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A refreshing focus

Pending patent expirations, the FDA, compliance issues, product liability and related lawsuits, stock price pressures, fully integrated and targeted promotion, return on promotional investment, accountability, fair balance, mergers and consolidations, salesforce effectiveness, firewalls for CME vs. promotion, — the list goes on and on. All very important issues to be sure but they are also very much like the continual beat of very large raindrops on the tin roofs of our minds; no matter what we accomplish, there is always something more to consider. And yet amid the day-to-day pressures of our business comes a refreshing look at what is good about how at least 100 of our industry colleagues go about making our corner of the business world a better place.

The July/August issue of PharmaVOICE offers a refreshing focus on what each of us can strive to be as we face the frenetic pace and continuing demands of our great industry. Congratulations on this “feel good” issue and for taking the time to produce it. I found it to be an inspiring read.

Robert Gironidi Executive VP, Media Research and Development Communications Media Inc.

In memorium It is with great sadness that the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) informs the industry of Sheila Sinkking’s death on September 17th of ovarian cancer. Ms. Sinkking was one of the founding members of HBA and served as the third president from 1982-1983. Ms. Sinkking worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 30 years with various organizations. Most recently, she worked with Veritas Communications, White Plains, N.Y., for 14 years, until December 2005. She was senior VP, director of sales. Ms. Sinkking is survived by her husband, Marshall Simon. Contributions can be made in her memory to: The Bennett Cancer Center c/o Stamford Health Foundation 9 West Broad St. Stamford, Conn. 06902

Pardon us … In the September issue of PharmaVOICE we inadvertently changed the order of INC Research’s Quick-Start process in the sidebar to our Forum article, Cross-Functional Teams: Models of Success. The sidebar, titled Best Practices for Cross. The INC Research QuickStart process should have been more clearly defined to include two key components: Kick-off meeting — This is a facilitated kick-off meeting with key decision makers and core project team members, including third-party suppliers in attendance. QuickStart Camp — QuickStart Camp is a week-long intense work session where the combined project team membership focuses on start-up plans and documents, site initiation activities, building a high-performance team, and moving toward first patient enrolled. QuickStart enables the rapid movement of a project through the initial phases of a study. The QuickStart process is part of INC Research’s Trusted Process for conducting clinical trials. PharmaVOICE apologies for the error. For more information on INC Research’s QuickStart program, please visit incresearch.com.

Amid the day-to-day pressures of our business comes a refreshing look at what is good about how at least 100 of our industry colleagues go about making our corner of the business world a better place. — Robert Gironidi Executive VP, Media Research and Development, Communications Media Inc. what does the future hold … As PharmaVOICE looks forward to publishing its third annual Year in PreView issue, we want you to look forward as well and provide us with your insights on the hot issues, topics, and trends that you think will impact the life-sciences/pharmaceutical industry in 2007. This is your chance to gaze into your personal crystal ball and send us your thoughts and visions about what the future holds for the industry in 2007 and beyond. What’s your opinion?

Please e-mail your comments to feedback@pharmavoice.com.


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