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Through a combination of in-depth therapeutic class analyses, events-driven Web research, and multi-stake holder image tracking and reputation assessment, NOP can design programs that protect companies from the fallout that accompanies negative press.

NOP World Health’s new corporate image and public information management division was instituted to help pharmaceutical companies respond effectively to public relations crises. The new division also guides drug manufacturers in creating integrated communication strategies that increase awareness, understanding, and support of the industry’s issues and achievements across all healthcare audiences, including physicians, patients, managed-care executives, the general public, journalists, and investors.

Joel Bradus, NOP World Health executive VP
“Clearly, it is critical that the industry respond — quickly and powerfully — to the recent wave of press attacks. And its best defense is accurate information. Recognizing this crucial need, our new division helps the industry replace media myths with hard facts.”

Headed by NOP World Health executive VP Joel Bradus, who previously led the company’s promotional effectiveness division, the new division has the information and consulting resources of NOP World Health’s member companies at its disposal to provide accurate market facts that help pharmaceutical companies answer — and negate — accusations against the industry appearing in the media. In partnership with sister company RoperASW, the division designs strategic research programs that protect companies from the fall out that accompanies negative press.

“The industry has come under increasing media pressure — and the barrage of critical news stories is taking a toll on public perceptions,” Mr. Bradus says. “According to RoperASW, the pharmaceutical industry’s ‘unfavorable’ ratings have reached 42%, placing it 21st out of 30 industries studied. In addition, its quality ratings have plummeted 7 points in the last five years with one third of Americans giving it poor evaluations.”


Pacific Communications OPENS EAST COAST OFFICE

Pacific Communications has expanded its services to the East Coast. The agency, with headquarters in Costa Mesa, Calif., has opened an office in Short Hills, N.J., to better serve its clients in the Northeast corridor. The new office offers clients a full array of services, including new technology marketing development, medical communications, product launch, managed-care, and tradition al advertising and promotion.

“East Coast-based agencies have been competing on the West Coast for years — our goal is to turn the tables,” says Ryan Abbate, the agency’s president. “Pacific Communications has developed an excellent reputation for first-rate marketing and medical communications worldwide. We want people to know when they’re looking for best practices from a classic full-service healthcare agency, alternatives exist that don’t necessarily have headquarters in the New York metropolitan area. Pacific Communications has a great deal to offer potential clients anywhere.”

Kerry Cavender is spearheading new business development efforts for Pacific Communications’ East Coast office.

Kerry Cavender, a 10-year senior member of the Pacific Communications management team, is spearheading new business development efforts from the Short Hills office. Ms. Cavender has been with Pacific Communications since 1991 and has been responsible for several product introductions. She will continue to direct the managed-care division and service existing clients, while spearheading East Coast new business development efforts.


The Curry Rockefeller Group OPENS WEST COAST OFFICE

The Curry Rockefeller Group of Companies, based in Tarrytown, N.Y., has opened an office in San Diego to facilitate client service and business expansion. Heading up the office is Raffi Siyahian, director of account services, and Lee Robbins, director of meeting management.

Raffi Siyahian, director of account services, is heading up Curry Rockeller Group’s new West Coast office located in San Diego.

Before joining The Curry Rockefeller Group in January 2002, Mr. Siyahian was with The BioGenesis Group, a healthcare communications agency that is part of McCann Erickson Healthcare Worldwide. Ms. Robbins is a seasoned meeting planning profession al who acted as a consultant to various pharmaceutical and meeting planning companies, such as American Express, Glaxo Wellcome, SmithKline Beecham, Schering-Plough, and AstraZeneca. Mr. Siyahian reports to Michael Curry, president, and Chuck Rockefeller, CEO, of The Curry Rockefeller Group. Ms. Robbins reports to Barbara Gallagher, VP of program and meeting management.



PDI Inc. has formed an account management team to identify opportunities where the company can deliver incremental growth to its partners. The company’s strategy is based on an account management model that provides an in-depth understanding of clients’ business objectives and challenges and assigns overall account responsibility to a single account executive. By evaluating the analytics and portfolio drivers that impact their key accounts, the account management team creates solution sets for their pharmaceutical partners, which leverage the resources of PDI to drive brand success.

