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Mentoring is an art in and of itself. It involves providing guidance, wisdom, time, and resources to the next generation of leaders, and these individuals fill the role of mentor with selfless enthusiasm and purpose.

Current position Senior Director, Medical Affairs, Daiichi Sankyo Inc. Place of Birth Chicago On his reading list Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey; High Flyers by Morgan McCall; Action Inquiry by Bill Torbert and Associates Family Wife and two daughters Career highlights Appointment to a corporate executive committee for a pharmaceutical company (2003-2005) with sales of more than $700 million

William Bailey, Pharm.D. Creating a Path for Success As a leader and commercial scientist, William Bailey, Pharm.D., has created a legacy that will have an impact on the life-sciences industry for years to come. At Daiichi Sankyo his influence has been felt in multiple areas: improving product development, designing effective teams, and modeling a diverse and inclusive culture within his department. By focusing on leadership, training and development, and awards and recognition, he has built a highly talented medical and scientific affairs team that works in a structure characterized by strong teamwork, honest feedback, clearly delineated career development goals, and a robust peer recognition program. His leadership qualities became evident early on in his career. Rising to the challenge, Dr. Bailey created and led a medical affairs department for a pharmaceutical company after only five years in a field-based pharmaceutical industry position. Dr. Bailey consistently provides creative solutions to challenges commonly faced by the pharmaceutical industry. He has contributed to key strategic product development decisions relying on his research abilities, pharmacological expertise, and understanding of clinical-trial results to inform important decision points. Based on literature review and data analysis, Dr. Bailey made suggestions to Daiichi’s product development team that resulted in filing for a new indication. This was an unexpected opportunity in the life cycle of one of the company’s brands. He identified an opportunity and secured internal funding for a pilot study to explore the use of a nonabsorbable bile-acid sequestrant as a new add-on treatment in Type 2 diabetes. The supplemental new drug application is under FDA review as of June 2007. This was significant because this product class had been on the market for more than 30 years without knowledge of this potential benefit in Type 2 diabetes and many experienced scientists were skeptical about the prospects of success. Always eager to find better ways to improve patient care, Dr. Bailey is eager to create a model example of collaboration between drug commercialization scientists and drug development scientists to enhance the launch platform of new potential blockbuster products based on excellent scientific rationale. He has gained respect throughout the organization because he creates a clear path to success. But that success is not just for him; what makes Dr. Bailey unique is that he’s not afraid to bring others along with him. Always transparent in how he interacts with his team, Dr. Bailey rallies his team around a vision, expecting each member of the team to help others succeed and to hold one another accountable for both product and behavior, in keeping with the organization’s credo. And he includes himself in these expectations. Dr. William Bailey is that rare leader who combines technical expertise and passion for discovering scientific answers with the human qualities of enthusiasm, support of individual talent, and frequent mentoring of colleagues. Joseph Stauffer, D.O. Considered by those who work for him as a “manager of the year,” Joseph Stauffer, D.O., is one of those rare breed of managers who cares deeply for each of his employees, colleagues, and peers. He is supportive of his staff, even when it is not fashionable to be so. Dr. Stauffer, chief medical officer and senior VP of clinical research and medical affairs at Alpharma, has the ability to mentor, continually encourage, and succinctly provide guidance to all who work for him. He has been instrumental in developing the careers of a number of company employees. His leadership skills have been evident in the development of the clinical research and medical affairs department at Alpharma. The department started with three employees and he has built this group into a formidable presence, staffed by 27 people. Whether working side by side with his team or dealing with company leadership, Dr. Stauffer is well-respected for his honesty, his humor, his humility, and his management style. Thanks to his ability to mentor, encourage, and guide those who work with him, Dr. Joseph Stauffer has been instrumental in developing the careers of a number of Alpharma employees. A Mentor to Lean On Current position Chief Medical Officer and Senior VP of Clinical Research & Medical Affairs, Alpharma Inc. Santino Costanzo Current position VP of Sales, Biohealing, Organogenesis Inc. Place of Birth Calabria, Italy Education B.S., Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh On his reading list Seeing What’s Next by Clayton Christensen, Erik Roth, and Scott Anthony; Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne Family Wife, Jill; Children, Angelica, 16, and Nicolas, 12 First job Working for his own ceramic tile and cement company to get through college Hobbies Family, golf The smile says it all: Santino Costanzo works hard, but he also plays hard and believes in the notion that business can and should be