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The mind often plays tricks on the memory. I’ve kept a fading mental picture of this outstand ing ad for years, and now that I’ve seen it again my recollection has been indelibly altered.The headline type size isn’t as small as I remembered. There’s more body copy than I recalled … and a lot less white space. But its impact, its poignancy, for me, stands the test of time. I joined Sudler & Hennessey about a year after this ad premiered, and was struck by the power According to Edward B. Cohen,executive VP, chief creative director, Noesis Healthcare Interactions, a CommonHealth company located in Morristown,N.J., this ad for Premarin Vaginal Cream,marketed by the former Ayerst Laboratories, not only withstands the test of time, it improves with age.For Mr. Cohen, the headline, the art, and the photography are enduring symbols of excellence. Brand:PremarinVaginal Cream — Symptomad Client: Ayerst Laboratories Debuted:circa 1970 Agency: Sudler & Henessey Art Director: Dick Jones Copywriter:Marty Ross Photographer:Denes Petoe Premarin and simplicity of the idea. Perhaps even more compelling than the emotionally charged photograph by Denes Petoe is the sensitivity with which Dick Jones handled the head line.The type whis pers, but the words cry out. Marty Ross’ emotionally power ful prose is present ed in a manner that captures a feeling only brilliant compo sition could achieve. More than three decades later, the brand is still around.Dick is still designing brilliantly. Marty is happily retired. Denes still combines his unique lighting style with an uncanny ability to direct the subjects of his powerful imagery. As for me, given the opportunity I would have enviably written this ad yesterday … and happily seen it run tomorrow. Excellence endures. Excellence endures he ability of an ad to withstand the test of time is testament to the creative team’s ingenuity in designing memorable copy, photography, and layout. Two of this month’s ads fit this bill; the third, according to one industry executive, has the potential for a long shelflife. After 30 years, Ayerst Laboratories’ Premarin Vaginal Cream con tinues to have an impact through its use of an emotionally com pelling photograph, clever headline treatment — “type that whispers, but the words cry out.” Similarly, Roche’s Rocephin campaign, which has been around for decades, continues to be a brand builder.The apple has been given a personality, which has been allowed to evolve over time. GlaxoSmithKline’s ad campaign for Advair, which debuted in 2001, contains elements that can be sustained over time. Each ad has a graphic device to pull the eye through the page, and a continuity of color that reinforces the product’s packaging and brand image.

For Art’s Sake 56 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 2 PharmaVOICE Edward B. Cohen T CREATIVE review Grey Healthcare Group did a wonder ful series of ads for Advair, which intelli gently created stories about activities peo ple can continue to do, unencumbered by their asthma.The ad’s liberal use of white space works brilliantly with the unit sizes for the ads (spreads) and allows for each ad to show movement — an action that asthmatics might not be able to achieve.Each ad has some graphic device to pull the eye through the ad,and back down to the name of the product.The conti nuity of the purple reinforces the product’s pack aging so that it supports the brand with color. Like the Hertz Car Rental yellow, or Coca Cola red, the color becomes the brand cue and creates instant recognition.Very intelligent and creative approach! Actionpacked Barbara Lehman Brand:Rocephin Client: Roche Agency:Sudler & Hennessey Art Director:Guy Desimini Copy:Brett Lowell Rocephin The Rocephin Apple, as it has come to be known,stops me every time I flip through the trade journals.Not just any old apple, I find I just have to pay it a visit to see where its creators have taken this timeless campaign for the antibi otic Rocephin. lel “once a day”message on the Rocephin logo coupled with the apple image says that the product comforts and cures its users.This piece is “the ad I wish I’d done.” In mymind, this campaign has demonstrat ed how a brand should be built in the pharma industry.A drug that is the leader in its market,and an ad campaign that is the leader in its market. For Jack Bodzas,director of creative services at Advanced, TheMarket Development Company,Lambertville,N.J., the Rocephin apple is not just an apple but a memorable campaign. Throughout the Rocephin campaign,the apple has been given a persona.The piece is powerful in its simplicity: one image, four very important words,and one red separation line. Done! Phenomenal stopping power — something our creative department always strives to achieve. With the onetwo punch of the simplistic tag line, the ad is copylight.But it doesn’t need to say any thing more.Just as the words “an apple a day” have comforted and cured for many years,the paral Stopping power Jack Bodzas 57 PharmaVOICE S e p t e mb e r 2 0 02 For Barbara Lehman,CEO,of alpernLehman,an agency located in Scottsdale,Ariz., this series of ads for Advair uses white space in a creative way to draw the eye down to the brand name. Brand:Advair Client: GlaxoSmithKline Debuted:April 2001 Agency:GreyHealthcare Group Art Director: June Carnegie Copywriter: Jennifer Levy,Karin Miksche Photographer:BradTrent Advair

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