“The development of this team is consistent with where PDI is today,” says Chuck Saldarini, CEO and vice chairman of PDI. “We have reengineered our business to provide strategic alternatives to our partners, including sales and marketing solutions, in licensing, product acquisition, or product development. This new team has the knowledge and the expertise to identify opportunities where PDI can deliver incremental growth to our partners.”

The account management team is being led by Eric Lindsey, Greg Michael, Jackie Gonzalez, and Tex Kund.



etrials Inc.’s recently released QuickStudy Voice provides an alternative to paper-based patient diaries in clinical trials. The phone-based alternative for collecting patient data and for managing investigator sites during clinical research studies is a full featured Interactive Voice Response System that includes an easy design environment, database independence, and integration with etrials Quick Study View for real-time reporting.

Interactive Voice Response System technology improves the accuracy and quality of collected patient data in clinical trials, particularly in remote areas where using computers is not a realistic option. Typically, the system is used to collect qualitative data about patient health or response to medication from people enrolled in drug or device clinical trials. The phone-based system is ideal for site management where the trials are conducted, including recording the enrollment of patients; ordering clinical trial supplies, including study medication; and site activation.

“IVRS is an important technology as we continue to grow into international markets,” says John Cline, president and CEO. “It provides remote investigator sites with an easy and cost-effective alternative to computer-based data and site management. It also provides many efficiencies over paper-based diaries. With this announcement, etrials is the only company that offers an integrated approach to the three major clinical data capture options: computer-based data capture, handheld patient diaries, and phone based collection and management.”

QuickStudy Voice works with QuickStudy View to allow trial investigators to review patient data in real time during a trial. Trial sponsors also can be alerted via email, fax, or pager if predefined entries are made, such as a serious adverse event.

John Cline says IVRS is an important technology as etrials continues to grow into international markets. It provides remote investigator sites with an easy and cost effective alternative to computer-based data and site management.

Also, Araccel Corp., which is in the process of merging with etrials, has developed software that identifies and eliminates duplicate electrocardiograms (ECGs) in clinical trial databases that are digitally transmitted for sub mission to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The product, ASCompare, is a complementary module to the ASPlatform, a comprehensive technology foundation for collecting, managing, reviewing, and submitting electronic data in clinical trials.

Recently, the FDA reported that some of the systems being used to transmit the digital ECGs can produce duplicates. In some instances, this has caused drug makers to review hundreds of thousands of ECGs by hand to eliminate the duplicates. In response, the company has developed an algorithm-based software application that assigns a unique signature to each ECG, while clearing transmission noise that is generated by collecting the ECGs through phone lines.


Two Leading Technology-Based Communications Companies JOIN FORCES

Newton Interactive and Gravity Shift Solutions have merged to form Newton Gravity Shift. Based on the combined offerings of both companies, Newton Gravity Shift is able to deliver an integrated set of products, services, and strategies for e-marketing, learning, and technology.

Newton Interactive was founded by Debra L. Newton in 1991, and Gravity Shift Solutions was founded by Peter Sandford and Robert Christensen in 1985. Ms. Newton is president of the new company, Mr. Sandford is executive VP in charge of sales and marketing, and Mr. Christensen is chief development officer with responsibility for creative services, technology, and product-development.

Both companies have remarkably complementary and compatible skills and products, and both companies share a corporate culture that is based on integrity and serving the long-term interests of our clients.

“Both companies have remarkably complementary and compatible skills and products, and both companies share a corporate culture that is based on integrity and serving the long-term interests of our clients,” Ms. Newton says. “This is a very positive, strategic move to accelerate growth. Together we can deliver a more comprehensive range of technology-based communication solutions to our clients than either company could do on its own.”

“We’re deeper in every creative and technical area, which allows us to be a stronger strategic development partner for our clients and a more valuable long-term asset,” Mr. Sandford says. “The transition has been very smooth so far and we’re in the process of adding sales people because of our strengthened capacity.”



