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CLINPHONE Unveils New Website

ClinPhone has redesigned its Website, clinphone.com, to give it more functionality and a portal style. The site contains more product information than the previous site, including details of ClinPhone’s current solutions and those it plans to roll out in the medium term. A comprehensive selection of case study work carried out by the company in the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries also is a new feature.

Current and archived news is available as are details of career opportunities. There is a fully secure client-only area where Web randomization; trial supply management solutions, and online reports can be accessed. The company’s latest key performance indicators also can be viewed on the home page of the site.

“The site is database driven and can be updated by individual internal departments wishing to add their own news, job opportunities, or case studies,” says Patrick Hughes, director of marketing and business development. “Visitors will find a comprehensive site providing totally up-to-date insight of ClinPhone and its services.”

The site has been launched with a unique, fully interactive demonstration showing the functionality of ClinPhone’s core service — Interactive Voice Response trial management. ClinPhone believes the demonstration is an excellent introduction to electronic trial management and the features of ClinPhone’s service.

Patrick Hughes
We wanted a fresh new look and a robust, dynamic platform enabling us to publish far more information and detail than we have included on the Website before.


Internet Vital to MANAGING LIFETIME CUSTOMER VALUE, Cutting Edge Report Finds

Pharmaceutical companies that neglect the Internet as a vital tool in reaching key customer groups risk losing revenue through increased noncompliance, according to a report by Cutting Edge Information.

“The Internet is, perhaps, the most common disease management tool in the industry,” says Cutting Edge Information CEO Jason Richardson. “Our customers have used this research to shape and implement new Web based marketing strategies to drive disease awareness and prescription compliance.”

The report, Lifetime Customer Value in the Pharmaceutical Industry, found that about 10% of physicians believe current Websites offer reliable, accurate medical information. Most physicians feel the Inter net is brimming with poor medical information. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies who understand how to reach physicians effectively through Internet based tools can capitalize on a relatively untapped market.

The report highlights Merck’s MerckMedicus Website, which offers physicians’ a “key to the medical Internet.” Focusing on credibility, clinically sound information, and ease of use, the site accepts only registered physicians.

The Website contains three main sections: Research Disease, which contains information such as medical reference material and national diagnosis and treatment guidelines, Patient Resources, which briefs doctors on what patients see in the media as well as clinical trial information; and Professional Development, which offers details on CME credits, board reviews, and medical meetings. The Website also features specialty pages that allow physicians to focus on allergy/immunology, cardiology, endocrinology, general practice, infectious diseases, internal medicine, neurology, orthopedics, pulmonology, rheumatology, urology, and women’s health.

83% of doctors consider Merck Medicus “better” or “much better” than other Websites
87% of doctors said they would revisit the site
70% of doctors will recommend the site to other physicians
Source: Harris Interactive


QRS DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE Lets Providers Collect and Access Real-Time Information at the Point of Care

A new feature of QRS Diagnostic’s recently released product allows instant data synchronization to enhance its patient information management software. The release of MedicSync enables users of the company’s Office Medic and Pocket Medic software to synchronize databases of patients’ physiological data collected with QRS computer card medical devices.

Office Medic Workstation is a patient information management system that complements QRS PC Card medical devices to support real-time diagnostic testing. With QRS PC Card medical devices, Office Medic provides caregivers with the flexibility and mobility to perform diagnostic tests on any standard desktop or laptop work station.

Test data are acquired and accessible in seconds at the point of care. The software allows full onscreen viewing of real-time graphs and reports and easy access to automatically stored records. Office Medic International enables physicians worldwide to take advantage of QRS medical device technology.

“MedicSync makes it even more convenient and efficient for us to use QRSPCCard devices for diagnostic testing,” says Michael Terry Sr., M.D., Choctaw Family Medicine, Choctaw, Okla. “Now, we can take QRS PC Cards on our handhelds into any exam room or any other location where we want to perform EKGs, test pul monary function, or monitor blood oxygenation. Upon completing the tests, we can synchronize patients’ physiological data with our central server database. It’s simple and fast to keep all our patient data updated.”

Office Medic Integrated Data Management System provides the full advantages of a network solution. It is a patient information management system that provides real-time diagnostic testing, centralized digital data storage, rapid report retrieval and data sharing, and remote connectivity.

With Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Office Medic IDMS provides clients on a network with full function medical devices simply by sliding a QRS PC Card device into the PC Card drive of an existing network workstation. Physicians and nurses can perform tests on any standard client and then access and analyze the results from anywhere on the network.

Spencer Lien
Using our SpiroCard PC Card device with Pocket Medic on a handheld, a homecare nurse can test a patient’s lung function in the patient’s home, and then synchronize that with an existing patient database in their office.



