First Job: Stock boy, grocery store First Industry-Related Job: Pharma sales rep, Ciba-Geigy Connected Via: LinkedIn Words to Live By: Be true to yourself; you have to see this person every day in the mirror People development is a real passion for Glen Drummond. His goal at Gilead Sciences, as director, commercial learning and development, where he leads sales, marketing, and national accounts learning and development, is to develop career pathways and advanced training within the company that will make a difference for others to grow and develop in their current and future roles. He considers getting feedback from managers that the training he is providing is making a difference and is appreciated is a huge reward, and makes him love what he does. Mr. Drummond has a unique blend of more than 25 years of experience of sales, sales management, and learning and development excellence under his belt. He has led sales teams, sales management development, and sales training organizations in organizations ranging from large pharmaceutical companies to small-mid pharma/device companies. While at Novartis, he rebuilt the management and leadership training function at the company. The models and processes he and his team developed have stood the test of time demonstrating the clear value they provide. Mr. Drummond joined Gilead last year after leaving from Medicis Pharmaceutical, a specialty pharma company focused on the treatment of dermatological and aesthetic conditions. Before Medicis, he had spent most of his career at Novartis. The transition from large pharma to a small biopharma environment was a big change, requiring great flexibility and a roll-up-your-sleeves mentality, but making the leap has put him on a strong trajectory at Gilead. When working with partners, Mr. Drummond happily shares his expertise and at the same time is open to the ideas and suggestions of others. He is always looking to provide proven, as well as innovative solutions to his organization and the commercial groups they serve. He actively gains buy-in from senior management on initiatives while showing them the value of learning to their organizations. Passionate and driven, Mr. Drummond is very goal-oriented and focused on everything he does, both professionally and personally. He says while talent is what is needed to do a job well, passion is the force that makes the outcomes great. Along the way, Mr. Drummond has had many strong mentors, from fellow employees, to vendor partners, to close friends. He says it is possible to learn something from everyone if you’re open and seeking to grow. Concerned about the lack of access to healthcare providers, Mr. Drummond says the industry needs to work to recreate the value of the sales rep. After all, physicians will find the time to speak with others, such as their attorneys or financial planners; pharma companies must find a way back into the value chain to be successful. With all the changes and growth the industry has undergone in the course of his career, Mr. Drummond says it will be exciting to see how the industry evolves over the next 25 years. One thing is certain, he says, as long as companies bring value to customers, pharma selling will have a seat at the customer table. Outside the office, Mr. Drummond contributes to the Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers as a thought leader on management development program needs and regularly presents at their annual conference. F Glen Drummond rides a Harley. Clear Learning Peter Marchesini is a part-time professor at Rutgers University’s Pharmaceutical MBA program. Peter Marchesini, Chief Learning Officer at inVentiv Health, possesses strong values and beliefs that enable individuals to grow, and his passion helps to provide the organization with focus and commitment.

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