Cliggott Publishing Co. has expanded its presence in the pediatric market by increasing the publication frequency of The Journal of Respiratory Diseases for Pediatricians and by launching Consultant for Pediatricians.

Previously a quarterly, The Journal of Respiratory Diseases for Pediatricians now is published six times a year, beginning with the January-February 2003 issue. The journal, with a circulation of 35,600 pediatricians, is the leading source of practical advice on managing common childhood respiratory problems.

Consultant for Pediatricians will be published 10 times in 2003 — monthly except for combined July August and November-December issues. This journal is a mix of practical service features and clinical photography to meet the needs of 52,500 pediatricians, pediatric physician assistants, and pediatric nurse practitioners.



Supply Marketing Inc. has launched promotional tools that keep brand images in front of physicians and their patients at the same time, with the use of printed exam table paper, dental bibs, and other disposable paper products.

The products, which deliver branded education al messages in the exam room, encourage conversations between the physician and the patient about an issue or product.

Supply Marketing offers companies a new venue for promoting their brands to physicians and patients.

The messages, printed on disposable products, are designed with Supply Marketing’s in-house medical advisory board to increase the likelihood of a patient/physician discussion. Supply Marketing also provides the physician and medical assistant with backend tools such as educational materials, coupons, and samples that can be shared with the patient once the conversation begins.

The products may be used as a promotional item for a salesforce, or Supply Marketing can dis tribute them to any of the more than 400,000 physicians in its network. The physicians can be segmented by therapeutic category and geographic region. The programs include production, freight, distribution, and inclusion of supporting materials for the physician offices.



The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) has created a Strategic Communications and Public Affairs Division. Mark Merritt, senior VP of PhRMA, heads the new division, which is charged with conceiving and implementing effective, innovative ways to publicize the organization’s message through television and technology mediums.

“It is imperative that we help people understand the serious risks posed by heavy-handed legislative initiatives that would jeopardize our continued ability to discover breakthrough medicines to save lives and improve the health of all Americans,” says Alan Holmer, president of PhRMA.


Direct-to-Patient Magazine Addresses NEED FOR WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE INFORMATION

Advanstar Healthcare Communications’ new magazine, Modern Health for Women, is a direct-to-patient publication that will be distributed to the waiting rooms of targeted physicians. Modern Health for Women, which will be published six times this year, starting in January, focuses on health issues that concern women of all ages and offers different perspectives on treatment options; provides roadmaps for distinguishing between normal and abnormal health cycle changes; clarifies approaches to prevention and diagnosis; and reports on new advances that may affect all women.

“Our objective is to increase the quality and quantity of dialog between women consumers and their healthcare providers, and Modern Health for Women will do just that,” says Matthew J. Holland, publisher.

Modern Health for Women is being distributed to more than 24,000 obstetricians, gynecologists, and reproductive endocrinologists throughout the U.S. The magazine addresses a wide variety of women’s health issues through monthly features and reports of new products, medical research findings, evaluation of Web-based health information, and more. A corresponding Website, www.modernhealthfor women.com, includes full text articles and also offers electronic newsletters.

In addition, the company has acquired HT — the Magazine for Healthcare Travel Professionals and HT’s Website, www.healthcaretraveler.com, from Niche Publishing Inc. Launched in 1993, HT is the only publication solely dedicated to traveling nurses and traveling allied healthcare professionals. The magazine and Website are focused on career opportunities and lifestyle interests of these healthcare travel professionals, who accept three to six-month assignments at hospitals in various locations throughout the U.S.



Dendrite has created the SAI Home Office Services Group following its merger with Software Associates International (SAI). The new group uses SAI’s home office consulting services and specialty software products merged with existing Dendrite software and data products.

Shaleen Gupta, CEO of SAI
“Pharmaceutical companies can now receive superior field force and home office solutions, along with a complete range of supporting services, from a single company.”

