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Nelson. CommonHealth. There is no magic formula, no set of qualities or attributes which when combined in exact pro portions spontaneously produces a leader. Cer tainly many leaders possess similar characteris tics — innovation, persuasion, charisma, etc. — but what sets a leader apart is her ability to harness her talents and channel her energy in the pursuit of a clear vision of a previously undiscovered possibility. Whether through divine intervention, dogged persistence, or something in between, leaders are inspired with a singular passion to strive toward their goals. This passion, in turn, serves as an inspiration to others to achieve what seems impossible. Hermans. Wyeth. Leaders are people whom others follow volun tarily because of who they are and what they do. Leaders are passionate, they often possess a rich sense of humor, and they demonstrate a sense of calm under pressure. Leaders strike a positive balance between driving business results and unleashing the potential in others. By inspiring others to believe in the possibili ties within themselves they collectively achieve the extraordinary. Not only do great leaders develop the talent they have, they also hire exceptional talent and advocate on their behalf to ensure they have the tools and resources to succeed. A strong leader cultivates a highly performing team, encourages innova tion and solutionsorientation, and constantly asks for and listens carefully to new ideas and feedback from team members. Leaders set a clear vision and outline clear valuedriven expectations. The success of good leaders is linked to their ability to influence and is best defined by the success of the people who fol low them and walk beside them. Meet the 95Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s RISING STARS… A record number of outstanding lifescience executives are being recognized for their leadership and contributions to their companies. These women’s roles span myriad disciplines across the healthcare industry as well as a variety of different company types. What sets a leader apart is her ability to harness her talents and channel her energy in pursuit of a clear vision. — MEAGHAN NELSON, COMMONHEALTH LEADERSHIP QUALITIES We asked this year’s Rising Stars to outline what they believe are the most important leadership qualities and to provide their definition of a leader. HBA’s 2008 RISING STARS 36 M a y 20 08 PharmaVOICE # PV0508 Issue FINAL2 4/23/08 10:36 AM Page 36 Halliwell. Novartis. Leaders are decisive and take action. They don’t rely on their position to lead. For me, leadership is about collaboration and engagement. It’s about inclusiveness — recognizing the strength that comes from diversity, and surrounding oneself with people who bring unique experi ences, knowledge, and backgrounds to the table. That’s how you build an unbeatable, highperforming team. It’s that diversity that leads to outofthebox solutions. In our evolv ing healthcare environment, successful leaders are change leaders. They know that to be top tier means being proactive, bold, and flexible. To lead people through change, one has to be open and communicate, communicate, com municate. But in doing this, put aside the “cor porate speak” and be clear about the vision and the rationale for change. That’s what builds respect, loyalty, and commitment. Hale. Abbott. A leader inspires others to work together, not only to achieve a joint objective, but to go the extra mile. Successful leaders usually have excel lent communication skills and the ability to motivate others. Communication skills must incorporate not only the ability to clearly artic ulate and set objectives, but also the ability to listen to and learn from others. In addition, suc cessful leaders inspire others by demonstrating a strong, individual work ethic and the willing ness to do the same tasks assigned to the group. Marantz. Millennium Pharmaceuticals. I would describe leadership as having three qualities: the ability to inspire, a constructive discontent, and mental toughness. The ability DAISY AGUILERA Director, Regulatory Operations Celgene Corp. Daisy manages her team with extraordinary skill, delivering on all their objectives, while garnering commitment and loyalty from them. KATHYALMEIDA VP, Sales Operations Publicis Selling Solutions Group Kathy always exhibits a winning, cando attitude and leads her client service and operations teams with a strong focus on customer service and execution. JANEL BONACHI,CMP Associate Director, Event Planning Clinical Connexion Janel’s high level of energy and commitment to produce quality programs is evident in her excellence in execution and focus on client and team goals. PATRICIA BRADLEY Region Business Director Novo Nordisk Patricia consistently delivers results and has a strong business understanding. ALLYSONVANDER BROEK Director, Strategic Channel Development ScheringPlough Corp. Allyson has held various roles of increasing responsibility where she represented ScheringPlough with product access for strategic national payers. DAWNBROOKS,PH.D. Director, API Operations, Chemical