The Brand Champions

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Jose De Leon
Camille DeSantis
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Bill Drummy
John Harrington
Michael Laferrera
Kathy Magnuson
Bob Mason
Renee Mellas
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Mike Rutstein

The Brand Champions

MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND MANY YEARS — IN SOME CASES, DECADES — ARE SPENT MOVING A PRODUCT FROM THE CLINIC TO THE MARKET. CHAMPIONING THE BRAND IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO THOSE WHO ARE CHARGED WITH MAKING SURE THE RESOURCES AND INVESTMENTS ARE NOT FOR NAUGHT. These individuals are stalwart in their attention to brand detail and employ creative strategies to make sure a product has the best market position possible. In a risk averse industry, the individuals who are willing to take a chance and chart unknown territories are exception al. With his confident and composed out look, Michael Laferrera has demonstrated numerous times that he’s not afraid to take chances to bring his brands to the next level. Agencies that work with Mr.Laferrera sing his praises as a cutting edge leader with strategic foresight and marketing skills, and his ability to treat agencies and vendors as true business partners is widely acknowledged. And those who have known him from early in his career say it’s no surprise to see him in upper management. His experience in the industry gives him an edge: not only does he have a vast under standing of the dermatology market, which is a key asset to Barrier Therapeutics, but he also has a strong sales background, which provides him with valuable insight when working with the field force. All this combined means he plays a pivotal role in the company’s growth. What enables Mr. Laferrera to execute on ideas is that he is always able to keep the big picture in mind to move business. He has the ability to manage the details while strategically creating the vision for his company. He always questions current programs to make sure the company and his team are moving in the correct direction. And while his team members admire him and strive to match his work ethic and dedication, he also places a lot of trust in them to implement initiatives and to demonstrate accountability. A progressive thinker, Mr. Laferrera believes the defining moment for the industry came when DTC advertising for prescription pharmaceuticals was given the green light. But he is also well aware of the pressures companies such as Barrier face, in particular funding new chemical entity development in specialty pharma as hurdles to FDA approvals increase. He strives to meet those challenges head on by planning for adversity, then attacking it with a positive outlook. GETTING PERSONAL Michael Laferrera is VP, Marketing and Commercial Operations at Barrier Therapeutics Inc.(,Princeton, N.J.. He joined the company in 2003 from Nelson Communications, where he was Executive VP, Managing Director. Before that, Mr. Laferrera was Director, Business Development at Galderma Laboratories, where he headed all North American business development activities. Editor’s Note: As this issue was going to press, Barrier Therapeutics, which develops and markets dermatology products, announced that it had signed a merger agreement with Stiefel Laboratories Inc., the world’s largest independent pharmaceutical company specializing in dermatology. Under the agreement, Stiefel Laboratories will purchase all of the out standing shares of Barrier Therapeutics. TAKING THE INITIATIVE Michael Laferrera has an innate ability to lead and inspire those around him. Michael LAFERRERA NAME:Michael Laferrera TITLE: VP, Marketing & Commercial Operations COMPANY:Barrier Therapeutics Inc. EDUCATION: B.S., Business Administration, Marketing Concentration, University of Delaware, 1990 ON HIS READING LIST: Execution, by Larry Bossidy, Ram Charan, and Charles Burck FIRST JOB: Sales representative, Ortho Pharmaceuticals NEXT ON HIS LIST TO ACCOMPLISH: Publish his own book CONFIDENT. COMPOSED. The BRAND CHAMPIONS think and work creatively; by sharing knowledge, experiences, and dreams; and, finally by having fun and never stifling creativity and desire. GETTING PERSONAL Susan Dorfman is VP of Global Marketing at Skila, a Sela2 company (,Morris Plains, N.J., where she is responsible for the company’s overall glob al marketing strategy and product positioning. Previously, Ms. Dorfman was the Senior Marketing Strategist at Dendrite International. Other roles have included VP of Sales and Marketing for various pharmaceutical marketing services companies, including Pharma Way (a CCG Group) and Pharmagistics. Ms.Dorfman is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and the Disease Management Association of America, where she currently serves on the patient safety and provider satisfaction subcommittees. What most inspires this marketing innovator is people who have the tenacity to go forward, who are critical thinkers, and who find innovative ways to get the unimaginable done. All of these traits also define Susan Dorfman herself. NAME: Susan Dorfman TITLE: VP, Global Marketing COMPANY: Skila, a Sela2 Company EDUCATION: New York Institute of Technology; working toward a doctorate in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix PLACE OF BIRTH: Ukraine, moved with parents to the United States in 1976, settling in New Jersey ON HER READING LIST: Books focused on global healthcare, and trade publications, such as PharmaVOICE, New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard Business Review CHARISMATIC. RESOURCEFUL. Exemplifying the meaning of leadership, John Harrington motivates and inspires the people who work for him because of his core