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inVentiv Health has relaunched The Rx Law Book, an online library that provides pharmaceutical companies with convenient, centralized access to comprehensive state and federal regulatory information pertaining to product marketing, sampling, and distribution. The Rx Law Book is available on an annual subscription basis. The new version includes both full legal texts and executive summaries of each state’s regulations. In addition, the site’s improved navigation and enhanced search functions enable users to find the information they need quickly and easily. Other enhanced features include summary and guidance documents for regulated areas of industry. The environment for developing and bringing drug products to market has become increasingly complex,and having different regulations in each state makes it even more challenging for pharmaceutical companies to devise a product plan that is fully com pliant with all of the rules. “Having access to a regulatory resource tool like The Rx Law Book can save companies significant time and money in research and legal/compliance expenses by making volumes of the state and federal regulatory information accessible in one convenient location,” says Tricia Glover, chief compliance officer. inVentiv Health Relaunches ONLINE REGULATORY LIBRARY Aon eSolutions has added a clinical trials module to its Risk Console browser based risk management information system. Developed in conjunction with the lifesciences practice of Aon Risk Services, the module enables risk managers to monitor all of the clinical trials in which their organizations are involved,the total exposures represented by those trials, and the required insurance coverage. At the same time, Risk Console enables organizations to streamline the management of clinical trials, providing visibility into project status across studies. “Risk managers may find it challenging to keep track of the many clinical trials taking place at their institutions, and obtaining an overview is time consuming and resource intensive,” says Kathleen Burns, CEO of Aon eSolutions. “With Risk Console, risk managers have the ability to monitor clinical trials worldwide, so they have an immediate and comprehensive understanding of the trials under way and the extent of the expo sure.” Increased globalization of clinical trials presents additional challenges for lifesciences companies. The Risk Console Clinical Trials module tracks cover age required by government agencies in various host countries and whether proper insurance documentation was provided to regulators. Aon eSolutions Launches CLINICAL TRIALS MODULE Omni Comm Introduces ELECTRONIC LEARNING TOOL Omni Comm Systems has added an ondemand electronic learning module to its suite of OmniLearn for TrialMaster training options, which allow users to take advantage of instructor led live and Web based training, train the trainer sessions, and customized training packages. Trial Master eLearning delivers a role specific, self paced, Web based education tool to users of the Trial Master application. The module provides a comprehensive, secure interactive tool that lever ages rich media content, audio coaching, instructional feedback,and interactive assessments to deliver role based tutorials and testing to all Trial Master site users. Trial Master users can learn at their own pace and at their own convenience, instead of being required to attend a scheduled training session. The self paced training technology ensures that a consistent, reliable message is delivered to all users and certifies that application skill and proficiency are achieved rapidly by having the student pass a user assessment test. The elearning software will maintain a record of successfully completed training and ensure that only qualified coordinators and investigators are enabled to access the Trial Master application. The environment for developing and bringing drug products to market has become increasingly complex, says Tricia Glover, Chief Compliance Officer of inVentiv Health. The Trial Master eLearning tool is a self paced, interactive, client training solution for the ondemand world that we work in and the globally dispersed environment that our clients conduct their business in, says Ken Light, Senior VP of Professional Services. Health Market Science Unveils CLINICAL SITE RECRUITMENT TOOL Health Market Science’s latest innovation for clinical site recruitment, Clinical Investigators, is designed to reduce the time needed by pharmaceutical companies and CROs to recruit physicians for clinical trials. Clinical Investigators employs an intuitive Web based interface to provide users with instant online access to a comprehensive, up to date national database of physician reference data, clinical trial experience, and claims volume rankings. The tool