ACRP 2008 Wrap Up

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ACRP 2008 Global Conference & Exhibition — Boston,April 2529 4 11 12 1 2 7 9 A record crowd of about 3,000 people attended the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) 2008 Global Conference & Exhibition in Boston in April. Held in conjunction with the Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Investigators (APPI) Program for the third straight year, the event’s theme was Human Subjects and the Clinical Research Partnership. 10 1. Eduardo Tschen, M.D., MBA,CPI,Program Chair for the conference, welcomes attendees. 2. More than 240 industryleading companies set up shop in the conference exhibit hall. 3. Raju Kucher lapati,Ph.D.,Scientific Director at Harvard Partners Center for Genetics andGenomics,and Nancy Simonian,M.D.,Chief Medical Officer for Clinical,Medical,and Regulatory Affairs at Millennium Phar maceuticals, were among the featured speakers at the APPI Presidential Symposium during the conference. 4.The ACRP Gala drew an enthusiastic crowd with its fine cuisine,“Cheers” theme,and dance floor. 5. Rich Vachal from XTrials Research Services Inc. is ready to greet attendees during the conference. 6. Jay Katz, M.D. (center), Professor Emeritus of Law, Medicine, and Psychiatry at the Yale LawSchool,received the APPI Lifetime AchievementAward fromAPPIPresident andChairmanof the Board GregKoski,Ph.D.,M.D.,CPI,and Jean L.Fourcroy,M.D.,Ph.D.,M.PH.7.Two days packed with a total of 29 halfday and fullday preconference workshops led up to the official opening of the conference. 8.The gang from Clinsys Alterna take a moment in the exhibit hall for our pho tographer.9.Clinlogix and PharmaVOICE teamed up to host a PopaShot contest that tested attendees’ freethrowing prowess.10.A keynote session on Globalization of Clinical Trials was moder ated by Ken Getz, MBA (left), a Research Fellow with the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development,and included (left to right), David A. Lepay, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Advisor for Clinical Science, Science/Health Coordination, and International Programs with the Office of the Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; Joan Shaw,MT (ASCP), M.S., CC, Executive Director of U.S. Study Delivery for AstraZeneca;and Robert K.Crone,M.D.,Managing Director of Huron Consulting Group.11.Elizabeth G.Nabel,M.D.,Director of the National Heart,Lung,and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health,delivered the opening keynote speech on Partnerships in Human Subjects Research:Translating Genomic Discoveries to Clinical Medicine.12.Attendees had their pick of 165 concurrent sessions at the conference. 3 5 8 ACRP 2008 86 J un e 2 008 PharmaVOICE 6 PV0608 Layout FINAL2 5/20/08 12:48 AM Page 86

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