Product Research & Development,Lilly Research Laboratories Dawn has made significant contributions within Lilly Research Laboratories, both as a laboratory scientist and in line management. ANNABRUNE Senior VP, Client Services, GroupDCA Anna is a rare combination of mentor, motivator, and creative problem solver. MARIA CANFIELD Director, Client Services Alliance Healthcare Information Inc. Maria is intelligent, articulate, and has a remarkable work ethic. She has won the respect of every staff member who works with her. SUSANCAREY VP, Finance Director LifeBrands Susan is organized, detailoriented, and religious about deadlines. A strategic brain with creative appreciation, Susan is truly special. ALLISON CERASO VP, Group Art Supervisor Euro RSCG From her first position here — administrative assistant — to her current one — VP, group art supervisor — Allison has always had that spark one looks for in a leader. LISETE ANDRECLEARY Senior VP, Marketing Communications Vox Medica Inc. Lisete’s drive, determination, and professional acumen are attributes that clearly underscore her development as a true leader. BRANDYCOLANGELO Medical Reprints Supervisor Compas Inc. Always willing to take on new challenges, and be “best in class” in all she does, Brandy’s commitment is unwavering, and her contributions to her team and our clients are beyond measure. SUSAN ENOCOLLINS,M.S.,R.D., C.H.E.S. Senior VP, Health Education HealthEd — The Patient Education Agency Susan’s insight, experience, and especially her vision for helping patients communicate their needs and participate in their care, has been instrumental to the growth and success of our clients’ businesses. RISING stars The 2008 HBA Rising Stars The most effective leaders I know are both great listeners as well as great communicators. — WENDY GRACEY,DELOITTE 37 PharmaVOICE M a y 20 08 # PV0508 Issue FINAL2 4/23/08 10:36 AM Page 37 to inspire differentiates a leader from a manag er. A leader has to have passion within to be able to instill passion in others; at the same time, she also needs emotional intelligence and a better understanding of what other people respond to. The second quality, a constructive discontent, is not about being critical; rather, it is about a continuous quest to improve the status quo while remaining pragmatic and constructive. Finally, a leader needs mental toughness. A good leader understands the ups and downs of business and is willing to take calculated risks and to pay a price for success. Hampton. Elsevier. I believe that a good leader must possess integrity, determination, and guidance. It is important to have integrity and be truthful in all aspects of life. People should instinctively know that their leader is honest, ethical, and forthright. A good leader cannot be hesitant when she is leading people. She must show determination and a willingness to succeed. She cannot show weakness, only strength. A good leader must provide guidance and reassurance. She should have the ability to help you celebrate your successes and the wherewithal to help you deal with your shortcomings. People want to feel absolutely confident that the person who is leading them knows what it takes to succeed. Gracey. Deloitte. The most effective leaders I know are both great listeners as well as great communicators. They have the ability to both inspire their staff TARA COSTELLO Account Director Brand Pharm In her three years with Brand Pharm, Tara’s growth in team leadership, mentorship, and confidence have been an inspiration to her peers and team members. CHRISTINE CROFT VP, Americas Finance Cegedim Dendrite Christine’s knowledge and commitment to the highest professional standards always comes through. TAMARACUTLER VP Healthcare Services Stryker Corp. Tamara exemplifies professionalism, integrity, partnership, and she is passionate about customers and results. CHRISTINE DAMICO Director, Program Development MannKind Christine is an exceptional program executive with a comprehensive understanding of drug development. She has the ability to apply her expertise in an effective, professional, and friendly manner at all levels of the company. BETH DEAN Director, CNS Marketing Ovation Pharmaceuticals Beth’s sense of personal accountability, excellent analytical skills, and strong customer relationships enable her to develop and implement effective solutions to complex challenges. ROBIN DEROGATIS VP, Human Resources Cephalon Robin’s passion for her discipline and dedication to employees has enabled to her to successfully implement effective organizational, cultural, and employeefocused programs. MADELINE DUQUEDILLON,PH.D. Director, Organizational Development Daiichi Sankyo Inc. Madeline’s clear vision and commitment to inclusion enhance the value of her leadership to our organization. CARENDRANOFF VP, Group Account Supervisor Ogilvy Healthworld Caren’s unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence exemplify the leadership qualities so highly regarded by her peers. SUSANDUFFY Senior VP, Management Supervisor Cline Davis & Mann Inc. Susan combines the CDM values — substance, style, conviction, and grace — with quiet