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On the Cover Culture of compliance: Cutting through the confusion To be compliant with the many regulations and guidances that apply to the marketing of prescription products, companies need to create a culture of compliance that fosters and promotes an ethical atmosphere and compliant behavior. 8 FEATURES The art of the deal The biotech industry is in a much stronger position now than it ever was, and biotech companies are asking for true collaboration with pharma instead of relying on licensing deals. 24 Diabetes: Novel pipeline compounds offer hope While tremendous progress has been made in the treatment of diabetes, there is still a need for more convenient therapies. Products in development offer new options. 32 From bar codes to chips and antennas Pharma companies are testing the use of RFID technologies, which hold the potential for protecting the patient and the brand while strengthening the supply chain. 40 The 2005 HBA Rising Stars The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association honors high-achieving women for their significant contributions to pharmaceutical, advertising, public relations, medical education, and market research. 50 Shifting the compliance paradigm Michael Kuehne, president of ACSYS Inc., explains how regulatory compliance can provide a strategic advantage in the design and development of new products and robust manufacturing processes. 68 The inventor’s inventor Eminent scientist Leo H. Sternbach, Ph.D., is being inducted into The National Inventors Hall of Fame nearly 42 years after Valium, his landmark invention, was approved. 72 in every issue Letter from the Editor 3 Opinions 6 For Art’s Sake A creative review by the experts 78 PharmaOutlet Trina Chiara discusses lessons for pharmaceutical communications from the Presidential trail. 80 PharmaTrax Sales, marketing, and R&D trends from industry analysts 82 What’s New New healthcare-related products, services, and companies 86 E-Media New electronic and Web-based applications, sites, and technologies 90 On The Calendar Industry events 94 Talent Pool Executive appointments and promotions 100

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