Dendrite also agreed to repurchase the intellectual property to a home office product previously co developed with a customer as part of its plan to expand its traditional CRM business to the growing home office market. The longitudinal data and analytics services has been merged into the group to produce unique and exclusive offerings to clients. Among SAI Home Office Services Group offerings are sales channel solutions for managing field sales data, customer data integration services, sample management solutions, business intelligence solutions, and Analytika, Dendrite’s initiative, which now has created data sources representing 50% of all retail pharmacies.



MultiMedia Healthcare/Freedom, a division of Freedom Magazines, has launched Family Health Matters: A Woman’s Guide to Family Medicine.

Research studies have shown that women are the gatekeepers of their families’ health, making 75% of the healthcare decisions in the U.S. and spending nearly two of every three healthcare dollars.

To reach this audience, nearly 1 million copies of the new magazine will be published quarterly and distributed free of charge at 4,100 CVS pharmacies nationwide, reaching a potential audience of 35 million customers each month.

Under the direction of The Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine at Columbia University and its founder, Marianne J. Legato, M.D., Family Health Matters is the first consumer publication to focus on gender-specific health.

Each issue of the publication features a specific health topic that directly affects women and their families, from bone and heart health to aging and stress management.

“To establish a more effective doctor patient relationship, physicians are encouraging patients to become informed about health issues and to become advocates for their own person al care,” says Robert Preston, CEO of MultiMedia Healthcare/Freedom. “The result is an information overload, particularly among women. Family Health Matters cuts through the clutter, with content that readers can trust because it’s backed by the authority of Columbia University, a world-class institution.”



Women in Biotechnology recently sponsored a meeting in Balti more featuring bio ethicist Arthur Caplan, Ph.D., director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania. His presentation, “Are We Ready for Mass Genetic Testing: Ethical and Social Hurdles,” highlighted observations on social and ethical unease with mass-genetic testing. The bottom line when it comes to genetic testing and screening on a large scale is that a number of tough issues must be addressed.

Kathleen Bernstein, Lena Chow, and Kathleen Dunn, founders of Women In Biotechnology.

Launched in Boston in August 2002, Women in Biotechnology was established to provide educational content, social interaction, and a networking forum for women working in and with biotechnology firms. Women in Biotechnology was founded by healthcare communication agency executives Kathleen Bernstein, cofounder of Seidler Bernstein Inc., Cambridge, Mass.; Lena Chow, president and founder of Lena Chow Euro RSCG, Palo Alto, Calif.; and Kathleen Dunn, principal of KF Dunn & Associates Inc., New Castle, Del.



Edison BioTechnology Center, one of the original Edison Centers created in the mid1980s by the State of Ohio to assure the competitiveness and growth of Ohio’s economy, has changed its name and updated its mission. The organization’s updated mission is the acceleration of bioscience discovery, innovation, and commercialization of global value, driving economic growth, and improving quality of life in Ohio.

“Our mission reflects our focus on networking the distributed and outstanding bioscience assets of Ohio to create not just the best of class in Ohio but the best of class globally,” says Anthony Dennis, Ph.D., president of Omeris. “We believe that by focusing our efforts on being globally competitive we will import more dollars, jobs, and companies to the state, and the people of Ohio will better recognize that the bio sciences are not just a pillar industry for Ohio but also directly enhance the quality of life of Ohioans.”

The formation of Omeris concludes a process that began nearly a decade ago when Edison BioTechnology Center began establishing regional offices in the major research communities around the state. During the past 10 years those regional entities have diversified naturally to tailor their tactics in pursuit of the best formulas for growing the state’s bioscience industry in their own regions. The reorganization establishes Omeris as the statewide umbrella organization that will pursue large-scale initiatives that build bridges between the regions’ separate assets as a way to lever age federal and private investment dollars.

Omeris also will work to boost the profile of Ohio’s bioscience industry sector, both within the state and externally and will act as the focal point for the statewide industry through networking events such as the annual BioOhio meeting as well as a comprehensive Website. Omeris will retain its identification as an Edi son Center of Ohio because of the strong and positive image the Edison program enjoys outside the state.


