Recognizing the Power of Medical Advertising

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The doctors’ choice awards, an annual study conducted by the Association of Medical Publications (AMP), is the only program that is voted on by the industry’s customers — the physicians. Physicians’ attitudes toward product advertising are researched via a Web-based study. This year’s program evaluated 315 ads from the 200 most widely advertised products in 2005. More than 6,250 practitioners responded with their preferences.

When the AMP initiated the program four years ago, the goal was to determine what types of ads and creative approaches appealed to physicians. “Along the way, we learned some interesting lessons,” says Art Wilschek, president of the AMP. “Different specialties respond to product messages in a variety of ways.” Several recent studies show that companies can increase sales without increases in detailing, sampling, or DTC by using appropriately funded and well-executed journal advertising. The most recent study from the AMP on two specific products demonstrated that good creative execution, combined with adequate reach and frequency, drove market share dramatically. Winning Feedback Winners included small ads and large ads; those with small budgets and large budgets; and ones created by small agencies and large agencies. The main feature the winning ads have in common is careful targeting of the message. For example, the winning Fosamax ad (generalist audience category) took an approach rarely used in pharmaceutical advertising by directly challenging, and naming, a competitor — Actonel — and showing clinical data that focused on Fosamax’s superiority in treating osteoporosis. The ad appeared in both general practice and ob/gyn medical journals. In the specialty audience category, the winning Evoxac ad targeted only rheumatological medical journals. Both ads were also winners in drug class and page-unit categories: Fosamax in obstetrical/gynecological and in three-page units and Evoxac in rheumatological and in one-page units. PharmaVOICE welcomes comments about this article. E-mail us at Recognizing the Power of Medical Advertising 4th Annual Program Researched More than 300 Medical Journal Ads Doctors’ Choice Awards And The Winners Are … Fosamax Category: Highest-Scoring Ad (Generalist Audience) Marketer: Merck Agency: FCB HealthCare Evoxac Category: Highest-Scoring Ad (Specialist Audience) Marketer: Daiichi Sankyo Agency: Torre Lazur McCann Evoxac Category: Highest-Scoring Ad (One Page) Marketer: Daiichi Sankyo Agency: Torre Lazur McCann NuvaRing Category: Highest-Scoring Ad (Two Pages) Marketer: Organon Agency: Adient Fosamax Category: Highest-Scoring Ad (Three Pages) Marketer: Merck Agency: FCB HealthCare Tarceva Category: Highest-Scoring Ad (Four Pages and Over) Marketer: Genentech Agency: Abelson-Taylor Zyvox (1 Page) Category: Anti-infectives Marketer: Pfizer Agency: Cline Davis & Mann Vytorin (1 page) Category: Cardiovascular Marketers: Merck/Schering Agency: Surge Worldwide Tri-Luma (1 page) Category: Dermatological Marketer: Galderma Agency: Brand Pharm Lantus (1 page) Category: Diabetes Marketer: Sanofi-Aventis Agency: Euro RSCG Life MetaMax Remicade (1 page) Category: Gastroenterology Marketer: Centocor Agency: Brand Pharm Requip (1 page) Category: Neurology Marketer: GlaxoSmithKline Agency: Torre Lazur McCann Fosamax (3 pages) Category: Ob/Gyn Marketer: Merck Agency: FCB HealthCare Avastin (3 pages) Category: Oncology Marketer: Genentech Agency: Harrison & Star Floxin Otic (1 page) Category: Pediatrics Marketer: Daiichi Sankyo Agency: Grey Healthcare Campral (5 pages) Category: Psychiatry Marketer: Forest Agency: KPR Revatio (1 page) Category: Respiratory Marketer: Pfizer Agency: PACE Evoxac (1 page) Category: Rheumatology Marketer: Daiichi Sankyo Agency: Torre Lazur McCann Aranesp (1 page) Category: Performance Award Marketer: Amgen Agency: Cline Davis & Mann The Fosamax winning ad in the generalist category was created by FCB Healthcare. 1. The gang’s all here — Leslie Nowak, Meredith Barnes, John Molluso, Leslie Baron, and Christine Martynick enjoy some time together. 2. Nancy Fagan, Tina Kelly, and Samantha Armstrong share a moment during the event. 3. Lori Raskin, Vince Parry, and Sharon Finch take a moment for the photographer before the award ceremony. 4. Lisa Healy, Mickey Cotter, and Linda Doggett take a moment during the program for pictures. 5. Debbie Renner and Jon Bigelow stop to catch up during the event at the Grand Hyatt in New York. 6. Sharing a laugh together are Jerome Marullo, Anthony Costella, Joe Frank, and Maurice Nogueira. 7. Charlie Hunt presents the findings from the AMP’s latest study, which confirms when funded appropriately and executed well, journal advertising provides demonstrable benefits. 8. More than 235 attendees, including Sima Sherman, Phil Molinaro, and Elaine Gaffney, gather for the fourth annual Doctors’ Choice Awards. 9. Art Wilschek, President of the Association of Medical Publications, oversees the day’s festivities.10. Michelle Mastandrea, Kim Parker, Mike Reynolds, and Jill Bresnick head into the ballroom to pay tribute to the creative winners. 4th Annual Doctors’ Choice Awards More than 235 industry executives gathered in New York in October 2006 for the Association of Medical Publications’ fourth annual awards program celebrating medical journal advertising — as voted on by more than 6,000 practitioners.

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