values, which are deeply rooted in his long pharmaceutical career. Mr. Harrington leads by example, creating a strong core of followers who are loyal to him and what he stands for. GETTING PERSONAL John Harrington is VP and Head of the U.S. Oncology business unit at SanofiAventis (, Bridgewater, N.J. He has responsibility for the sales and marketing of Eloxatin,Taxotere, Elitek, and Anzemet. Editor’s Note: Humble by nature, Mr.Harrington deferred from provid ing us with any personal information. We thank the many individuals who nominated Mr. Harrington for this honor. John HARRINGTON NAME: John Harrington TITLE: VP, Oncology BU COMPANY: SanofiAventis What keeps Susan Dorfman awake at night is figuring out new solutions for customer problems. Ms. Dorfman is a highly energetic and driven pro fessional with a razorsharp understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and the changing trends that are affecting companies and brands today. Passionate about her work, Ms. Dorfman can always be counted on to come up with a forward strategy backed by innovative ideas. She exempli fies the type of leader who always challenges herself with longterm vision ary goals and continuously demonstrates an unselfish dedication to her team, company, and clients. Ms. Dorfman’s resourceful and charismatic nature was ingrained from her upbringing, where as an only child she realized early on that her great est accomplishments were the result of creative and often outsidethebox thinking as well as the ability to proactively seek out and develop relation ships with others. Her first sojourn into the professional world began at the age of 17 when, told by a family friend that she needed to find her independence and get a job, she started working parttime in a posh Manhattan clothing store, a job she reveled in for four years while completing her master’s degree. Always keen to take on the next challenge, Ms. Dorfman’s next big accomplishment is to complete her doctorate requirements and defend her dissertation. A respected mentor and healthcare visionary, Ms. Dorfman’s deep dive insights, roll up your sleeves contributions, and can do attitude have an infectious effect on everyone she touches. She credits those she has worked for and with, and those she has led, with mentoring her through their successes and failures, good qualities and bad. It is in this way that Ms. Dorfman has learned to lead with respect, follow with courage, listen with openness, debate with passion, fight with vigor, win with humility, and lose with pride. This marketing innovator seeks to inspire those around her by demonstrating an unselfish dedication in all she does by encouraging and supporting people through good times and bad while helping them find the best in themselves and their surroundings; by being an effective listener and communicator; by following up; by helping and encouraging her colleagues to WINNING LESSONS SUSAN Dorfman The BRAND CHAMPIONS “Surround oneself with talented individuals, love what you do, and have a life.” It’s this combination of business and personal philosophy that endears Kathy Magnuson to colleagues and clients and makes her such an inspiration to be around. A thought leader on issues ranging from industry reputation to integrated marketing, Ms. Magnuson has taken the lead in reinventing and reinvigorating Brand Pharm. Under her leadership, the agency has brought alternative thinking to life. She has brought a new level of rigor to the 80 person firm by pushing beyond the conventional to help the agency own a unique position in the medical advertising landscape and capitalize on marketing opportunities. Over the last two years, she and her team of strategically creative people have transformed the agency’s corporate culture through an external and internal rebranding, established a Growing Green initiative to reduce the agency’s carbon footprint, and led the agency to significant new business wins. She inspires and commands the respect of clients by continually challenging her team to provide the best, most targeted, creative, and strategic positioning and messaging for their brands. A driving force in the life sciences industry for more most rewarding working experiences involved the launch of Humulin with Eli Lilly and the accompanying support the company provided to the then newly established American Association of Diabetes Educators. Ms. Magnuson says the partnership that developed, and the way it strengthened the treatment of diabetes, has always stood as an example of how the industry can help patients live better, longer. She has personal experience of the benefits of being well informed about healthcare, having a sister with diabetes and celiac disease. Her personal side is never far away, and she is always willing to share aspects of her personal life with colleagues, bringing warmth to her relation ship with coworkers. In an industry that can some times be a little impersonal, Ms. Magnuson will inquire about her coworkers’ families and personal lives — not because she feels it’s the right thing to do, but because she sincerely cares. GETTING PERSONAL Kathy Magnuson is Executive VP of Brand Pharm (, New York, a full service medical advertising agency, overseeing the management of client services, operations, and financials. Previously, she was Executive VP, Director Client Services, Medicus (now known as Medicus/Lifebrands). Ms. Magnuson has worked for a broad spectrum of agencies and media organizations, including Sudler & Hennessey, where she led the Roche and Merck business efforts; KPR/Stratis and KPR; MedAd; JWT Healthcare; and Visual Information Systems. than two decades, Ms. Magnuson started out with Visual Information Systems, which developed both the