fun while at the same time delivering what is needed to get the job done. Mr. Costanzo looks at every situation logically, approaches each challenge with a can-do attitude, and always asks how something can be done better. He promotes this leadership style to his colleagues and sales teams. Every problem has a solution. As VP of sales, biohealing, at Organogenesis, Mr. Costanzo has built an effective sales team consisting of about 80 tissue regeneration specialists. He started the field force from scratch with no policies or department, and he has helped to propel sales growth to more than 35% each year for the past four years. These results are not an anomaly. Throughout his career, he has developed highly effective and motivated sales teams. With more than 23 years of experience in sales, Mr. Costanzo has held various management responsibilities within the pharmaceutical divisions of Novartis Pharmaceuticals, including national director of sales in tissue engineering. Moving to Organogenesis and developing the sales team were defining moments for him since they required hiring the right people who would have an impact on the wound care market. A true leader, Mr. Costanzo is sincere in his concern for his staff and his company. Because Mr. Costanzo understands the market and the people who drive the market, his customers think very highly of him and will follow him everywhere and anywhere. Balance is important to Mr. Costanzo, and he enjoys working with those who are willing to do what it takes to succeed in everything they undertake, and who are family oriented as well as business minded. Highly regarded, Santino Costanzo looks at each situation logically, approaching business opportunities and people development with a can-do attitude. Service with a Smile Jack Devlin Many things make Jack Devlin stand apart from the pack, but one is most notable: his focus on mentorship. He has played the role of trusted counselor, teacher, supporter, and influencer for many individuals at AstraZeneca, where he is brand communication director. With his direct reports as well as agency partners, he invests time to help individuals continue doing what they do best and see blind spots where they may exist. Mr. Devlin is completely forthright and uses every opportunity to provide feedback to individuals and organizations so that they can improve. He inspires by encouraging people to believe in their own abilities, to embrace a positive, can-do attitude, and to be accountable. His presence in a room creates an enthusiasm that drives success and encourages all those he comes into contact with to excel. Early to the office, smart, highly efficient, and very good at delivering excellence in every role he takes, Mr. Devlin is the type of individual every organization would like to have on its team. He has delivered results in the various roles he has held, from finance to operations to marketing. Having spent some time as a finance director on multiple brands, he moved into the commercial function more than three years ago, and he has since held multiple positions. Through advice and counseling, he guides those who report to him to ensure they are clear about their expectations, deliver on promises, take responsibility, demonstrate integrity, provide honest and focused feedback, and communicate effectively and frequently with both colleagues and clients. The father of three daughters, Mr. Devlin extends his mentorship outside of work, volunteering his time as a coach as well as to other community activities. Jack Devlin has been an inspirational leader, motivator to many, and a strong influencer who in plain words just makes things happen. Current position Brand Communication Director, AstraZeneca Family Wife, Annette; daughters, Morgan, Jordan, and Kayla People who have inspired him Teddy Roosevelt, Walt Disney, Martin Luther King Driven to Help Others Excel Finding the Right Balance Innovator, mentor, friend are just some of the words that those who work with Kevin Glover use to describe him. As director of training and development at B. Braun Medical, Mr. Glover considers it important that he sets an example for his team by continuously developing his own skills. He believes that if he’s not willing to do so, how can he expect the same from his teams. Mr. Glover teaches classes and develops training materials to demonstrate what excellence looks like. He finds one of the toughest challenges to be balancing his day-to-day managerial responsibilities with devoting time as an individual contributor to projects, such as writing a self-study learning module or developing and facilitating a course. His vision goes beyond the designations of vendor/client or organization/competitor, which makes him a valuable asset to the entire medical-device training community. People look forward to working with Mr. Glover because they know he will be open to creating innovative, effective learning, and that he’ll be a true partner in any project. Early in his career with C.R. Bard Inc., he helped introduce a number of innovative products, including the first PCA pump, which offered postsurgical patients more effective pain management, which resulted in fewer complications and reduced hospital stays. His experiences of introducing new technologies that truly impact patient care have inspired Mr. Glover to teach all who enter his classrooms that healthcare sales professionals have the unique ability to improve patients’ lives in a meaningful way. With a deep belief in the talents of those he works with, Mr. Glover urges his staff and students to achieve their most ambitious goals. Having received many sales awards during his career at Baxter