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E-Media New electronic and web-based applications, sites, and technologies Re:source Rabbit Enables Sales Reps to Customize and Update Marketing Materials Evatone’s Re:source Rabbit is a single-source media solution that enables customers to organize, update, and repurpose collateral, customize text and photos for each client, and automate printing and delivery. This Web-based business tool provides the medical and pharmaceutical markets with a fast, secure way to assure that all marketing materials carry consistent, up-to-date elements. Additionally, the tool enables dispersed salesforces to personalize materials to create effective one-to-one relationships. Evatone’s custom-built Web capabilities present clients with a self-administered Website where, depending on their assigned security level, they can log-on and update and revise marketing materials, and “repurpose” them – for example, creating a poster from a flyer. Additionally, through a selection of point-and-click choices, customized images and text can be incorporated or personal messages added, before sending materials for fast, professional on-demand printing and delivery to any location. “The beauty of Re:source Rabbit is that it can serve clients as an easy-to-use, centrally controlled tool to manage all their assets – digital and physical, preprinted, totally customizable or partially customizable,” says Marcia Piacentino, VP of marketing at Evatone. “With Re:source Rabbit, a field-sales person preparing for a customer call can order three preprinted product slicks, four customized posters, a catalog, and a promotional mug, have the custom items flawlessly printed, and have everything delivered to his or her home in record time. And headquarter personnel don’t have to worry that outdated or inaccurate materials are circulating.” Re:source Rabbit also can make use of sophisticated decision-tree algorithms that highlight an individual customer’s inventory and needs. By providing collateral pieces that are specifically designed for one customer at a time, Re:source Rabbit strengthens customer relations and provides customers with relevant materials of real value to their business. Marcia Piacentino Re:source Rabbit is an easy-to-use, centrally controlled tool to manage all of a client’s assets. NDCHealth and NCERx Alliance Integrates Real-Time Pharmaceutical Messaging Services with Internet-based Clinical-Trial Recruitment A strategic alliance between NDCHealth Corp. and NCERx LLC is designed to significantly accelerate clinical-trial recruitment for pharmaceutical manufacturers. NCERx’s technology platform includes more than 350 Websites that offer consumers free healthcare information on most classes of disease conditions, as well as opportunities to opt-in to become clinical trial candidates for research on their specific condition. NDCHealth’s Intelligent Network provides real-time claims processing and value-added edits for more than 90% of pharmacies in North America. The two technologies combined provide trial sponsors with HIPAA-compliant target audiences. “The promised benefit of merging multiple healthcare channels with the interactivity of the Internet is long overdue,” says Colin Lucas-Mudd, chairman and CEO of NCERx. “This partnership allows the promise to become reality. Our decision to work with NDCHealth was driven primarily by the scale, reach, and data security technology infrastructure offered by its Intelligent Network.” Medidata Vision Developer Solution Gives Sponsors Faster Visibility into Clinical-Trial Data Medidata Solutions’ Medidata Vision Developer is a Web-based, comprehensive ad-hoc query, reporting, and analysis solution that provides sponsors with faster visibility into clinical-trial data. The solution enables metric and clinical data to be combined and provides a richer view into study data sooner than ever before, enabling sponsors to more effectively allocate resources, make better-informed decisions, and ultimately bring products to market sooner. By providing sponsors, data managers, and clinicians visibility into “intra-trial” data, Vision Developer identifies potential red flags early on in the trial process. Key decision makers are then empowered with the right information to make any necessary changes in material, time, personnel, or other trial resources, driving overall efficiency. Users can easily include data from multiple external sources. Such information would include randomization data, local lab data, adverse events reporting, coding dictionaries, etc., in their analyses. This provides a much richer view into the study. Vision Developer offers a “one-click” intuitive analysis and discovery, places the control of information delivery in the hands of the user, provides numerous viewing options, offers extensive built-in functions for advanced analysis, promotes efficient trials through dynamic report changes, and provides an easy-to-use, intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface. Vision Developer can instantaneously merge both clinical and metric data to answer complex questions that would traditionally take many hours to answer. An example of this is the ability to answer multitiered questions such as, “Does a particular site have numerous open queries, such as are male patients experiencing headaches?” The answer to this query would normally require hours of cross-referencing data from multiple sources. The sponsor then has the critical information to make adjustments to the study such as revising the screening procedure to get better-qualified subjects or implementing other changes to improve the study’s progress. “The promise of EDC and other technologies designed to enhance the clinical-research process goes far beyond collecting data faster, the key is to provide immediate access to data,” says Tarek Sherif, Medidata CEO. Colin Lucas-Mudd, chairman and CEO of NCERx, says the alliance with NDCHealth combines multiple healthcare channels with the interactivity of the Internet. Visibility into study data “intra-trial” provides sponsors with a snapshot of a study’s progress early on, which