DIA 2007 — Annual Conference

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DIA Addresses extreme topics

The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Drug Information Association DIA 2007 — Annual Conference The Drug Information Association’s 43rd annual meeting featured 450 sessions and more than 1,000 speakers. Industry Thought Leaders Raise their VOICE at DIA Podcasts BBK Worldwide Thought Leader Bonnie Brescia, Cofounder Episode Trends in Patient Recruitment MediciGroup Thought Leader Samantha Cook, Account Manager Episode Pediatric Patient Recruitment The Patient Recruiting Agency Thought Leader Lance Nickens, President Episode Overcoming Obstacles in Patient Recruitment PHT Corp. Thought Leader Philip Lee, President and CEO Episode Rising Adoption Rates of eDiaries RPS Inc. Thought Leader Dan Perlman, CEO Episode Outsourcing Challenges and Trends SAFE Biopharma Association Thought Leader Mollie Shields-Uehling, President and CEO Episode Early Adopters Using SAFE Digital Signatures Xceleron Ltd. Thought Leader Colin Garner, President and CEO Episode First-in-Human Studies VIDEOcasts accessFYI Thought Leaders Dan Limbach, Managing Director, AccessFYI, and Enrico DePaolis, President and COO, ePharmaSolutions Episode A Life-Science Industry-Dedicated Portal Clinlogix Thought Leader JeanMarie Markham, Founder and CEO Episode Clinical Development Challenges for Sites INC Research Thought Leader Jim Ogle, CEO Episode Exploring the Drug Industry’s Therapeutic Focus inVentiv Clinical Thought Leader Michael Hlinak, President and CEO Episode Staffing Challenges in Clinical Research Kendle Thought Leader Dr. Deborah Covington, Director of Registries and Epidemiology Episode Pregnancy Registries in Clinical Trials Medidata Solutions Worldwide Thought Leader Glen de Vries, Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer Episode Technology Integration in Healthcare Wyeth Thought Leader Ira Spector, Vice Chief of Clinical Operations Episode A Paradigm Shift in Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials The 43rd annual meeting of the drug information assocation in Atlanta, June 17-21, 2007, featured 400 sessions in 28 content areas, with more than 1,000 speakers, and more than 450 exhibitors. The opening plenary session featured Bradley Perkins, M.D., chief strategy and innovation officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and James Canton, president and CEO of the Institute for Global Futures. Both speakers addressed the trends impacting healthcare. Dr. Perkins talked about the urgent threats for healthcare, including extreme poverty, extreme climate change, and extremism — all of which are driving increases in infections and disease rates. “The CDC is working to respond to these extremes,” he said. “We’re putting the public back into public health. We are being more aggressive in seeking to work with the public, corporations, and the government to address these issues.” Mr. Canton focused on the trends that are impacting the future of healthcare. “There are a lot of innovations that will change healthcare in a short period of time,” he said. “This is an evolution that is just beginning.” Among these trends are the globalization of healthcare; the convergence of pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and care; and health enhancement and longevity innovations. Another plenary session focused on efforts to address postmarketing safety reform. (See page 22 for a related story on postmarketing safety efforts.) PharmaVOICE welcomes comments about this article. E-mail us at feedback@pharmavoice.com. Colin Garner leads Xceleron’s mission to speed drug development and reduce attrition rates. Lance Nickens from TPRA talks about how technology can better manage call responses in the patient-recruitment process. Phil Lee offers best practices to increase adoption rates of e-diaries. September 2007 The 2007 DIA Annual Meeting The 2007 DIA Annual Meeting once again drew hundreds of exhibitors, thought leaders, and attendees to the premier clinical event of the year. Host city Atlanta provided a tremendous backdrop for the emerging trends that will impact drug discovery and development in the near future. 1. Dr. Stephen Rhys Thomas, Procela Partners, Taren Grom and Lisa Banket from PharmaVOICE, JeanMarie Markham, Clinlogix, and John Murray, also from Procela Partners, take a moment during the conference to catch up on industry trends. 2. Members of the Averion International team — Ravin Warna, Laura Owen, Gillian DellaCioppa, Karen Thomson, Sam Bryant, Ted Olsson — gather in front of their booth. 3. inVentiv Clinical’s Michael Hlinak, Kellie Dernling, Steve Cottrell, and Blythe Vito take a moment between sessions. 4. Patrick Hughes, Bill Byrom, Jack Edler, Kathleen Pomykola, and Cynthia Toothaker gather in front of the ClinPhone booth during a break in attendee traffic. 5. The Inclinix gang — Ruth Dobson, Bruce Bandera, and Marcie Howard– takes a breather during the action on the floor. 6. CRF Inc.’s presence at the conference was enhanced by members of its team — Pekka Keskiivari, Kristina Ernberg, Greg Cohee, and Tuan Nguyen. 7. Campbell Alliance’s Craig Dunkley takes a moment while walking the show floor to stop for our photographer. 8. Kris Sarajian and James Spaziante from PHT Corp. field questions about e-diaries at their booth. 9. Amy Scheir from Amylin Pharmaceuticals takes an innovative approach to networking while at the conference. 10. Michael Krieg, VP, Regulatory Affairs, Intercontinental, Wyeth Research, was a lucky winner and the recipient of a digital camera at the PharmaVOICE drawing.

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