Management Buyout at Qwest ENSURES CONTINUED CUSTOMER SERVICE from Online Marketing Team

A team of senior managers has purchased the online pharmaceutical marketing practice of Qwest Communications International Inc., and are operating the company under the name Cadient. The company continues to provide online marketing services to a blue-chip stable of pharmaceutical clients.

The management buyout was funded by Edison Venture Fund, based in Lawrenceville, N.J. Management and staff of the former Qwest pharmaceutical marketing operation remain intact and operate from its offices in Philadelphia and Malvern, Pa.

“The management buyout provides us with a new degree of nimbleness for serving our clients in the quickly evolving online pharmaceutical marketing arena,” says Bob Weissman, president of Cadient and former regional VP for Qwest “This change assures continued high-quality service to our clients, as well as enhances the prospects for growth and career advancement for our staff of more than 40.”

Many of Cadient’s clients continue to receive network services from Qwest, which maintains strong relationships with most of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

“As part of Qwest’s strategy to delever its balance sheet and focus on core communications services, the company has sold — and will continue to sell — some of its nonstrategic assets and business lines,” says Tom F. Gillett, Qwest’s executive VP of business development. “While this particular organization didn’t fit into our current business strategy, we’re thrilled that the group has decided to continue serving customers through Cadient. The management buyout is a true testament to the team’s dedication and spirit of service to its customers.”



Health Resource, the healthcare subsidiary of Catalina Marketing Corp., has begun delivering U.S. Food and Drug Administration public service announcements to retail pharmacy customers through the Health Resource Network. The announcements appear in newsletters that patients receive when they fill their prescription at a participating pharmacy retailer. Accompanying nearly one of every two retail prescriptions in the U.S., Health Resource newsletters include information about a patient’s prescription, award-winning health editorial related to the medication or condition being treated, and health promotion messages.

“We are very pleased to be working with the FDA to provide this valuable resource to our readers,” says George Neal, president and chief operating officer of Health Resource. “These announcements aid our mission of providing consumers with easy access to information that helps them make better decisions about their healthcare needs.”



Stratagem Healthcare Communications LLC has opened a division tailored to the marketing communications and corporate identity requirements of small emerging biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and medical technology companies.

“For their financial success, these firms must have sophisticated and long-term branding and positioning for their products,” says Patricia Malone, one of three Stratagem principals and the leader of the new division. “Yet most do not have adequate in-house advertising or marketing staffs, nor can they afford a full-service marketing communications program at the onset.

Through a flexible approach to working with the “Omeris was restructured to help focus our distributed resources into powerful teams of industry, academia, and government as a way to more rapidly build our entrepreneurial bioscience industry and to bring a renewed sense of entrepreneurism to our state,” says Anthony Dennis, Ph.D. emerging companies, Stratagem offers a wide range of early-stage and long-term services, such as market research, brand assessment, competitive brand analysis, corporate image development, product brand development, marketing communication plans, and trade show services. The company also can handle early-stage advertising and marketing projects.