employs Health Market Science’s Provider Master File, which contains physician site detail and affiliation information obtained from more than 4.5 million individual providers and 1 million healthcare organizations. “With more than 80% of clinical trials experiencing delays, the industry is looking for insight into how trial site selection can become a more effective,efficient,and repeatable process,”says Zach Henderson,VP,marketing and product development. Clinical Investigators aids users in the implementation of an effective rescue plan to get their trial back on target as well as reduce additional costs and time delays. Clinical Investigators employs an intuitive Web based interface to provide users with instant online access. The module enables risk managers to monitor all of the clinical trials in which their organizations are involved. MORE Options. MORE Opportunities. MORE Results. The Next Generation of Publication Marketing The PharmaVOICE WebLinx Program Accelerate your marketing campaign with a program designed to generate qualified leads and measurable results. For more information about WebLinx Programs, call 6097300196 to speak with Lisa Banket, Publisher (lbanket@pharmavoice.com), or contact Marah Walsh, New Business Development 2153218656 (mwalsh@pharmavoice.com) Read. Think. Participate. www.pharmavoice.com/weblinx . Customize to your target audience — establish your expertise . Leverage the PharmaVOICE brand to deliver interested participants — generate qualified leads . Capitalize on pre and post seminar pull through — build sustainable interest . Use an experienced provider with proven results PHARMAVOICE MODERATED . EDUCATION RICH . LIVE . INTERACTIVE . SPONSOR HOSTED Emedia IMS Health, Norwalk,Conn.,has made significant enhancements to its IMS LifeLink global suite of patient centered longitudinal disease and treatment insights. These enhancements seamlessly integrate the company’s comprehensive longitudinal prescription information and subnational anonymized patient level metrics with its provider level prescription databases,allowing clients to make informed decisions earlier in the product life cycle and realize meaningful performance and productivity gains. In addition, they can define patient populations that will derive the greatest clinical benefits from the right products and engage prescribers with more timely, relevant information about treatments and therapies. For more information, visit imshealth.com. MDS Pharma Services, a King of Prussia, Pa.based provider of drug discovery and development solutions, has launched the next generation of its ClinQuick electronic system for Phase I study setup, data capture, project tracking, and personnel credential management. The new version of the ClinQuick system includes a number of system enhancements aimed at improving client service, such as a more user friendly interface, improved menu navigation, and a more robust data platform.This new platform enables faster and more flexible reporting and allows clients to access their data over the Internet. For more information, visit mdsinc.com. PharmaVigilant, Westborough, Mass.,a provider of clinical technology solutions, has released a new version of its multitrial, crosstrial analysis system. IWarehouse 2.0 incorporates features such as data on demand and meta EUPGRADES AND ENHANCEMENTS data and gives users the ability to reconcile and query data issues such as partial dates. In addition, lab imports have been expanded to scale to more than 5 million data items per trial instance, without sacrificing speed within the analysis tool. For more information, visit pharmavigilant.com. Simulations Plus, a Lancaster, Calif.based provider of simulation and modeling software for pharmaceutical discovery and development,has announced Version 3.0 of its ADMET Predictor software, which helps researchers assess whether newly discovered molecules are likely to have desirable properties based on their structures. In addition to 14 new predicted properties, ADMET Predictor 3.0 includes a new environmental toxicity prediction and incorporates newly developed technology that rapidly calculates partial atomic charges. The new version also includes Miner3D,a graphics engine that allows the scientist to visualize multidimensional relationships among properties and descriptors quickly and conveniently. For more information, visit simulationsplus.com. Sparta Systems, Holmdel,N.J., has made available the latest version of its TrackWise quality management and compliance software, which features new enterprise class reporting capabilities that improve management efficiency and effectiveness for all quality and regulatory compliance efforts across globally distributed operations. Other enhancements include support for Business Objects Enterprise, which allows multiple applications to share a single