confidence for powerful results. BETH DWYER Northeast Regional Director MEDA Pharmaceuticals Beth has presidential character and is a natural leader. She exhibits extraordinary teamwork, commitment to excellence, and an unparalleled work ethic. SARAH J.H. FAUST Senior Director, Hospital Marketing King Pharmaceuticals Sarah displays a very strong sense of leadership and has developed a rocksolid team who respect her abilities, coaching and leadership, and vision. BLYTHE FICHTENHOLTZ Director, Program Strategy, Convergent Health Solutions Dowden Health Media Blythe is a team player, a leader, and a role model for her colleagues. The 2008 HBA Rising Stars RISING stars True leaders maintain a sense of accountability to themselves and to their teams which ensures that they are acting in line with the standards to which others can aspire. — LESLEY REYNOLDS, FULBRIGHT & JAWORSKI 38 M a y 20 08 PharmaVOICE # PV0508 Issue Proofs 4/25/08 10:34 AM Page 38 2008 Flashpoint Medica LLC, an Omnicom Group Company. All rights reserved. www.flashpointmedica.com When was the last time you were truly surprised by a breakthrough idea? One that… Call Charlene Prounis or Risa Bernstein at 212.894.9753 to learn more about how Flashpoint Medica consistently drives brands and markets with the power of the unexpected. And most importantly, ignites change! Redefines what’s possible Captivates your audience Changes your perspective Delivers surprising results Stretches your capacity 6379013_M02_Pharma_Voice_May_08.qxd:6379013_M01_APR_C_Animals_MM_M Pickup 4/15/08 5:01 PM Page 1 or their teams as well as to empower or enable them, allowing each person to work to his or her potential while providing any required support. They understand the power in a diver sity of skill sets, backgrounds, work approach es, etc., and they have the ability to create highperforming teams regardless of the cir cumstances. They inspire trust and loyalty and are unassailable in terms of their integrity. They are committed to excellence in what they do and establish high expectations for those who work with them. They are humble about their own accomplishments but quick to give praise to others when due. Finally, they view worklife balance as essential, not optional, and they approach both with a wellgrounded sense of humor. Dwyer. MEDA Pharmaceuticals. A true leader inspires trust and respect, instills confidence, is committed to excellence, and has a strong passion for people and performance. A leader sets the bar high, yet leads her team to exceed it. Leaders set clear expectations, and empower their team to make decisions and run their business, while holding the team and themselves accountable. A leader helps her team see the big picture — the vision, the opportunities, and the obstacles —and rolls up her sleeves alongside her team to develop solu tions and proactive plans to ensure success. Leaders never expect anything from their team JENNIE FISCHETTE Senior VP, Management Supervisor Agency Rx Jennie is a true leader: smart, charismatic, diplomatic, knowledgeable, empathetic, organized, and compassionate. ROBIN FLORIOCASEY VP, Director of Human Resources LLNS Inc. Robin is a consummate professional who constantly strives to find new ways to attract and retain talent. She is also a trusted teacher, mentor, and guide. PATSY L. FOWLKES Project Leader Innovex, Inc. Patsy has a total commitment to the development and nurturing of her teams, professionally and personally, as a group and on an individual basis. TRACEE FULTZ Senior Manager, International Tax Services Ernst & Young LLP Tracee takes an active interest in the future of healthcare, from scientific developments to pharmacoeconomics. Her combination of enthusiasm, dedication, and deep industry knowledge make her truly a Rising Star. PEGGYGARELLA VP, Group Account Supervisor PACE Inc. Peggy exhibits an incredible level of dedication to our clients, to the members of her team, and to our agency. JAMIE GLASS Associate VP, Program Management and Operations Health and Wellness Education Partners, a division of Health and Wellness Partners Jamie draws upon her strong communication skills to direct her team on every detail and develops them through coaching and mentoring. ELLEN GORCZYCA Senior VP, Executive Creative Director Medicus New York Ellen’s commitment to mentoring and development of others creates an experience for junior level personnel that is envied elsewhere. WENDYGRACEY Senior Manager Deloitte Consulting LLP Wendy has mentored many colleagues, with a wonderful impact on their careers and our culture. She also serves as a role model for men and women who are integrating work and family. KELLY GRATZ President, Blue Diesel, an inVentiv Health Company Kelly is an accomplished and respected leader and is driving collaboration with her colleagues to create measurable, comprehensive sales solutions for clients. KARENHALE Divisional VP and Associated General Counsel, Commercial Litigation Abbott Laboratories Karen develops and implements strategies to proactively and defensively protect the company and regularly interfaces with senior management. MARYHALLIWELL Executive