Follow up

ADVANSTAR COMMUNICATIONS INC., Boston, is a worldwide business information company serving specialized markets with high-quality information resources and integrated marketing solutions. For more information, visit advanstar.com.
ARACCEL CORP., Horsham, Pa., provides validated, innovative, and proven e-clinical solutions that capture, maintain, analyze, distribute, manage, and report clinical trial data. For more information, visit araccel.com.
BERT SPILKER & ASSOCIATES LLC, Bethesda, Md., focuses on ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of drug discovery, pharmaceutical development and marketing. For more information, visit bertspilker.com.
CADIENT, Philadelphia, is an online pharmaceutical marketing agency that develops and deploys precise online marketing programs. For more information, visit cadient.com.
CLIGGOTT PUBLISHING, Darien, Conn., a division of SCP Communications, publishes nine leading journals reaching more than 500,000 physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and managed-care decision makers each month. For more information, visit scp.com.
THE CURRY ROCKEFELLER GROUP LLC, Tarrytown, N.Y., is dedicated to medical education and is a primary source of innovative education and training for influential healthcare practitioners. For more information, visit curryrockefellergroup.com.
DENDRITE, Morristown, N.J., is a worldwide leader in salesforce effectiveness and CRM solutions for the healthcare industry. For more information, visit dendrite.com.
ETRIALS, Research Triangle Park, N.C., uses innovative technologies and proven business processes to offer efficient data-management products and services for collecting, monitoring, and assessing quantitative and qualitative study data. For more information, visit etrials.com.
HEALTH CARE COMPLIANCE STRATEGIES INC., Jericho, N.Y., explains compliance rules by providing unique multimedia compliance training programs for employees at all levels. For more information, visit hccs.com.
HEALTH RESOURCE, St. Louis, is a business unit of Health Marketing Services, the health care subsidiary of Catalina Marketing Corp. Health Resource distributes therapeutically targeted healthcare information, including marketing communications, with more than 17 million prescriptions each week through more than 17,500 retail pharmacies. For more information, visit catalinamarketing.com.
MULTIMEDIA HEALTHCARE/FREEDOM LLC, Plainsboro, N.J., is a division of Freedom Communications Inc., a media company of newspapers, broadcast television stations, and interactive media businesses. For more information, visit mmhc.com.
NEWTON GRAVITY SHIFT, Pennington, N.J., was formed through the merger of Newton Interactive and Gravity Shift Solutions. Newton Gravity Shift is a proven provider of e-business applications and technology that enhance communication and streamline business processes. For more information, visit newtongravity.com.
NOP WORLD HEALTH, London and New York, is a provider of primary research to the global pharmaceutical community. Its business units include Market Measures/Cozint, NOP Healthcare, and Strategic Marketing Corp. For more information, visit nopworld.com.
OMERIS, Columbus, Ohio, seeks to reach out to and unite key constituencies in Ohio’s bioscience research community and industry sector. For more information, visit omeris.org.
PACIFIC COMMUNICATIONS, Costa Mesa, Calif., is the largest healthcare communications agency on the West Coast, with clients in all facets of healthcare, including biotech, pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter products, medical devices, medical services, and consumer health. For more information, visit pacificcom.com. PDI INC., Upper Saddle River, N.J., is a commercial partner providing sales and marketing solutions to the biopharmaceutical and medical devices and diagnostics industries. For more information, visit pdiinc.com.
THE PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH AND MANUFACTURERS OF AMERICA, Washington, D.C., represents the country’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, which are devoted to inventing medicines that allow patients to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. For more information, visit phrma.org.
QCI INTERNATIONAL, Cottonwood, Calif., is a full-service consulting, training, and publishing firm for products and services that fall under the umbrella of total quality management. For more information, visit qciintl.com.
SOFTWARE ASSOCIATES INTERNATIONAL, Mt. Arlington, N.J., offers solutions to satisfy home office sales and marketing requirements and complement the CRM initiatives of pharmaceutical companies. For more information, visit sai.com.
STRATAGEM HEALTHCARE COMMUNICATIONS LLC, San Francisco, provides clients with large agency thinking and experience along with the streamlined processes and attentiveness offered by smaller agencies. For more information, visit stratagemhc.com.
SUPPLY MARKETING INC., King of Prussia, Pa., is a marketing communications company that creates and maintains brand awareness in physicians’ examination rooms for companies providing products and services. For more information, visit supplymarketing.com.
WOMEN IN BIOTECHNOLOGY, Palo Alto, Calif., is a multidisciplinary, global coalition of women looking for an informal setting to exchange ideas and industry insights unique to biotechnology. For more information, visit womeninbiotechnology.com.

Total Quality Management Book Teaches Japanese Business Ideas

“The Idea Generator — Quick & Easy Kaizen,” explains how employees can identify and implement two improvement ideas per month. The book, published by QCI International, describes a total quality management system that is widespread and very popular in Japanese healthcare, business, and industry.

The word “Kaizen” is from Japan and means “continuous improvement.” In most Japanese companies, employees are expected to contribute two ideas per month and implement them whenever possible. The authors claim that by contrast, in the U.S., the average employee submits one idea every seven years.