enterprise reporting environment For more information, visit spartasystems.com. OneWorld Adds PATIENT COMPLIANCE SERVICES OneWorld Design and Manufacturing Group has expanded its line of compliance packaging solutions to include a full range of patient compliance programs and services through a new Website, patientcompliance.com. The Website provides comprehensive and innovative strategies to pharmaceutical manufacturers interested in improving patient adherence and persistence. Services offered include health literacy programs, patient training devices, innovative educational models, product sample design, patient compliance aids, and adherence programs. “The launch of our patient compliance site, which focuses on the needs of the patient, is right in line with the newly adopted PhRMA guidelines,”says CEO Fred Pether. He was refer ring to the organization’s recently announced Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, which asks pharmaceutical companies not to provide gifts to doctors as part of their marketing efforts. Matt Coe, chief operating officer of One World, says the Website launch is a natural progression of the company’s evolution. One World is part of PharmaDesign Inc., which Mr. Pether founded in 1984 to address the need for patient compliance solutions. “Our compliance packaging solutions provide an added opportunity for manufacturers to help patients adhere to their medicine,” Mr. Coe adds. “And while packaging plays an integral part, we recognize that it is only part of the patient compliance solution.” Our compliance packaging solutions provide an added opportunity for manufacturers to help patients adhere to their medicine, says Matt Coe, Chief Operating Officer. And while packaging plays an integral part, we recognize that it is only part of the patient compliance solution. The launch of our patient compliance site, which focuses on the needs of the patient, is right in line with the newly adopted PhRMA guidelines, says CEO Fred Pether. Reach nearly half a million healthcare professionals — physicians, dentists, and many more — via MMS’ email broadcast service. Effective: EMail yields a 57 to 1 ROI according to the Direct Marketing Association, ideal to drive prescribers to your online offerings and achieve your marketing goals.* Efficient: environmentally and economically; costs less for most marketers than any other medium according to an MMS study. Ethical: uses permissioned emails obtained from physicians themselves, CANSPAM compliant Easy: MMS’ helpful staff, state of the art broadcast technology, and educational tools make email easy. Get Connected… MedEMail SM from MMS. Results may vary. PINPOINTING PERFECT PROSPECTS SINCE 1929 185 Hansen Ct. Ste. 110, Wood Dale, IL 60191 To put the power of MMS email to work, get our FREE Successful EMail Marketing Methods Flash Tutorial and White Paper Go to www.mmslists.com/pvgraphic.asp, email pvgraphic@mmslists.com, or call 1.800.MED.LIST (633.5478). 2008 Medical Marketing Service Inc. Emedia Epocrates, BMJ Team Up for ONLINE CLINICAL REFERENCE Epocrates has partnered with BMJ Group, publisher of the British Medical Journal, to launch a package of patient centered, Web based solutions that assist clinicians in making critical treatment decisions at the immediate point of care. “Both companies identified a need in the medical community for quick, online access to relevant treatment information during consultations,”notes Kirk Loevner, CEO and chairman of Epocrates. Through the partnership, BMJ Group’s experienced editorial team collaborates with physician authors to create comprehensive disease diagnosis and treatment monographs. The products’ peer reviewed content seamlessly integrates with Epocrates’ online drug reference guide, which includes dosing, interactions, adverse reactions, and pricing information on more than 3,300 drugs. Clinicians can also print or email educational handouts and pictures for a newly prescribed drug. “This is an opportunity for us to combine our strengths to provide clinicians with accurate and relevant diagnosis and treatment information where and when they need it most,”says Stella Dutton, CEO of BMJ Group. Meridia Software Enhances POWERPOINT INTERACTIVITY The newest software release from Meridia Audience Response (Meridia ARS), Get Feedback from PowerPoint, is designed to maximize the interactivity of a corporate trainer’s PowerPoint presentation. Get Feedback from PowerPoint works directly within a Power Point presentation to create interactive slides that prompt audience feedback, enabling the presenter to collect useful data points in real time. The responses can be captured, compiled, and displayed on the screen instantaneously, giving instructors the opportunity to quickly adjust presentations based upon audience feedback. In addition, all response data can be easily retrieved for