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Let’s face it — physicians don’t see erosive GERD as lifethreatening or the relief of heartburn as rocket science. So it’s entirely appropriate to take a lighthearted approach to promote Protonix, the proton pump inhibitor from Wyeth. And because GERD is an ailment that most often dis turbs patients at night, the humorous and familiar graphic style of a children’s book is a great grabber that works wonderfully with succinct copy. The illustration is simply delightful.The painfully red demon of night time heartburn is bedeviling the poor patient, who is obviously up late because he can’t sleep.The moon, the TV set, and the bot tle of antacid on Kudos to Kevin McHale and Cynthia Armstrong, the AD/CW team at LM&P who gave birth to this wonderful monster,and to illustrator Bill Mayer for his terrific execution. Rita Brett knows a good ad when she sees one.That’s why after years of developing success ful marketing campaigns with agencies in the New York metropolitan market,AdairGreene brought her to Atlanta as senior VP/creative director for its health care accounts. Brand:Protonix Client: Wyeth Agency:LM&P Art Director:Kevin McHale Copy:Cynthia Armstrong Illustrator: Bill Mayer Protonix the nightstand tell us everything we need to know about the situation while mak ing us smile. And as with any story, we want to know how it will end. The payoff comes in the form of anoth er, wonderfully communicative illus tration accompanied by a pithy headline that ties the product name to the benefit in one clear state ment. Our patient is blissfully sleeping and the scary, red demon has been transformed into a cool, blue house pet — no threat to his nights. Even the logo and the tagline finish the ad off in the same smooth style.The active demon transforms to a benign, sleeping creature, and the play on words, trans forming “GERD nights into good nights” is consis tent with the playful but tothepoint effectiveness of the whole concept. Rita Brett A wonderfully communicative illustration

l though each of this month’s three notable ads approach the visu al aspect of design differently, the common thread is the well thought out use of strong graphic elements. The cartoon GERD monster, which was developed by LM&P, playfully demonstrates the advantages of Wyeth’s Protonix for the shortterm treatment in the healing and symptomatic relief of erosive esophagitis associated with GERD. Similarly, Doc tors + Designers has taken a lighthearted approach to communicate its corporate message, that health education is a brand’s most powerful marketing tool. By using physicianjargon, Doctors + Designers cleverly highlights the gap between patients’ reading levels and the materials they receive from their healthcare professionals. The LLNS team takes a slightly different, yet equally strong, visual direction. First the creative team used jumbled musical notes to connote the discord schizophrenic patients must feel without medication, then visually demon strates how Geodon could produce a calm, soothing therapeutic outcome. A For Art’s Sake CREATIVE review The first time I saw the handwashing ad, ripped it out and hung it on our board of notables. Usually, when it comes to medical work,we’re look ing at notably bad.But these ads are delightful — the message couldn’t be clearer, and the deliv ery couldn’t be more compelling. The campaign has gotten even better over time.The soapopera scenarios are discordant with the jargonladen heads.And what appears almost as a lack of design is actually a very purposeful use of space,clearly directing the reader right through the concept to the copy — a crisp, thoughtful argument for considering Doc tors+Designers. One suspects the work they do for clients is as cogent as the marketing they do for themselves. In our industry, too often a campaign is not a big idea, but a little idea with a big budget.This is a Brand:Doctors+Designers Corporate SelfPromotion Ad Client: Doctors+Designers Debuted:2001 Agency:Doctors+Designers Creative Director: Internal Doctors+Designers Brand:Geodon Client: Pfizer Inc. Agency:Lyons Lavey Nickel Swift Art Director:Peter Jesse Copy:Todd Neuhaus Geodon tiny gem of an idea made big through clever and consistent execution. It’s the sort of standard we’re shooting for every day. Deborah Lotterman,senior VP,creative director, LehmanMillet,a fullservice healthcare advertising agency in Boston,says the Doctors +Designers’ corporate ads are tiny gemsmadebig. Deborah Lotterman Compelling delivery I was immediately drawn in by the scribble graphic on the front page of this launch ad for Geodon,a drug for the treatment of schizophrenia. I almost didn’t need to see the teaser line to know the prod uct had to be for an antipsychotic agent as 65 PharmaVOICE J u l y / Aug u s t 200 2 that denote a successful therapeutic outcome. For Maryanna Zamiska, managing partner,MDC,and president,MD Communications Healthcare Advertising, NewYork, this Geodon ad hits the right note. opposed to an antidepressant drug.The extreme frenzied quality of the line evokes strong reactions of rage, feelings of being trapped,and actual fear. It lets you feel the chaos and loss of control that must be in the minds of schizophrenic patients in a very simple and direct manner with extreme impact.The inside spread also pays off beautifully, as the scribble evolves into the calm,organized,and soothing musical notes I was immediately drawn in Maryanna Zamiska

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