Healthcare, McNeil Pharmaceutical, and C.R. Bard, Mr. Glover has found his training role at B. Braun Medical most rewarding. As the 2006 Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainer of the Year, Mr. Glover was recognized for his efforts in providing more resources for medical-device trainers and creating a support network of training professionals from around the country. Mr. Glover’s passion for learning, teaching, and bringing people together is an inspiration to everyone. And his zest for work and life is contagious. Among his many goals are, in the near term, to expand the B. Braun New College Graduate Sales Apprenticeship program from two to 10 participants. Kevin Glover’s passion for learning, teaching, and bringing people together is an inspiration to everyone he meets. Current position Director of Sales Training and Development, B. Braun Medical Inc. Place and date of Birth Philadelphia; April 9, 1957 Education BFA, Graphic Design, Tyler School of Art; M.Ed., Instruction and Technology in Education, Temple University; Ph.D. candidate, Instructional Design and Technology, Lehigh University The qualities in others that inspire him People who can see the world as it will be five to 10 years out, then take risks according to that vision and continually stay ahead of the rest of us. Senior VP of sales at B. Braun, Eric Steen, has this quality, and Mr. Glover is always learning from him. On his reading list Anything by Ken Follett, James Clavell, Allen Drury, and Tom Clancy Family Wife Kay; four children: Paul 22, Patrick 18, Katie 15, and Kelsey 13 Hobbies Writing, drawing, swimming, reading, learning, and teaching people who have inspired him Peter Biggs, 12th grade American history teacher;Tom Middleton, district manager at Ortho McNeil; regional managers,Bill Knight and Rich Byrnes at C.R. Bard; his wife and kids Kevin Glover Timothy Noffke Leadership comes in many forms. Tim Noffke’s energy, empathy, and true spirit of collaboration make him a standout by any measure. A quiet leader, Mr. Noffke continually inspires his team and coworkers to do the best they possibly can by treating his staff as full partners and demonstrating that their opinions matter. Ideas brought to him by colleagues are put into action, not put on the shelf, which encourages everyone to work hard and as a team. This culture of mutual respect and appreciation extends beyond company employees to external contractors, vendors, and other professionals. Mr. Noffke also honors his colleagues’ needs outside the workplace. When someone is sick — a spouse or a child — family comes first. His empathetic leadership style makes for good business. During his 12-year tenure at Integrated Project Management Company, where he is VP, Mr. Noffke has catapulted the firm’s life-sciences practice into a major provider of professional project management services to the biopharmaceutical industry, quadrupling its clientele in less than five years. From a career start in a large corporation — Procter & Gamble — Mr. Noffke made the switch to IPM, excited by the prospect of helping to grow a company without large resources at its disposal. Passionate about helping life-sciences firms perform more efficiently and effectively, Mr. Noffke has emerged as a thought leader on such topics as alliance management and streamlining product development, speaking at conferences nationwide. He strives to help those in industry overcome resistance to change in how they approach their work. Challenged by the entrenched assumption that researchers with the most experience should have the greatest voice on anything scientific, he emphasizes that a junior member of the team can have wonderful, creative ideas, precisely because he or she is fresh to the scene. For Mr. Noffke, a central value of project management is helping to ensure all voices are heard, which can drive new conversations and become the catalyst that takes the team on a path that wouldn’t have been considered otherwise. And he has had a huge impact in encouraging companies to appreciate the notion that project management can take the industry to its next level of performance. Personally, Mr. Noffke has his own reasons to appreciate the value of what everyone in industry is working toward: a recent battle with thyroid cancer that gave him a new understanding of the fragility of life and the importance of new treatments and technologies. Tim Noffke’s leadership style includes building a culture of mutual respect and appreciation that extends beyond company employees to external contractors, vendors, and other professionals. Current position VP, Integrated Project Management Company Inc. Education B.S., Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University, 1991; PMP from Project Management Institute, 2003 Place of Birth Appleton, Wisc. On his reading list The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway; The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom Hobbies Everyday activities, such as cooking, walking in the woods, riding bikes Family Wife, daughters The Quiet Achiever Ken Jones Open to New Possibilities It’s hard to live life to its fullest, but Ken Jones does — with care, authenticity, and effectiveness. What makes Mr. Jones so inspiring is his investment in people. He is adept at showing people possibilities they previously weren’t aware of, and he empowers others to take responsibility for their own actions and achievements. Through his own actions he encourages others to embrace real leadership qualities — integrity, generosity, compassion for others, and an unlimited energy to make a difference. He maintains 200-plus industry relationships within 30 Fortune 500 