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Symyx Grants ACCESS TO MOLECULE INFORMATION The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) has launched the BIO Community (community.convention.bio.org) to provide free resources to biotechnology leaders and professionals in an effort to help them overcome the chal lenges currently facing the industry. The BIO Community grants individuals access to free podcasts,articles, the BIO event planner,and the BIOConvention Twitter channel, as well as connections to colleagues via myBIO. The community also gives members the ability to create virtual BIO community badges and place these on their own LinkedIn or Facebook page or to use with other social media tools. BIO tapped the resources of digital marketing firm r2integrated.com for the community tools development. “BIO is pleased to launch a Website dedicated to providing opportunities for executives to make deals,”says Robbi Lycett,VP of conventions and conferences at BIO. “Now, more than ever, networking and partnering are vital for growing biotech businesses.” In addition, BIO Community recently hosted a contest — Be the Buzz of BIO. Four companies won a complementary registration to the annual convention.The winners included: Biobide, Impact Systems, Koronis Pharmaceuticals, and Zanda Technologies. BIO Community Offers SUPPORT IN A CHALLENGING CLIMATE A recently created strategic partnership between ClearOrbit and EntComm combines ClearOrbit’s supplier collaboration capabilities with EntComm’s soft wareasaservice (SaaS) architecture to enable large organizations to streamline collaboration processes and provide rapid supplier onboarding and integration to missioncritical procurement processes. “Our partnership with EntComm enables us to provide customers with an enterprise collaboration solution that leverages SaaS to automate procurement processes and integrate suppliers more easily and rapidly than ever before,”says Warren Sumner,general manager,enterprise software group,at ClearOrbit. We’re working with large companies that have thousands of partners worldwide that are challenged by disparate systems across internal operations, says Warren Sumner of ClearOrbit. facilitating informed decisions by routing realtime information directly to inhouse applications already in use by scientists with reduced IT overhead.” In addition to delivering content to customers for use in their own inhouse applications, the DiscoveryGate Web Ser vice also provides a content platform for delivering contextrelevant information to Symyx Notebook; the Symyx Isentris data access, analysis, and decision support system; and to the next generation of the DiscoveryGate content platform currently in development. In other news, Symyx has released an updated version of Symyx Notebook that supplements existing functionality for analytical chemistry research and biology with Symyx’s chemical representation, chemical reaction, and compound registration capabilities. Symyx Notebook 6.2 also includes essential chemistry information, enabling scientists to access current chemical sourcing, molecular property, synthetic methodology, bioactivity, and toxicology information from Symyx and participating content providers in the context of laboratory workflows. Symyx Technologies has released DiscoveryGate Web Service, which provides programmable access to the DiscoveryGate content platform, enabling more efficient research and reducing total cost of ownership by delivering uptodate chemistry and property information directly to scientific software applications. The service accelerates scientific workflows, decision making, and productivity in R&D by giving scientists 24/7 access to current chemical sourcing, molecular property, synthetic methodology,bioactivity,and toxicology information from Symyx and participating content providers. “DiscoveryGate Web Service pro vides platform independent, remotely hosted scientific content for direct consumption by our customers’ internal applications and services, as well as Symyx software applications,”says Trevor Heritage,Ph.D.,president of Symyx Software. “For the first time, we are realizing the promise of the contentincontext approach, saving time, reducing total cost of ownership, and ClearOrbit,EntComm Partnership Extends SUPPLY CHAIN CAPABILITIES Through sophisticated integration capabilities and intuitive design, ClearOrbit and EntComm expect they will enable companies to reduce the time and effort required to get suppliers, customers, and partners up and running by 70%, resulting in faster deployment and a quicker return on investment in the first year. Both onpremise hosting and the SaaS model applications are available for ClearOrbit and EntComm customers. “ClearOrbit’s global presence and expertise and success in supplychain execution, combined with our industryspecific expertise in supplier collaboration solutions,make for a winning combination for our customers to achieve hard dollar savings each year,” says G. Satish, partner, EntComm. ClearOrbit’s global presence, combined with our industry specific knowledge in supplier collaboration solutions, make for a winning combination for our customers, says G. Satish of EntComm. The BIO Community grants access to free podcasts,articles, the BIO event planner,etc. The partnership helps reduce the time and effort required to get suppliers. Now, more than ever, networking and partnering are vital for growing biotech businesses, says Robbi Lycett of BIO. For the first time, we are realizing the promise of the content in context approach, saving time, reducing total cost of ownership, and facilitating informed decisions, says Dr. Trevor Heritage of Symyx Software. Spigit Helps Transform IDEA DATA INTO PROFITABLE INNOVATION THE BIOTECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY ORGANIZATION (BIO) is the world’s largest biotechnology organization, providing advocacy,business development,and communications services for more than 1,200 members worldwide.For more information, visit bio.org. CLEARORBIT offers realtime supply chain execution solutions that improve the Follow up speed,visibility, and control of extended manufacturing and distribution supply chains. For more information, visit clearorbit.com. ENTCOMM provides software solutions and services that enable businesses to rapidly automate and extend lean processes into their supply chains. For more information, visit entcomm.com. SPIGIT is a developer of social productivity software for enterprises seeking to drive innovation and empower decision makers. For more information, visit spigit.com. SYMYXTECHNOLOGIES INC.provides information management services to companies in the lifesciences, chemicals and energy,and consumer and industrial product industries. For more information, visit symyx.com. Spigit’s recently launched InnovationSpigit 2.0 is an innovation management platform designed to help nurture enterprise innovation with a complete social networkingstyle community environment that encourages employees across the enterprise to contribute ideas,offer feedback,and evaluate concepts that help foster more effective and efficient decision making. The platform employs gametheory reputation and ranking, currency and asset management, trading markets, and incentive and rewards modules to encourage participation amongemployees.The system can be expanded to solic it input from customers and suppliers as well. InnovationSpigit leverages popular socialmedia style features to increase R&D efficiency, improve employee morale,and increase loyalty, including collaboration tools such as idea category sorting, discussion forums, wikis, blogs, posts, reviews, and approvals. Advanced administration and metrics customize the platform to meet specific needs and better identify and measure community value,while cur rency management modules recognize and reward the best contributors, provid ing a fun and rewarding incentive to return and use the system in depth. The platform also makes use of surveys,polls,contests,and challenges to quick ly engage innovation communities,gather opinions, and drive participation. “By coordinating the ideageneration process, decision makers are able to cut through the clutter to extract critical ideas and discover experts in places where they mayhave least expected them,”says Paul Pluschkell,CEO and founder of Spig it.“Fostering a culture of innovation allows companies to systematically gain insight into the potential for success or failure of an initiative. Early detection of possible failures can be just as critical as harnessing new opportunities.”

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