further review and analysis using the reporting package within the software. The software also is designed to work with Meridia ARS’ comprehensive audience response system, Meridia Get Feedback Go 100 System, which includes a quantity of hand held keypads, a high frequency receiver, and a laptop computer. This is an opportunity for us to combine our strengths to provide clinicians with accurate and relevant diagnosis and treatment information where and when they need it most, says Stella Dutton, CEO of BMJ Group. With Meridia ARS, there is not only a full interactive audience response software program, but functional hand held keypads, state of the art receivers, and highly responsive technical support, says Bill Goldsmith, Chief Operations Officer, Meridia ARS. Both companies identified a need in the medical community for quick, online access to relevant treatment information during consultations, says Kirk Loevner, CEO and Chairman of Epocrates. ArchiTech Solution Provides ANALYSIS OF MARKETING IMPACT ArchiTech Systems has announced the launch of DART Promo Track, a solution designed to rapidly measure the impact of pharmaceutical marketing campaigns and prescriber promotions. ArchiTech’s DART solution presently is used by the pharmaceutical industry for instant, indepth analytics and reporting on sales,marketing,and man aged care data. With DART PromoTrack, ArchiTech has tailored its technology to meet the specific needs of pharmaceutical marketers, seamlessly integrating disparate promotional campaign and prescription sales data to facilitate on the fly analytics and reporting. The product puts endless configurations of critical data at marketers’ fingertips to help them better monitor advertising, sampling, educational seminars, and other promotional tools for compliance and effectiveness. “Pharmaceutical marketers are challenged to run successful campaigns under tight budgets and intense regulatory scrutiny,” notes Prashant Kohli, VP of sales and marketing. “But with mountains of data to sift through, they often cannot properly measure the results of their promotions to adapt their strategies accordingly. DART PromoTrack provides faster, more accurate insight into specific campaigns to improve planning, streamline targeting, enhance messaging, ensure compliance, and ultimately maximize marketing dollars spent.” ArchiTech Systems has announced the launch of DART PromoTrack. ProSanos Releases Software to Improve PATIENT SAFETY ProSanos has released Sfety works, a Web based, semiautomated software system that can help scientists more quickly spot and measure the strength of associations between a drug and a medical condition. The software system, developed during a partnership between ProSanos and GlaxoSmithKline and now available to all pharmacovigilance professionals, offers a way to complement traditional epidemiologic studies. Using Sfetyworks, drug safety experts have the ability to ask the same questions of different databases. Data from traditional sources, such as adverse event reports and epidemiological studies, can quickly be compared with information from observational sources such as insurance claims and electronic medical records. “In a postmarket environment, robust well designed technologies like Sfetyworks can be an important part of the solution to the challenges of drug safety surveillance,” says Jonathan Morris, M.D., president and CEO of ProSanos. TGaS Advisors has introduced a fact based Internet Performance Benchmark that helps pharma companies meet the challenge of measuring the effectiveness and impact of their online marketing investments. The benchmark enables pharma companies to compare the results of their Internet marketing across brands and against industry peers. The Internet Performance Benchmark provides an aggregated scorecard of online brands measured against a database drawn from nearly 50 brands. The report covers volume and efficiency measures for tactics such as paid searches, banners, CPA programs,Websites, and emails. “Pharma companies typically have several different agencies marketing their brands, each with its own online programs, sometimes combined with inhouse egroups,” says Steve Gerard, managing partner.