companies and is always looking for ways to stretch himself. As executive VP and general manager at Compas and CMI, no challenge is too large or complex for Mr. Jones to take on, and he does so with enthusiasm and panache. His creativity and marketing savvy led to the development of a portfolio of proprietary tools that have driven the total sales volume to more than $200 million. Among his achievements are helping to launch Medi-Scripts into the industry and developing ByDoctor planning and buying — a promotional database management tool — at CMI and Compas. He created cutting-edge marketing strategies that successfully positioned Medi-Promotions in the industry as a leading provider of products and services for healthcare providers, adding significant value for his clients and their brands. He is committed to helping industry overcome challenges, including defining the most valued segmented targets and the necessary investments required to move a brand through the most effective use of supportive nonpersonal media channels. Continuing professional education is a priority for Mr. Jones. He has completed a wide range of professional education offerings, including prestigious programs, such as negotiation at Harvard, sales management at Northwestern University, and pharmaceutical marketing at both UCLA and Dartmouth, to name a few. Finding time to volunteer and make a difference, Mr. Jones serves on the board of the Healthcare Marketing & Communications Council (HMC). He also has served on the Midwest Healthcare Marketing Association (MHMA) board, and he received the Sweeney Award, the organization’s highest award for distinguished service. Ken Jones is adept at showing people possibilities they previously weren’t aware of, and he empowers others to take responsibility for their own actions and achievement. Current position Executive VP and General Manager, Compas Inc. and CMI Inc. Place of Birth Colorado Springs, Colo. Education B.S., Microbiology, Colorado State University On his reading list Extraordinary Golf and Extraordinary Putting by Fred Shoemaker; Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker First job Ames Division of Miles Laboratories Inc. Hobbies Golf and skiing Person who has inspired him His father Next on his list to accomplish To play Augusta National and Cypress Point golf courses in the same year John Philip Bamforth, Ph.D. Playing to a Team’s Strengths In a noisy, cluttered world, nothing is more inspirational to John Bamforth, Ph.D., than sincerity, openness, and a passion for the task at hand. All of these characteristics Dr. Bamforth has in abundance. In addition, his commitment and personal philosophy to the company, industry, and patients are an inspiration to all. An advocate of an organization that’s always learning, Dr. Bamforth looks outside the industry to bring in new perspectives to enhance patient outcomes. A recognized mentor both within Eli Lilly, where he is international marketing director, and externally, Dr. Bamforth focuses on building strengths rather than weaknesses. For him, it’s all about the individual. He individualizes coaching and guidance to each team member’s needs. And he fiercely advocates for his brands and team, because he believes in them. His dedication to developing talent led to a highly prestigious award, Coach of the Year. He was nominated by peers and the award was presented to only one individual within the organization across all functions. He has been named sales representative of the year and he also led his team to Marketing Team of the Year at the American Business Awards, both of which are honors he counts among the highlights of his career. It’s not all work, work, work for Dr. Bamforth; in fact, outside of the confines of Lilly, it might be described as sports, sports, sports. A self-confessed sporting event junkie — from the Rugby World Cup Final with England to watching his beloved Indianapolis Colts — sports play a big part in his downtime. He ranks his first job as perhaps one of the best anyone could have; he helped sport reporters at the local newspaper by running stories from the telex machines. It was his job to make sure all the scores were accurate in the paper. As he puts it, any job that pays you to watch sports on a Saturday afternoon has to be good. Also highly active in his community, Dr. Bamforth regularly presents to students around the nation, coaches his active son and daughter in sports, and sponsors local and overseas families in need. Dr. John Bamforth is an advocate of an organization that’s always learning, and he is constantly searching outside the industry to bring in new patient-outcome perspectives. Current position International Marketing Director, Eli Lilly and Co. Place and date of Birth Wigan, England; Sept. 7, 1963 Education B.Pharm., University of Bath; Ph.D., Aston University On his reading list The Empty Raincoat by Charles Handy; Johnny U: The Life and Times of John Unitas by Tom Callahan Family Wife, Susan; son, Thomas, and daughter, Rebecca Person who has inspired him His father, the best natural sales and marketing guy he knows T. G. Chandrashekhar, Ph.D. Current position VP, Ranbaxy Research Laboratories Place and date of Birth Mumbai, India; June 20, 1962 Education Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, University of Bombay, India, 1987 On his reading list The Road by Cormac McCarthy; Freedom at Midnight by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre; A Million Little Pieces by James Frey; The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini; Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts Family Wife, Nimisha, Son, Kanish, 7 Person who has inspired him