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One of my goals at RealAge is to show our members that to stay healthy and young, they have to actively engage in a wholebody approach. Another goal is to make sure our approach is meaty enough to get their attention and motivate them to take action. One of the ways we do this is through interactive health assessments. But I’m always looking for other stand out delivery methods. I recently ran across one such prominent delivery method at They used Flash animation to illustrate what happens when someone develops osteoarthritis and then compared this condition with rheumatoid arthritis. In only Brand:Celebrex Client: Pfizer Inc. Launched: August 8, 2002 Interactive Agency:HarteHanks Graphic Designers:Margaret Ryon Sona Hairabedian Copy: Cathy Davison,Ph.D.; Gian Ascione,MS;Sigrid Heath a few frames, the reader grasps the effects of the conditions, the differences,and what Celebrex does to the body to help the patient.The experi Shelly Bowen he marketing medium of the Internet is the focus of this month’s special For Art’s Sake department (see related story on page 36). Pharmaceutical companies are learning that the power of the Internet cannot be ignored. About 6 million Americans go online for medical advice on a typical day, more people than actually visit health professionals. The marketers of Famvir, Celebrex, NicoDerm CQ and other smokingcessation products, and the resource center for ElderCare, are to be commended for taking full advan tage of the Internet’s power. Novartis Pharmaceuticals’ Website for its genital herpes product Famvir, has been identified as an exemplary example of niche marketing for its approach to product differentiation. Pfizer’s Celebrex site is interactive, educational, and meets the company’s brand objectives. GlaxoSmithKline’s Web initiative for NicoDerm CQ also is educational as well as motivational. Janssen Pharmaceutica’s ElderCare site is an excellent blend of form and function.

“Mind, body, habit”
Brand: Nicorette nicotine gum, NicoDerm CQnicotine patch, Commit nicotine lozenge Client: GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Debuted:November 18, 2002 Interactive Agency:RTC Relationship Marketing Art: Meghan Labonge,executive creative director;Bronwen Kennedy,creative director;Hank Williams and Joseph Van Geffen,art directors; Peter Sullivan, graphic studio Copy: CourtneyThompson ence is interactive, educational,and meets the company’s brand objectives. Another company that has grasped the impor tance of educating their audience in a relevant, intriguing way is GlaxoSmithKline.The company created a mostly nonbranded site called that features a “mind,body,habit”wholebody approach to quitting smoking.This experience,too, is educational,but also motivational,which is imper ative to moving someone to buy its product. Health information hasn’t always been so easy to swallow. I’m thrilled to find more healthrelated companies focused on delivering strong, relevant content in an appetizing way. Shelly Bowen,director of interactive content at RealAge Inc., a San Diegobased directtoconsumer marketing company for consumer healthcare information and personalized healthcare solutions, believes more health companies should wrap their products in relevant, interactive content. Flash demonstration T CREATIVE review From a strategic perspective, Famvir — a Novar tis Pharmaceuticals’product indicated for genital herpes — is in a league of its own. The brand has fully exploited the online media,while other category competi tors have taken the more traveled route of traditional mass media.Famvir exem plifies niche market ing in its approach to product differen tiation — in addi tion to reaching consumers with sensitive condi tions online,where they may be more comfortable with the concept of engagement.The Website incorporates the right balance of product marketing and disease information, thus engaging the consumer and further moving him/her along the continuum.Capping it off is the free trial,which is the motivation needed for some consumers to Site Category: Resource Center Client:Janssen Pharmaceutica Products LP Launched:May 2000 Agency:NA Art Director:NA Copy:NA take the next step — the branded physician request. Joe Farris, chief operating officer at NewYorkbased ManhattanResearchLLC,a marketing information and services company,believes that the Website exemplifies best practices in niche marketing in its approach to productdifferentiation. Joe Farris In my 25 years as director of art for Thomson Physicians World, I’ve had the chance to view and work with the full gamut of medical art forms and media, including healthcare Websites.The thing I find most fascinating about the Internet,given its hybrid nature as both medium and message, is its unique ability to educate and inspire as well as entertain. I really admire the registration forms.Working in the medical educa tion business, I know how busy physicians appreci ate getting information as fast as they can. I also appreciated the site’s many resource listings and links to CME courses, professional societies,newslet ters, and longterm care resources. Clean,clear, and credible — you can’t ask more from a health resource Website. According to Alice Degenhardt,VP anddesign director at Thomson Physicians World,Secaucus,N.J.,the Janssen ElderCare Website is visually arresting,very cleanly designed,and extremely easy to navigate. Janssen ElderCare site because of its excellent blend of form and function. Not only is the site visually arresting and very cleanly designed, it’s extremely easy to navigate — qualities that are harder to find on the Web than one might think. “Functionality” is the word that kept coming to mind when I clicked on menu choices that quickly put me where I wanted to be. This site also is comprehensive in terms of content,offering a number of excellent resources for both professional and consumer audiences. In the consumer section located on the homepage, I liked the fact that I could get information and links on virtually any eldercare topic. I also found the search engine to be quite sophisticated,serving up an interesting mix of information matches.Another plus was getting quick access to a tollfree phone number through the “contact us”button, in the event I had a complicated question. Finally, the site includes an easily accessible pro fessional home page directed to medical doctors, gerontologists,and other professional audiences, who are spared the need to fill out timeconsuming Alice Degenhardt 75 PharmaVOICE F e b ru a r y 2 00 3 Brand:Famvir Client: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. Debuted:November 2002 Interactive Agency: SimStar Internet Solutions Art: Pete McCormick Copy:Liz Puller Functionality Capping it off is a free trial

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