Director, Commercial Strategy & Operations Communications Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. Mary is a role model for change management and has actively served as a change agent on many field force initiatives. Mary’s passion, commitment to excellence, and expertise distinguish her from her peers. The 2008 HBA Rising Stars RISING stars I would describe leadership as having three qualities: the ability to inspire, a constructive discontent, and mental toughness. — DR. JING MARANTZ, MILLENNIUM PHARMACEUTICALS 40 M a y 20 08 PharmaVOICE # PV0508 Issue FINAL2 4/23/08 10:36 AM Page 40 RISING stars that they would not expect of themselves. A leader consis tently recognizes and rewards others’ performance and never puts herself ahead of the team. A true leader is a strong com municator, a great listener, respects everyone, and treats everyone fairly, yet is not afraid to have the tough conversation. A leader builds her team by leveraging the strengths of each individual and helps develop and unleash each individual’s talent so that he or she can achieve their dreams. Marsh. Boehringer Ingelheim. Themost important leadership qualities are to be innovative, to be a teacher, and to maintain an atmosphere of respect within the organization. Innovation is important; as leaders we cannot accept the status quo. Innovation can be in the form of continuous change, reengineering, or radical improvement. Change should always be with an eye to the competition. To me the defin ing moment for all leaders is how they display themselves in the midst of a crisis. Do they dis play courage, do they move quickly, and do they pro vide open, candid communication? While these are not the only skills needed to lead effectively, I believe they are the most critical. Commu nication is inherent in all of these lead ership attributes. Mills. HealthEd Encore. A leader does not lead in isolation. She is, by defini tion, an integral part of a team. I feel a successful leader has several attributes. She seeks and respects the perspectives of others. An effective leader is, at times, less visible than members of her team. She is a guiding hand, shaping and showcasing the team’s work. She fosters her team’s enthusiasm, passion, and commitment by demonstrating those qualities. Effective leaders inspire more than they demand. An effective leader facilitates collaboration. The whole is, indeed, greater than the sum of the parts. An insightful leader achieves results by seeking the creative chaos of collaboration. Finally, a success ful leader needs to lead — to make decisions, to raise the bar, to provide direction, and to give feedback. These are not the antitheses to collabo ration; rather, they are the instruments of success. Richardson. Spectrum Science. Straight talker, measured risk taker, honest, supportive, humble, creative, forward thinking, problem solver, respectful, energetic, curious — these are just a few of the words and attributes I think of when I think of leadership. To me, the best leaders lead through action rather than words. They teach by doing, not just talking; they set a positive example through the way they approach work, treat oth ers, and generate and reward results. A good leader maps out a welldefined course of action, assigns roles and responsibilities, and helps her team make changes as needed to achieve the desired goals. A good leader also lives by the golden rule. Following this rule is simple if you embrace the tenets of open, respectful commu nications. I’m a big fan of transparency and information sharing. It puts all the information out there for folks to review and digest so they can develop innovative ideas and solutions. Wymbs. Innovex Medical Communications. I believe the most important qualities of a leader are integrity, commitment to excellence, and flexibility. A leader stands behind the decisions she makes but also has the courage to admit when she has made a mistake. A leader is com mitted to achieving excellence and encourages this in others through her daily actions. Being a leader requires the flexibility to adjust one’s lead ership style to most effectively guide a team to achieve common goals. Reynolds. Fulbright & Jaworski. The most important qualities of a leader include the ability to listen and the ability to lead by example. Effective leaders listen to divergent views and maintain the ability to cull out relevant details to guide their decision mak ing. They seek input from those around them to not only makes better decisions but also moti vate team members. True leaders maintain a sense of accountability to themselves and to their teams which ensures that they are acting in line with the standards to which others can aspire. By doing this, leaders inspire others to follow their paths to success. People should instinctively know that their leader is honest, ethical, and forthright. — PAT HAMPTON,ELSEVIER In our evolving healthcare environ ment, successful leaders are change lead ers. They know that to be top tier means being proactive, bold, and flexible. — KATE HERMANS,WYETH A leader wants to take others to a new place, and can explain the reason for the journey, the benefits of the journey, and what others need to do to get there. — DR.MADELINE DUQUE DILLON, DAIICHI SANYKO. 