His father Arise, awake, and don’t stop until the goal is reached is the mantra that T. G. Chandrashekhar, Ph.D., voices in motivational speeches and what he lives by. A highly charismatic, dynamic, and visionary leader Dr. Chandrashekhar charges employees to have respect for human feelings, to take a disciplined approach to the task at hand, to develop good communication and management skills, and to have strength under pressure. Placing emphasis on planning, strategizing, and executing, Dr. Chandrashekhar is consistently able to find alternative solutions to problems. In fact, he perceives problems as opportunities to improve processes and he thrives on meeting demanding objectives. Thanks to his strong people skills and by promoting new ideas, creativity, and innovation in the workplace, he wins cooperation at all levels, creating teams that are self-sustaining, competitive, and loyal. As VP, he currently manages a group of 330 scientists, including 210 analytical scientists at Ranbaxy Research Centre in Gurgaon, India, and 120 stability chemists at various plant stability locations. His ability to address varied and diverse topics and his deep understanding of analytical research and quality control/quality assurance procedures in the pharmaceutical industry make him a trusted source for his staff. It is a testament to his capacity to learn quickly that within one year and three months of starting out as a trainee in quality control he had risen to the level of manager. Dr. Chandrashekhar’s coaching extends beyond the workplace and he is guiding two students through their Ph.D. studies. His commitment to the industry is apparent in his pursuits beyond Ranbaxy, including being a member of the Technical, R&D & Quality Assurance Sub-Committee of the Indian Drug Manufacturer’s Association, a member of the scientific committee of the India Pharmacopoeia Commission, and a member of the board of trustees of IFPRESS (Indian Foundation for Pharmaceutical Reference Standard Substances). He also was selected by the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, set up by the government of India, as a member of the three-person committee to draft the monographs of anti-AIDS drugs. Thanks to his strong people skills and by promoting new ideas, creativity, and innovation in the workplace, Dr. Chandrashekhar wins cooperation at all levels, creating teams that are self-sustaining, competitive, and loyal. Sarah Harrison Current Positions VP and AstraZeneca Executive Healthcare Consultant; VP, Customer Strategy Integration, AstraZeneca Education B.S., Chemistry, Southern University, Baton Rouge, MBA, University of Houston Hobbies Mentoring, spending time with family and friends A Leader and Champion of Others A visionary business leader, mentor, and public servant, Sarah Harrison embodies the true meaning of leadership. Starting out as a chemist, Ms. Harrison has risen to the ranks of VP at a major pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, and helped others achieve their goals. Ms. Harrison is regarded by her peers as a living legend in the pharmaceutical industry, in part because her business savvy, can-do attitude, work ethic, leadership, and determination have led to her success and the success she has delivered to her company. This is also due, in part, to her commitment to mentoring and developing others to become the best they can be and her dedication to patients and consumers. Throughout her career, she has contributed to key decisions that ensure sick patients get the medicines they need. Today, the fruits of her efforts are evident in programs that exist to provide low-cost drugs to patients. A champion of diversity and a supporter of the professional development of many, Ms. Harrison has mentored more than 100 people in healthcare and other professions. Her achievements offer a beacon of hope for many young women, particularly women of color. Even when inundated with work, Ms. Harrison manages to find the time to mentor others to help them succeed. She inspires others to think out of the box, strive for performance excellence, help other team members succeed, develop career depth and breadth, and be customer- and results-oriented. She is active both within professional organizations as well as in the broader community. She has helped to develop strategies to improve the health and well-being of minority populations through strategic alliances and collaborations with the National Medical Association (NMA) and other health organizations. She helped the NMA build an institute focused on improving minority health and eliminating healthcare disparities, and she recently founded a youth development and empowerment program focused on training teens to be agents of change through peer-to-peer influencing strategies. She encourages everyone to make a difference each day. Her mantra is “each one reach one.” Her commitment to the industry and to others has been broadly recognized with numerous awards, including, to name a few: a 2007 National Honoree by Girls Incorporate; 2006 honors from The Network Journal (TNJ) as one of the Top 25 Influential Black Women in Business; Tomorrow’s Hope Awardee by the Alliance for Lupus Research; and the Madison List of Who’s Who among Executives and Professionals. In 2004, the NMA recognized Ms. Harrison with the President’s Award for her services to address disparity in healthcare. In 2002, she was selected by the HBA to receive the Woman of the Year award. Sarah Harrison’s vision reaches far beyond gender, color, and education level as she imparts professionalism, understanding, and wisdom to all those she touches.

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