“Marketers need a way to gauge the overall effectiveness of their online investment, and analyze the spend.” In a postmarket environment, robust well designed technologies such as Sfetyworks can be an important part of the solution to the challenges of drug safety surveillance, says Dr. Jonathan Morris, President and CEO of ProSanos. TGaS Advisors has introduced a fact based Internet Performance Benchmark. TGaS Offering Measures IMPACT OF INTERNET MARKETING Emedia Octagon Research Solutions, a Wayne,Pa.based provider of software and services to the lifesciences industry, has launched an electronic data capture (EDC) blog, EDC Connections,and related EDC Discussion Forum.The blog and forum are authored and hosted by Dan Crawford,director, clinical data strategies; and Dawn Kaminski,consultant,clinical data strategies. The EDC Connections Blog and EDC Discussion Forum are mechanisms for promoting communication across the industry and providing a forum for colleagues to share ideas, opinions, and best practices relating to EDC. The new forum evolved as a complement to Octagon’s regulatory blog, entitled Regulatory Matters, and its popular eCTD Discussion Forum. For more information, visit octagonresearch.com. BLOGROLL Beatrice “Bunny” Ellerin, managing director of Interbrand Wood’s brand research division, rxmark, has launched Pharma2.0,a blog exploring the convergence of social media and the life sciences. Additionally,Ms.Ellerin spearheads Interbrand Wood’s efforts in the Health 2.0 space. Pharma 2.0 explores the specifics related to social media and identifies how the pharma, biotech, and medical technology industries can engage these media in successful and meaningful ways. Topics include examples of program launches and interviews with lifesciences industry leaders and CEOs of social media companies.The blog also examines the regulatory environment and captures insights from patient opinion leaders. For more information,visit pharma2blog.com. AccessPharmacy Now Includes DRUG EFFECTIVENESS REFERENCE McGrawHill Professional has introduced a new drug effectiveness reference that enhances its comprehensive online pharmacy education resource, AccessPharmacy (accesspharmacy.com).Through an alliance with Doctor Evidence, a developer of distributed databases generated from clinical studies, AccessPharmacy now provides in context access to drug efficacy data through effectiveness statements — generated from actual clinical endpoints in published clinical studies — for more than 500 common diseases and the 300 most commonly prescribed medications. The Doctor Evidence effectiveness statements translate rigorous meta analyses of published clinical studies into clear,actionable statements, supplementing the integrated drug databases already available. Users can search for a brand name or generic drug topic. “In light of the increasing focus on patient care for pharmacists and pharmacy educators, drug effectiveness statements provide a crucial new tool for reaching evidence based recommendations,” says Scott Grillo, medical publisher, McGrawHill Professional. Doctor Evidence regularly updates its efficacy oriented Drug Awareness Database (DAD) of more than 2,600 randomized controlled trials and 7,500 unique clinical outcomes to ensure access to the most critical and current data. AON ESOLUTIONS,Chicago,provides products, services, and solutions to meet the diverse needs of risk and insurance professionals. For more information, visit aonesolutions.com. ARCHITECH SYSTEMS,West Trenton,N.J., is a provider of solutions for instant analytics and reporting.For more information, visit architech.com. BMJGROUP,London,publishes medical journals and BMJ Clinical Evidence.For more information, visit group.bmj.com. EPOCRATES INC., San Mateo,Calif., is a provider of clinical information products and services. For more information, visit epocrates.com. HEALTH MARKET SCIENCE INC., King of Prussia, Pa., is a source for healthcare provider data and advanced analytics. Follow up For more information, visit healthmarketscience.com. INVENTIV HEALTH INC., Somerset,N.J., delivers customized clinical, sales, marketing, and communications solutions through its four core business segments.For more information, visit inventivhealth.com. MCGRAWHILL PROFESSIONAL,NewYork, provides instructional, assessment,and reference solutions. For more information, visit mheducation.com. MERIDIA AUDIENCE RESPONSE, Plymouth Meeting,Pa.,provides interactive audience response system services to clients in the pharmaceutical,medical education,corporate training, and entertainment industries. For more information, visit meridiaars.com. OMNICOMM SYSTEMS INC., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., provides integrated electronic data capture solutions for clinical trials. For more information, visit omnicomm.com. ONE WORLD DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING GROUP, Warren, N.J.,a PharmaDesign business, designs and manufactures pharmaceutical packaging solutions. For more information, visit patientcompliance.com. PROSANOS CORP., Harrisburg, Pa., provides products and services for the integration, analysis, and management of healthcare related data. For more information, visit prosanos.com. TGAS ADVISORS LLC,East Norriton, Pa., is a benchmarking company focused on pharmaceutical commercial operations.For more information, visit tgas.com. AccessPharmacy now provides incontext access to drug efficacy data.

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