Physician’s Radio Net work and the Network for Continuing Medical Education. Over her career, she has launched new products, spent time in medical education, public relations, and even worked in DTC in the early days — an area she regards as the defining moment for the industry. It’s this broad spectrum that has gives her a well rounded perspective on the business. As her achievements have gained recognition, she has never lost the ability to interact effectively and compassionately with staff and clients. She inspires those around her by receiving their ideas in a positive way and encouraging them to find new solutions and alternative ways to deliver the work. Always willing to work in the trenches, colleagues at all levels seek her out for her insights and knowledge. She credits the people she has worked with over the years for helping her to grow and learn. One of her Kathy Magnuson is a leader whose marketing and brand knowledge and insights are sought by colleagues, clients, and key media. BRAND TRANSFORMERWITH A PERSONAL TOUCH KATHYMAGNUSON NAME: Kathy Magnuson TITLE: Executive VP/Managing Director COMPANY: Brand Pharm EDUCATION: Bachelor of Applied Arts, Central Michigan University PLACE OF BIRTH: L’Anse, Mich. ON HER READING LIST: The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation, by Drew Westen; Fearless Fourteen, by Janet Evanovich; Body Signs, by Jacqueline Nardi Egan and Joan Liebmann Smith FAMILY: Married to Mark Wall for 13 years; two daughters — Amelia, 8, and Julia, 6 — both adopted from China (although both girls come from the same province in China, they couldn’t be more disparate in temperament and demeanor; they are a joy and a blessing, and by far the greatest challenge she has faced) HOBBIES: Music and singing NEXT ON HER LIST TO ACCOMPLISH: Raising her children to be kind, caring, curious, and enthusiastic about life COMPETENT. INSIGHTFUL. PV0708 layout FINAL 7/21/08 10:13 AM Page 86 called “magical thinking” that taps into unconscious emotional layers that cause patients to resist treatment or ask for help. He actively shares his knowledge at conferences and lectures and is always looking to mentor and guide young minds through the advertising business. Eschewing hierarchies, Mr. Rutstein believes it’s irrelevant where an idea comes from, just as long as it’s powerful and will move clients’ business. Clients and colleagues alike are inspired by Mr. Rutstein’s boldness, insightfulness, passion, commitment, and friendship. GETTING PERSONAL Michael S. Rutstein joined Draft FCB New York (, New York, in January 2006 as Executive VP, Director of Consumer Healthcare. He was recently named Chief Growth Officer for the agency. Previously, he was Senior Partner, Managing Director of Health, at JWT. Mr. Rutstein began his career at Sudler & Hennessey in 1991, and he has also worked for Harrison, Star, Wiener & Beitler and Bates. Mike Rutstein has it all: smarts, intuitiveness, leadership, salesmanship, creativity, and a relentless passion and drive to win; above all, he has an infectious personality that influences and motivates others. He’ll have you at “hello.” So say those who have worked with Mike Rutstein. The guy you want on your team, Mr. Rutstein has an innate ability to go from A to Z in a nanosecond, and he has a genuine desire to provide clients with the very best in brand stewardship. It’s a talent that’s envied by even his savviest colleagues. Unafraid to take on the biggest challenge, Mr. Rutstein produces results that make heads spin. He navigates through data, looks at problems, sees the opportunities, and finds the right place for a brand to take its stance. And, he does so with conviction, astuteness, and poise, bringing a fresh perspective and innovative approach to every situation. In a room full of indecision, he is the galvanizer. His impressive track record says it all. Mr. Rutstein has learned the healthcare business inside and out and has dedicated his career to healthcare marketing and communications, helping build some of the most famous healthcare brands. He has a passion and is focused on unlocking the true potential of ideas that will positively change people’s lives. As a visionary iconoclast, everything he has accomplished in his career is a direct result of bucking the norm. In the two years that Mr. Rutstein has led the Consumer Healthcare Practice at DraftFCB, he’s proven to be unbeatable’ winning 13 out of 16 new business pitches, doubling the size of the practice, and receiving industry recognition with the Pharmaceutical Advertising and Marketing Excellence Awards (PhAME) for Consumer Healthcare Agency of the Year in 2006 and Runner up in 2007. But his most significant accomplishment is helping his clients grow their brands and businesses. He approaches DTC advertising with a new lens on an industry that is in dire need of insight and an approach to motivate patients to take action. He has developed a approach NAME: Mike Rutstein TITLE: Executive VP, Consumer Healthcare, Chief Growth Officer COMPANY: DraftFCB NY EDUCATION: B.S., Syracuse University; S.I., Newhouse School of Public Communications DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: Aug. 16, 1969; Springfield, Mass. ON HIS READING LIST: Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs, by Chuck Klosterman; When You Are Engulfed in Flames, by David Sedaris THE QUALITIES IN OTHERS THAT INSPIRE HIM: Curiosity — the world in which we live is nothing more than an incubator for ideas; there’s nothing more stimulating than walking in on a Monday morning and watching someone turn a meaningless mound of sand into a thriving, killer ant colony ICONOCLASTIC. VISIONARY. THE IDEA GALVANIZER Mike RUTSTEIN

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