can help improve efficiencies throughout the trial. Insightful Solutions Provides Validated Statistical Analysis and Reporting Platforms Two turnkey solutions for clinical and preclinical data managers, analysts, and IT professionals supporting clinical reporting and validated statistical data analysis have been released by Insightful Corp. The solutions are based on S-PLUS 6.2, the new release of the S-PLUS statistical and graphical analysis software. The S-PLUS Validation Solution provides on-site validation for S-PLUS software, meeting 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP standards. The solution also provides a proven process for testing installation, operation, security, functionality, and performance of S-PLUS software at customer sites. By using the solution, researchers spend more time performing data analysis to make important discoveries. Insightful’s S-PLUS Clinical Reporting Solution delivers a validated system for tabular and graphical reporting on preclinical and clinical studies. The flexible, customizable solution for report generation provides a tabular and graphical summary framework for a wide variety of preclinical and clinical studies, including bioequivalence, dosing, and drug interaction studies. Data managers can design and implement statistically comprehensive and flexible reports directly from S-PLUS. Reports can be created and automated easily using the new S-PLUS 6.2 XML library that supports PDF, RTF, HTML, PostScript, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and other reporting formats. The solution simplifies report construction by customizing the S-PLUS user interface to meet the needs of the preclinical and clinical data management and analysis teams. Hyphen Launches Second-Generation Mobile E-Detailing Solution Hyphen has launched the second generation of its eDRENALIN mobile e-detailing solution, a Tablet PC-based marketing and sales presentation solution for pharmaceutical marketers and their salesforces. eDRENALIN gives pharmaceutical brand teams an easy-to-use mobile e-detailing tool, combined with a powerful online tool for real-time analysis of key message and sales data. The latest release of eDRENALIN allows brand managers to have desktop access to key data, including which visual aids their sales representatives are using most and how much time each key brand message is getting in front of physicians. Brand teams and their agencies can create and share custom reports and analyses with one another. The group-presentation features allow the representative to record accurate call data from any presentation to multiple physicians, from two to 20. This enhanced data also can be fed back to the representative’s salesforce automation (SFA) system for the automatic creation of a call note for each healthcare professional detailed. The eDRENALIN Tablet PC component also is optimized for the hallway detail; combined with rapid content selection of two clicks or less, eDRENALIN allows sales representatives to detail a physician at any time. eDRENALIN was recently piloted by a major pharmaceutical company. Sales representatives from selected divisions were equipped with Tablet PCs using the eDRENALIN mobile e-detailing solution. Interactive and digital versions of more than 20 sales pieces were loaded onto the devices for each representative. Using eDRENALIN, sales representatives were able to extend the average 90-second call to more than nine minutes, showing branded materials to physicians. Follow up Evatone Inc., Clearwater, Fla., offers high-quality print, audio, data, and multimedia products, supported by dedicated customer service and strict quality standards. For more information, visit evatone.com. Hyphen, Parsippany, N.J., a member of the TBWA WorldHealth network of agencies, is the fusion of traditional agency functions, including promotion, medical education, and customer segment marketing; digital innovation; and clinical-trial experience. For more information, visit hyphenhealth.com. Insightful Corp., Seattle, provides enterprises with scalable data- analysis solutions that drive better decisions faster by revealing patterns, trends, and relationships. For more information, visit insightful.com. Medidata Solutions Inc., New York, provides Web-based data-management solutions for clinical trials that collect and manage clinical data economically through a fully secure and compliant eCDM platform. For more information, visit mdsol.com. NCERx, with headquarters in San Diego and London, provides information- technology solutions to the biopharmaceutical sector. For more information, visit ncerx.com. NDCHealth, Atlanta, is a provider of health-information solutions that add value to pharmacy, hospital, physician, pharmaceutical, and payer businesses. For more information, visit ndchealth.com. ViPS Inc., Baltimore, delivers business intelligence that simplifies the business of health, providing advanced care, claims, risk and performance management solutions as well as fraud prevention and clinical-trial solutions. For more information, visit vips.com. eDRENALIN’s Brand Manager screen gives brand teams an overview of the tools that are being used by their sales representatives and the frequency of their use in details. MetaTrial Software Functionality Expanded for Complex Trials ViPS Inc. has introduced a new look-up functionality for MetaTrial, the company’s electronic data capture (EDC) software. The feature, known as MetaTrial Look-Up, enhances the process of clarifying and cleaning data by reducing the amount of coding required after data entry. MetaTrial Look-Up also reduces the number of data clarification queries that must be issued and resolved because of misspellings. MetaTrial Look-Up is especially critical for complex trials in which patients may have a number of adverse events and concomitant medications. The added functionality allows eCRFs to be customized to incorporate any of the standard dictionaries (MedDRA, COSTART, and WHO Drug) or a custom dictionary. Companies also can incorporate multiple look-ups in a single trial or on a single CRF.

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