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Great article. It reminds me that it is necessary to always push the envelope of acceptable to achieve the exceptional. What we create should not be “unsurpassed efficacy” but rather an experience. Unfortunately what I see are designers who have the drive but clients who fear straying from the pack of triedand true concepts that won’t push the envelope or even the bottom line for that matter. Basem Hassan SENIOR GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATOR MCKESSON CORP. It’s the Creative, Stupid John Nosta’s editorial was absolutely on tar get. I enjoyed it so much that I hung it on my wall. Thanks John. Maryann DonovanPeluso, MPH, PhD VP, SCIENTIFIC DEVELOPMENT AND SCIENTIFIC DIRECTOR PRECISION THERAPEUTICS INC. The Promise of Things to Come From my perspective of running a company providing Internetbased marketing services for the pharmaceutical marketplace over the past three years … I cringed. You quoted Mr. Selby stating some of the most generalized, and I believe inaccurate, rea sons for the perception of slow adoption of the Internet by pharmaceutical companies. There are many marketing segments which pharma companies need to apply their resources: detailing, CME, DTC, conferences, and jour nals, among others. RealAge Inc. focuses on the DTC segment of services. Three years ago, we were the first Internetbased DTC vehicle used by several of our clients. They justifiably started slowly. Pharmaceutical companies are conservative entities by nature, and need to make sure they abide by both internal brand procedures, as well as outside regulatory issues. Once they were able to test online DTC advertising, they were able to start their learning process, and apply best practices as they expanded their online marketing. Now, with proven results, we find our pharma clients to be very aggres sive in achieving their brand goals by incorpo rating their online strategies with their tradi tional DTC efforts. A threeyear adoption rate is NOT slow. I cannot speak for other online marketing service companies, but RealAge has thrived in this environment. We have 11 of the largest pharma companies as clients, covering 26 dif ferent brands, many of them being repeat clients of ours. Rich Benci PRESIDENT REALAGE INC. Cover to cover It’s not often that I read a publication from cover to cover, but I did the September/Octo ber issue. The articles you’ve included are not covered in the same way as the other health care trade pubs, which makes PharmaVoice truly unique. Honestly, this was one terrific issue. Marita Gomez PARTNER HEALTHINFO, A DIVISION OF HEALTHINFO DIRECT LLC LETTERS It’s the Creative, Stupid Great article. It reminds me that it is necessary to always push the envelope of acceptable to achieve the exceptional. — Basem Hassan Healthcare business executives face myriad challenges, and not only because of a tough economy. You are being asked to serve as company leaders, provide vision, act as strategists.

PharmaVOICE wants to know what drives you to succeed, what are your hopes, frustrations, satisfactions, and fears? What keeps you up at night? Leadership roles are being redefined. You are being asked to become change agents for your division, group, or corporation. Expanded mis sions demand that you expand your responsibility boundaries. These activities require your time and committed focus because they deter mine the success or failure of the business. PharmaVOICE wants to know how you are adapting to these new paradigms? WHAT’SYOUR OPINION? Please email your comments to feedback@pharmalinx.com. What’s Your Opinion?

Send your letters to feed back@pharmalinx com Please include your name, title, company, and business phone number. Letters cho sen for publication may be edited for length and clarity. All submissions become the property of PharmaLinx LLC. Letters

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