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Darlene Mann says pharma should be able to leverage existing tech investments. on the cover Technology makes CRM possible The lifeblood of CRM is data. Technology is a necessary enabler that allows pharma companies to implement effective CRM programs. Many are making the investments that allow them to capture and better analyze these data. In the future, CRM solutions that go beyond salesforce automation will provide valuable data for multiple stakeholders. 10 FEATURES Return on the Internet While use of the Internet as an advertising tool is increasing, the ability of pharma marketers to track online customers’ reactions is still somewhat limited. But as the medium matures, tools are evolving to make it easier to measure return on investment. 22 Lost in translation: Tackling the barriers to Hispanic good health The significance of the growing Hispanic market to pharma companies cannot be overemphasized. But just as important is the difficulty patients have accessing healthcare information that addresses their specific needs. 30 Six prescriptions for healthier DTC advertising The DTC playing field has changed. With far greater competition than ever before, DTC advertisers increasingly need to know how consumers read and understand an advertisement’s message. Phil Sawyer, senior VP, Starch Communications Group, discusses the creative elements of DTC ads that attract and hold reader attention. 38 Dr. Victoria Hale – A champion Dr. Victoria Hale, who both conceptualized and founded a nonprofit pharmaceutical company, is a true pioneer. Her goal is create affordable, safe, and efficacious treatments for infectious diseases that affect millions in developing nations. Already, her company has made huge strides in making this goal a reality. 42 in every issue Letter from the Editor 3 Raise your voice: Letters 6 Opinions 8 PharmaCase Corbett and Accel make a case for a new agency model. 50 For Art’s Sake A creative review by the experts 52 PharmaOutlet Harry Sweeney talks about the FDA’s proposed DTC Draft Guidances. 53 PharmaTrax Sales, marketing, and R&D trends from industry analysts 54 On The Calendar Industry events 57 What’s New New healthcare-related products, services, and companies 60 E-Media New electronic and Web-based applications, sites, and technologies 64 Talent Pool Executive appointments and promotions 66 Contents March 2004 Ian Cross says Internet companies have a responsibility to demonstrate ROI. Dr. Hale’s goal is to change healthcare one disease at a time.

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