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Taren Grom, Editor

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Some might say the healthcare industry needs another magazine about as much as it needs another government watchdog . We obviously disagree, and from the feedback we’ve received, so do the rest of you. The time is right for a new publication: a magazine that delivers the views and opinions of leading business executives who are shaping the direction of the multifaceted pharmaceutical industry. That magazine is PharmaVoice. PharmaVoice was conceived with you in mind. Our mission is to provide a unique forum for open, candid dialog between different sector industry leaders. Our mission is to elicit debate on the issues that are shaping our industry. Our name, PharmaVoice, says it all; we intend to be your voice. Our tag line, “your agenda is our agenda,” is not an empty promise. In the coming years, we intend to tackle the biggest issues that you confront daily and the trends that will shape your business decisions tomorrow. To fulfill our mission, we need you to raise your voice. We need to hear from you, the industry experts. Our intention is not to be judge and jury; our editorial goal is to address topics from your perspective. PharmaVoice is your magazine. We can’t promise you solutions, but we can promise you original, thoughtprovoking editorial from multiple perspectives. Our first industry forum — Agency pitches, in need of an umpire — delivers on our editorial promise. For better or worse, thirdparty consultants are changing the agencyclient relationship, and appear to be here to stay. Agency executives and pharmaceu tical company leaders speak candidly about the impact con sultants are hav ing on all aspects of their business. Consul tants are changing the way business is being done. Consolidation among pharmaceutical companies is expected to continue, widening the gap between the top four or five companies and those in the middle tier. To survive, midtier pharma ceutical companies will need to be innova tive in their partnering and marketing strategies. Biotech companies and emerging phar maceutical companies are becoming seri ous players. They too will be asking more from their partners in terms of financial concessions. True, most biotech companies still lose money, but these innovative com panies create new and faster ways to get drugs to the marketplace and they no longer have to rely on partnerships with big pharma to deliver their drugs to patients. Increasingly, these companies are calling on the outsourcing services of con tract research, contract sales, and contract manufacturing organizations. As the editorial of our first issue reflects, no single sector of the healthcare industry operates in a vacuum. Through Pharma Voice we hope you will gain an apprecia tion for the challenges your peers in the industry face. Taren Grom Editor S The managing partners of PharmaVoice, Lisa Banket, publisher (bottom),Taren Grom,editor (left), and Marah Walsh, creative director (right), thank those of you who lent your voice and support to our first issue.

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