41 PharmaVOICE M a y 20 08 # # # PV0508 Issue FINAL2 4/23/08 10:36 AM Page 41 Brune. GroupDCA. A good understanding of the industry and experience in it are great starting points, as they help to establish credibility. However, leader ship qualities are entirely portable and they transcend the business of healthcare, and busi ness in general. In my opinion, it’s all about enjoying the thrill of challenge, and possessing a constructive spirit of discontent which helps to challenge the status quo. Above all, it’s a capacity to create a vision and the ability to carry it through. The following personal traits are the tools that make that possible: integrity and courage, passion, creativity, empathy and sensitivity, and patience and determination. Canfield. Alliance Healthcare Information. Being perceived accurately as a leader, whether by staff, colleagues, management, or clients, is all about earning and retaining respect. To do so isn’t easy, but it is simple. Your knowledge base in your areas of accountability must be strong, you must be supportive and available in both fact and appearance, and you must be respon sive to both explicit and implicit requests and needs. It is not enough to answer the question that is being asked; all but the simplest ques tions offer an opportunity to revisit a process or policy in the spirit of continual improvement. DuqueDillon. Daiichi Sanyko. A leader wants to take others to a new place, and can explain the reason for the journey, the bene fits of the journey, and what others need to do to LISA HAMMANN Director, Managed Care Marketing Genentech Inc. Lisa is widely recognized by her peers and colleagues for “bringing music from noise” with her highenergy and reasoned approach to leadership as the director of managed care marketing. PAT HAMPTON Marketing Solutions, Advertising Sales Department Elsevier Inc. Pat’s organizational talents, strong customer focus, positive attitude, and intense loyalty to our clients make her an inspiration to the healthcare profession. ERNESTINE HARRIS Director, Human Resources, GSK Consumer HealthcareUS GlaxoSmithKline Ernestine creates a contagious enthusiasm and sets an uplifting example of how to balance personal, business, and community interests. KATHRYN HEARN Project Director/Department Manager, Print Design Department Cramer Flexible and adaptable, from onthemark project management to tremendous art direction and creative expression, Kate manages her fastmoving team with clear vision, excellent communications skills, and respect. SARAHENDLER Senior Supervisor, Media Strategies Communications Media Inc. Sara’s professional demeanor and attention to detail are always appreciated by both clients and coworkers. BRIDGET DONOHUEHERMAN Senior Account Supervisor Flashpoint Medica With expertise in highscience categories and her uncanny ability to translate complex science into actionable marketing opportunities, Bridget is valued by every client and colleague with whom she works. KATHERINE E. HERMANS Executive Director — Global Strategy, Rapamune Wyeth Kate’s leadership reflects her dynamic, astute, and innovative style that positively impacts those with whom she works. CAROLHILL VP, Operations Motivation Mechanics LLC Carol embodies what healthcare marketing is truly about: making a difference in people’s lives. She is passionate about what we do and it shows. JENNIFER JANUS VP, Client Services Big Communications Jennifer continues to amaze us with ideas, processes, and leadership that elevate her group and our company. FAHTI KHOSROWSHAHI VP, Brand Management Practice Campbell Alliance Over the past 10 years Fahti has emerged as a leader in the firm’s largest practice area, the brand management practice, and is largely responsible for its West Coast expansion efforts. ELIZABETH KING Director, Corporate Communications JBK Associates Elizabeth embodies the kind of professional that we deliver to our clients. She is a superstar with the passion, skills, and vision to hit the ground running. RISING stars The 2008 HBA Rising Stars There are a few words that come to mind when I think of leadership: commitment, dedication, hard work, drive, and integrity. These important characteristics help to separate good leaders from great leaders. — ERNESTINE HARRIS, GLAXOSMITHKLINE 42 M a y 20 08 PharmaVOICE # PV0508 Issue FINAL2 4/23/08 10:37 AM Page 42 Advancing Knowledge for Greater Success Knowledge means power — the power to become more effective and more valued. Increase your proficiency and leverage greater success with the ONLY nationally respected certification programs. Knowledge means power — the power to become more effective and more valued. CMR Institute has long been the industry leader in education solutions by providing an unprecedented learning experience using the most accurate, comprehensive curriculum, and a continuum of development opportunity for sales and management teams. Why our certification programs set the education

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