Argonaut Technologies Inc. has launched a process chemistry workstation for automated compound process research and development. The Series 3400 workstation is designed to leverage the knowledge and intuition of pharmaceutical process chemists by introducing automated parallel reaction analysis into their laboratory operations.

The 3400 workstation can perform virtually all chemistries and reaction conditions that are possible using traditional round bottom flask equipment, but with computer controlled repeatability and round the clock automation.

Designed for integration into pharmaceutical new chemical entity process development operations that comply with the FDA’s 21 CFR part 11 criteria for electronic records, the 3400 workstation features the Chemcorder workflow replicator system from Argonaut. The Chemcorder system captures and documents each experiment in a standard format to meet the needs of depart mental review, process scale-up, recordkeeping, and FDA reporting. The 3400 workstation is the second product introduction in the Advantage Series suite of instrumentation based systems for process chemistry from the company.

“By focusing Argonaut’s engineering and manufacturing resources on pharmaceutical compound process development, we’ve developed a system that automates experimentation, increases throughput, documents workflow, and captures process knowledge for scale-up,” says Howard D. Goldstein, senior VP at Argonaut.

Howard D. Goldstein
We made the 3400 workstation compact and easy to operate, so chemists can walk up and use it to design, analyze, and apply processes for delivering larger quantities of promising compounds.

“Working with our customers and a consortium of pharmaceutical process development experts, we identified serious inefficiencies in pharmaceutical development that have resulted in a reduction in NCE filings. The 3400 workstation documents processes and captures data by itself, and integrates readily into existing lab infrastructure and compliant operations,” he says.



DrugMatrix, a chemogenomic system for toxicogenomics and lead optimization in drug discovery, will be linked with MDL ISIS Enterprise Edition, the industry standard in cheminformatics for open platform structural databases and database management systems, through an agreement between Iconix Pharmaceuticals Inc. and MDL Information Systems Inc.

By pairing MDL ISIS and DrugMatrix, chemists with subscriptions to both can gain access to the genomic, chemical, toxicology, and pharmacology information in Iconix’s database by using all the ISIS structure searching tools, including the capability to search by a chemical structure, substructure, or structure similarity.

Iconix will link MDL ISIS structure searching tools licensed from MDL with DrugMatrix and offer its clients the option of receiving the chemical structures within the DrugMatrix database in MDL format. ”

As the cheminformatics industry leader, MDL offers an open platform for integrating chemical content databases, applications, and technology across the discovery domain,” says Lars Barfod, executive VP and chief business officer at MDL.

“The greatest impact of our relationship with MDL will be found in the research community itself,” says Jim Neal, CEO of Iconix. “Chemists will have new capabilities for the first time to integrate genomics into their work. By developing DrugMatrix as an open system, we continue to add value for our customers.”


NEOSE Relaunches Website

Neose Technologies Inc. has relaunched its Website, neose.com. The Website is a central location for investor information, incorporating current stock prices, SEC filings, press releases, analyst information, audio archives, and a calendar of events. Investors, customers, and other interested parties can sign up for email alerts of press releases, SEC filings, and end of day stock quotes.


ARGONAUT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Foster City, Calif., is a leading provider of instruments, chemistry consumables, software, and services designed to accelerate and improve chemical development processes. For more information, visit argotech.com.
CLINPHONE, Nottingham, U.K., with U.S. headquarters in Princeton, N.J., provides electronic clinical trial management solutions, including Interactive Voice Response services and innovative randomization and management solutions to the global clinical trials industry. For more information, visit clinphone.com. Follow up information and knowledge, enabling scientists to work more efficiently. For more information, visit mdl.com.
CUTTING EDGE INFORMATION INC., Durham, N.C., provides pharmaceutical business research reports that help a company build pharmaceutical marketing budgets and plans, optimize alliances, and maximize lifetime customer value. For more information, visit cuttingedgeinfo.com.
ICONIX PHARMACEUTICALS INC., Mountain View, Calif., is pioneering the new field of chemogenomics, the integration of chemistry and genomics to profile drug candidates. For more information, visit iconixpharm.com.
MDL INFORMATION SYSTEMS INC., San Leandro, Calif., synchronizes and streamlines the sharing and management of vital Sign up for email alerts of press releases on investor information at www.neose.com
NEOSE TECHNOLOGIES INC., Horsham, Pa., is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the improvement of protein therapeutics through the application of its proprietary technologies. For more information, visit neose.com.
QRS DIAGNOSTIC, Plymouth, Minn., uses technology to design and develop FDA approved medical devices that simplify and reduce the costs of diagnostic testing and patient monitoring. For more information, visit qrsdiagnostic.com.

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