“This book, in all its simplicity, has the power to generate overwhelming positive change wherever its concepts are implemented,” says Don Dewar of QCI International. “A prime focus is to help generate tons of improvement ideas, more than you could ever imagine, from all employees, and empower them to install their own ideas. Therein lies the secret of why this creative revolution does not become a bureaucratic nightmare. This book tells you how to do it in a way that gives you an inspired workforce without any accompanying managerial headaches. The concepts described in this book are widespread in Japan and will soon be widespread in the U.S. as well.”


Updated HIPAA Courseware Released

Health Care Compliance Strategies Inc. has released an updated version of “HIPAA Compliance,” multimedia training courseware for educating health care employees on the HIPAA regulations. The new version of the courseware contains the final privacy rule and offers user selectable content delivery modes.

Developed by leading HIPAA experts, the software combines video scenarios, audio, text, and interactive exercises, to create an engaging and cost effective method of educating healthcare employees on the requirements of HIPAA. Each employee can select a viewing mode that will match the capabilities of their computer and Internet connection. The modes are full multimedia (video/audio),slideshow with audio, or text and graphics.

The company’s “HIPAA Compliance” program provides a comprehensive overview of the HIPAA regulations, from 30 minutes to 2 hours of content, depending upon the employee’s job responsibilities. From the introductory HIPAA Awareness module, through the job function specific privacy, security, and electronic transactions modules, the course offers general and detailed rules, procedures, safeguards, suggestions, and exercises through video scenarios, interactive exercises, and extensive background material.

A special feature of the HIPAA Compliance courseware allows the facility to include its own policy and procedures documents in the courseware. Organizations can require their employees using the courseware to “electronically sign” as having read and reviewed them. Proof of signature is provided and documented for the administration for every employee.

The courseware is part of a series of “Connected Learning” products from Health Care Compliance Strategies. Clients using the products receive frequent automated updates to the courses as regulations, documents, legal rulings, settlements, and other new information becomes available.


Newsletter Analyzes Ways to Shorten Drug-Development Time

Bert Spilker & Associates LLC has launched The Spilker Report, a newsletter focusing on shortening drug-development times and providing analysis on how to improve efficiency and shorten time to availability.

Published monthly by the former senior VP of scientific and regulatory affairs at PhRMA, Bert Spilker, M.D., Ph.D., FCP, FFPM, each newsletter focuses on issues that are crucially relevant to the pharma and biotech industries. Dr. Spilker is the author of 15 books on clinical trial methods and the processes of drug discovery and development.

Bert Spilker explains that The Spilker Report focuses on tips and strategies that companies can apply and use in many situations. A single idea can save a company months or years, and possibly, millions of dollars.

The Spilker Report also covers device manufacturers and regulatory agencies, and provides information for investors, venture capitalists, and business journalists.

Each issue includes eight columns covering regulatory, clinical, and management topics. The content presents insights, ideas, tips, and suggestions that target ways to shorten the time for developing pharmaceutical products, by improving approaches, methods, and efficiency. Each month, subscribers gain insights and benefits in how to improve efficiency and shorten development time for biotech or pharma drugs, devices, and diagnostic products.


NOP WORLD HEAL TH ‘S COMPANY IMAGE AND PUBLIC INFORMATION MANAGEMENT DIVISION helps companies manage anticipated market changes and respond to unanticipated market disruptions . The division delivers communications and public relations planning support through five service suites:

  • THERAPEUTIC CLASS ANALYSES across more than 50 disease categories based on primary research with physicians, patients, and managed-care executives
  • THE FOR TUNE/ROPER CORPORATE REPUTATION INDEX provides detailed reputation ratings gathered from executives, analysts, and consumers for more than 450 companies
  • INSTANT INSIGHTS INTO MARKET EVENTS, via the Web — Web-based research to gauge market reaction to unexpected market developments, such as product withdrawals
  • I-WATCH, the first complete assessment of image, issues, and multistake-holder interactions — the tracking study is available through a partnership with RoperASW ROPER CONSUMER TRENDS — consumer trend analysis reports — are being offered through NOP World Health
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