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Each month, this department pays homage to memorable advertising and marketing campaigns. The highlighted executions have been identified by leading creative executives for their noteworthy use of copy, art, photography, whimsy, uniqueness, etc. — in combination or as single branding elements. Creating good pharmaceutical advertising and marketing requires agencies to think out of the box and clients who dare to be different. PharmaVOICE is pleased to give these vanguards their due recognition. Creative Review May 2007 For Art’s Sake The best creatives can be a little anxious and a little obsessive — especially about their own creativity. The genesis of a truly groundbreaking campaign is often followed by questions such as, “Where the heck did that come from?” and “Will I be able to do it again?” The rest of us have the luxury of sitting back and admiring the work, thinking, “I wish I’d done that.” This is one of those campaigns. Schizophrenia, though discussed frequently in popular culture, is one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented psychiatric conditions. Even healthcare professionals, as “part-time” consumers, are susceptible to some of these misperceptions. To create a campaign that engenders a true emotional connection with the patient while motivating brand demand and, ultimately, prescribing habits, is no small feat. With the most brutally honest portrayal this category has ever seen, Junction 11 brings the unspeakable fear and suffering of schizophrenia to the surface and unapologetically slaps the viewer with it. The hauntingly memorable illustration style complements the simple case- study description of what every recovering patient dreads: relapse. By forcibly dragging the viewer into the horror of these patients’ lives, one can begin to understand how the promise of fewer relapses is prized above all — a promise that Risperdal fulfills. I got into this business because of a lifelong interest in CNS disorders and a desire to write on a brand in that arena. Early in my career, I was fortunate to find my way to the Paxil team at Torre Lazur McCann, so I truly appreciate the unique and complex challenges of marketing a mental-health product. Congratulations to the Risperdal agency and brand team for looking into the dark world of the schizophrenic mind … and not flinching. For Marcia J. Goddard, Senior VP, Creative Director, at Torre Lazur McCann,Parsippany, N.J., this campaign is the most brutally honest portrayal ever in the schizophrenia category. Brand: Risperdal Client: Janssen-Cilag Debut: January 2004 Agency: Junction 11 Advertising Art: John Timney Copy: Richard Rayment

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