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Year in Preview

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What the Future Holds Richard Gliklich, M.D., President and CEO, Outcome Simon S. Higginbotham, VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Kendle Ravi Kiron, Ph.D., MBA, Pharma/Biotech Strategy Executive, Formerly Alza Corp. John Potthoff, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer, INC Research Inc. John Rhodes, Global Sector Leader, Life Sciences, Life Sciences & Health CarePractice, Deloitte & Touche LLP Elaine Riddell, CEO, TNS Healthcare Pat Roche, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Una S. Ryan, Ph.D., President and CEO, Avant Immunotherapeutics Inc. Donna Williams, VP, Marketing, BioPharma Solutions, Baxter Healthcare Corp. Prognostications for the Future Mark Christmyer, Managing Director, InRx Medical Education Paul E. Freiman, President and CEO, Neurobiological Technologies Inc. Mike Luby, CEO, TargetRx Inc. Celeste Mosby, VP of Industry Marketing, Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Medical Devices, Wilson Learning Worldwide Michael Murphy, President and CEO, Gentris Corp. Mark S. Perlotto, Executive VP, Chief Marketing Officer, Adair-Greene Healthcare Communications Donald J.M. Phillips, Pharm.D., Principal and CEO, Vox Medica John Rothman, Ph.D., VP, Clinical Development, Advaxis Inc. Glenn Van Deusen, Corporate VP and Worldwide Head of Parexel Medical Communications, Parexel International Richard B. Vanderveer, Ph.D., Group CEO, GfK U.S. Healthcare Companies Barbara Winkelman, VP of Marketing and Multimedia, CME LLC Scientific Breakthroughs William M. Caldwell IV, CEO, Advanced Cell Technology Inc. Kenneth C. Carter, Ph.D., President and CEO, Avalon Pharmaceuticals Inc. Michael Hunt, CEO, ReNeuron Group Plc. Sumitha Kannan, Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan Michael G. Kauffman, M.D., Ph.D., CEO, Epix Pharmaceuticals Inc. Peter A. Kiener, D.Phil., Senior VP, Research, MedImmune Inc. James Kling, Author, CHA Advances G. John Mohr, Chief Business Officer, Topigen Pharmaceuticals Inc. Robert J. Mulroy, President and CEO, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc. Training for Clinical Studies William Cooney, President and CEO, MedPoint Communications Inc. Clinical-Development Process Alexis Borisy, A.M., President, CEO, and Founder, CombinatoRx Inc. Joseph J. Brindisi, VP of Business Development and General Counsel, Kyowa Pharmaceutical Inc. Kenneth A. Getz, Senior Research Fellow, Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development Bernard Gilly, Ph.D., Cofounder, Chairman, and CEO, Fovea Pharmaceuticals SA Thomas P. Koestler, Ph.D., Executive VP, Schering-Plough Corp., and President, Schering-Plough Research Institute John Lawrie, VP, Process Solutions, Octagon Research Solutions Inc. Jonathan E. Lim, M.D., President and CEO, Halozyme Therapeutics Inc. John McKearn, Ph.D., President and CEO, Kalypsys Inc. William J. Newell, J.D., President, Aerovance Inc. James A. Schoeneck, CEO, BrainCells Inc. Rick Taranto, President, WorldCare Clinical LLC Arthur J. Tipton, Ph.D., President and CEO, Brookwood Pharmaceuticals Strategic Alliances Anne Anscomb, Author, Kalorama Information Isy Goldwasser, President, Symyx Technologies Inc. Strategic Alliances (continued) Joseph Herring, Chairman and CEO, Covance Inc. John Hudak, President and Founder, Criterium Inc. John Wong, Senior VP, The Boston Consulting Group Data Collection Keith Howells, VP Engineering, Medidata Solutions Worldwide Inc. The Patient Experience Bonnie Brescia, Founding Principal, BBK Worldwide David Fox, President and CEO, Praxis Communications Inc. Mary Jo Lamberti, Ph.D., Senior Manager of Market Intelligence, Thomson CenterWatch Darren McDaniel, MS, CEO and Founder, Coast Independent Review Board LLC Denise B. Robinson, Executive Director, Marketing, Inclinix Inc. Communicating with Patients Eric Bolesh, Research Team Leader, Cutting Edge Information W. David Bradford, Ph.D., Professor and Director, The Center for Health Economic and Policy Studies, Medical University of South Carolina Kathleen Case, Executive VP, Columbia MedCom Group Matt Coe, VP, PharmaDesign Inc. Will Febbo, CEO and Cofounder, MedPanel Inc. Matt Giegerich, President and CEO, CommonHealth Richard Pascoe, VP and Chief Commercial Officer, Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc. Rick Rhyner, President, Rhycom Strategic Advertising Physician-Patient Communications Paul LeVine, VP, Analytic Services, InfoMedics Inc. Global Campaigns Phil Deschamps, President and CEO, GSW Worldwide E-Marketing and Sales Mark Bard, President, Manhattan Research Stephen E. Gerard, Managing Partner, TGaS Advisors Dr. Gordon Low, Analyst, Visiongain Stephen Miller, VP, U.S. Sales, Barrier Therapeutics Inc. Kim Ramko, Partner, Business Intelligence, Unisys Medical Education Elio Evangelista, Senior Analyst, Cutting Edge Information Michael R. Lemon, President, Postgraduate Institute for Medicine Jan Schultz, RN, MSN, Director, Education Outcomes and Accreditation, Postgraduate Institute for Medicine DRA and Medicare Looming Large William (Bill) H. Crown, MA, Ph.D., President, i3 Innovus David Gelhar, Senior Director of Life Sciences, I-many Inc. Russell LaMontagne, President, Corinth Group Communications Ali Tore, Cofounder and Senior Director of Product Management, Model N Inc. Corporate Structures Dan Blue, Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Institute Industry Reputation Anna Gluskin, President and CEO, Generex Biotechnology Corp. Patty Leitch, Managing Director, Biosector 2 Kent Stephan, CEO, Princeton Brand Econometrics Andrew Weissberg, General Manager, Life Sciences, Electronic Media Group, Advanstar Communications Inc.

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