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New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies

Featured Briefs: GfK Announces Additions to Marketing Research Portfolio TVG Offers New Forecasting Suite QuestaWeb Offerings Reduce Costs for Importers, Exporters Skila Launches Global Market Access Management Solution StudyManager Streamlines Clinical Trial Management Take Supply Chain Adds Asset Tracking and Maintenance Solution GxP Consulting Extends Computer Systems Validation Services Sidebar: E-upgrades and enhancements Veeva Application Supports Spending Tracking Compliance Sidebar: Blog Roll Palio Unveils Interactive Website goBalto Establishes Online Platform for Matching Development Partners Follow up DecisionQ provides predictive analytics software with expertise in the healthcare, life sciences, financial services, and security industries. For more information, visit decisionq.com. GfK Healthcare is a provider of fully integrated custom healthcare marketing research. For more information, visit gfkhc.com. goBalto is an online drug development partnering site for the pharmaceutical development and drug manufacturing industry. For more information, visit gobalto.com. GxP Consulting is a provider of compliance services to the pharma and biopharma industries. For more information, visit gxpeu.com. Palio, an inVentiv Health company, is a full-spectrum advertising and communications agency. For more information, visit palio.com. QuestaWeb is a provider of Web-based integrated global trade management (GTM) solutions. For more information, visit questaweb.com. Skila, a Sela2 company, is a global technology and services company specializing in knowledge and effectiveness solutions for the healthcare industry. For more information, visit skila.com. StudyManager Inc. (also known as Advanced Clinical Software) is a privately held developer of clinical-trial management software. For more information, visit clinicalsoftware.net. Take Supply Chain provides real-time supply chain execution and reverse logistics software solutions. For more information, visit takesupplychain.com. TVG Marketing Research & Consulting, a PDI company, provides a global view of the healthcare marketplace through custom qualitative and quantitative marketing research, consulting, and training. For more information, visit tvg-inc.com. Veeva Systems is a provider of SaaS-based solutions for the global life-sciences industry. For more information, visit veevasystems.com. TVG has launched a new suite of services focused on predicting share and forecasting revenue for a range of needs. “Our forecasting team has tapped their deep experience in forecasting and modeling for major pharma companies to create products that are methodologically sound and user-friendly,” says President Peter Tilles. The TVG Rapid Share Predictor provides instant access to patient share and uptake rates without the need to conduct primary marketing research or use of analogs. It also delivers share estimates projected from internal judgments about product attributes for quick assessments about new products such as acquisitions or licensing evaluations, or as another benchmark to validate current models. TVG also now offers the TVG Custom Share Predictor, a built-to-order evaluation of market share in the context of specific market parameters. This approach synthesizes custom primary and secondary marketing research as input to highly customized, state-of-the-art choice modeling to provide a more comprehensive and validated evaluation of potential product use. Another addition, the TVG Forecaster, is a powerful, easy-to-use new forecasting engine built to deliver revenue projections based on a product’s unique specifications. TVG’s forecasting experts design and define a modeling approach to best reflect the way in which companies plan to market their product. TVG integrates the key inputs, drawing data from a variety of sources, including its own Rapid Share Predictor and Custom Share Predictor tools. These new tools build on TVG’s 30 years of advanced analytic expertise and knowledge, says Peter Tilles. GfK Healthcare has unveiled a number of new software products. The company’s FlashPoints solution is a custom quantitative mini-study focused on delivering top-line information on physicians’ perceptions and behavior. GfK Healthcare also has introduced Treatment Tracker, a syndicated research service offering physicians’ brand preferences, current and anticipated future prescribing practices, patient treatment algorithms, and unmet market needs. “Treatment Tracker is one way GfK Healthcare is responding to clients’ challenges by innovating and evolving research staples,” says Chief Marketing Officer Maureen McLaughlin. GfK Healthcare also has acquired DecisionQ’s FasterAnalytics software. FasterAnalytics employs machine-learning technology to extract knowledge from data and generate graphical predictive models, enabling users to improve the speed and quality of decisions. “FasterAnalytics allows us to more thoroughly explore the complexities of both the pharmaceutical and managed care markets that standard analytical techniques would simply miss,” says Andrew Douglas, associate VP of marketing science at GfK Healthcare. FasterAnalytics enhances our ability to provide better insights to our clients for their strategic decisions, says Andrew Douglas. In today’s constrained environment, clients are seeking more efficient ways to get the information they need on smaller budgets, says Maureen McLaughlin.

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