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The MD net guide Psychiatry e-newsletter has been launched, targeting the 1,650 office-based psychiatrists who receive the MD net guide — Psychiatry Edition print publication.

“MD net guide is focused on setting the industry standard for excellence in health care information for physicians,” says Brian Haug, VP and group publisher of the MD net guide journal series. “Excellence in a doctor’s eyes is utility, a combination of the credibility and accuracy of the content with maximum online usability.”

The “opt-in” monthly email newsletter will feature overviews and links to the most commonly performed activities online: CME programs, new product approval and indications, industry news, clinical-trial information, journal abstracts, and e-detailing programs.

MD net guide offers clients an opportunity to raise awareness of their online initiatives through a new channel, developed to complement the MD net guide — Psychiatry Edition.

“Our goal is to provide our clients with a unique marketing program that allows them to target key physician segments through multiple mediums to maximize reach and frequency of their brand me sage,”Mr.Haug says.”We’ve seen great success in this program with our primary-care physicians and will now offer our clients the opportunity to reach the specialist as well.”

SYNERGISTIX DATA SOLUTIONS Introduces Automated Sample Accountability Tool
An automated sample accountability tool designed to help pharmaceutical companies comply with the Prescription Drug Marketing Act has been launched by Synergistix Data Solutions. The new product, C.O.R.E. (C.A.T.S. Online Activity Tracking Engine),comes as a component of the company’s Call Activity Tracking System (C.A.T.S.), a proprietary sales force automation and customer-relationship management solution, which provides pharmaceutical firms and their sales-forces with real-time territory and market intelligence through handheld computers.

“PDMA compliance has become an increasingly urgent issue for pharmaceutical sales-forces and their reps, as government and industry move to heighten enforcement of sample accountability, ”says Don Schenker, president and CEO of Synergistix.

The sample accountability tool is fully integrated with C.A.T.S., which provides sales-forces with handheld computers, pen-based subnotebooks, and the new Tablet PC. An easy-to-use data capture feature documents key information, and a suite of Web-based reporting tools enables managers to run sales productivity and system metrics reports via the Internet.

A secure digital signature function assures that physician sign off cannot be copied, duplicated, or breached. Just as importantly, the system’s powerful backend data management capabilities allow managers to quickly review and assess physical inventories, monitor trends, variances, and practices of individual drug reps.

MD net guide is focused on setting the industry standard for excellence in healthcare information for physicians. Brian Haug

We have created a system that allows for fast, effective reconciliation of all inventories, deliveries, and transfers. The system automatically creates an audit trail within a PDMA compliant electronic environment to allow quick access in case of regulatory audit or review. Dan Schenker

Soon the AMA Physician Office Phone Number Master File will enable companies to reach 613,000 physicians directly.


A database that lists common ailments and medications taken by consumers has been made available from Direct Medical Data LLC (DMD).

The “Consumer Ailments” database contains 2.5 million names, lists 52 common ailments, and includes the medications these individuals use. The list, which is updated daily, represents consumers who have answered online surveys. Additionally, the list contains phone numbers, email addresses, gender, age, marital status, and other categories. This database is useful for any company targeting individuals for patient recruitment in clinical trials, direct-to-consumer campaigns, consumer education initiatives, or product promotions.

The group also is launching the AMA Physician Office Phone Number Master File, which contains more physician office phone numbers than any file available from any other source. Access to this list of 613,000 office phone numbers enables pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare marketers to reach physicians directly for drug-recall information, new product introductions, surveys and market research, training videos and educational programs, and CME seminar and conference announcements and recruitment.

Marketers can target physicians by specialty, type of practice, board certification, medical school, and residency. Additional selections also are available, including the American Medical Association Physicians Professional Data (AMAPPD).

SCIQUEST Launches Solution For Procurement Departments
SciQuest Inc. has launched SelectSite Spend Director, a contract compliance solution for research-intensive organizations seeking to enhance their procurement processes. SelectSite Spend Director is the first solution in the company’s strategy to integrate and accelerate the supply chain for life sciences. Spend Director bridges the gap between purchasing departments and end users, making them allies in managing enterprise spend.

Built on the hosted SelectSite technology platform, Spend Director enables organizations to rapidly integrate a critical mass of both hosted and punch-out supplier catalogs into a single, user-friendly application. Spend Director components include supplier enablement offerings, catalog manager, purchasing assistant, business intelligence, a hosted, secure software infrastructure and configurable user interface, and professional services, such as integration, implementation, and training.

PRA INTERNATIONAL Launches Global Electronic Document Management System
The PRA Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) has been made available to allow clinical-trial man agers to create, collect, edit, store, and retrieve electronic documents and information through out a document’s lifespan from any of PRA’s 60 offices or affiliates world wide. All paperwork needed to conduct a clinical trial is now scanned and electronically filed at PRA, setting a new industry standard for the way clinical-trial information is shared and managed worldwide.

“Instead of reams of paper documents for each clinical trial, we now store all data and documentation electronically, which helps streamline the drug development and approval process for our customers,” says Patrick Donnelly, president and CEO,PRA.

The internal electronic document management system requires all clinical-trials data to be in electronic form, which improves reliability and consistency. Traditional paper documents now are scanned and electronically stored. The new system will be used to manage all forms of documents necessary to conduct clinical trials, including case report forms, by using standardized, automated workflows.

E-TMF improves the security of regulatory documentation by providing electronic access to documents, eliminating the need to access original paper documents, and maintaining a document history. The electronic format also streamlines the electronic publishing processes following the conclusion of a study or development program.

Target Software ADDS BARCODE SUPPORT to Salesforce Automation Program
Target Software has added integrated barcode scanning capabilities into Target Mobile, the company’s flagship sales-force automation software for the Pocket PC. Target Mobile allows pharmaceutical sales representatives to manage their drug sample inventories using pocket=sized personal data assistants (PDAs) such as the Compaq iPAQ and Dell Axim.

With Target Mobile, representatives can scan each product’s bar code using a tiny scanner attached to their PDA, rather than requiring them to group and count each drug sample by lot number. Target Mobile allows barcode scanning for all sales representative inventory transactions, including capturing of shipment receipts, distributions to practitioners, periodic physical inventory counts, and transfers to other sales representatives.

“One of the key strengths of Target Mobile is its innovative inventory management tools,” says Ted Rosenberger,CEO of Target Software.  “With the introduction of integrated barcode scanning, the speed and accuracy of each representative transaction is substantially enhanced.”

Target Mobile can read a wide variety of bar code symbol formats. Pocket scanners from several scanning technology manufacturers including Symbol and Socket. Target BackOffice, Target Software’s backend sample-management solution also has been upgraded to support barcoded products. In addition, the upcoming Tablet PC version of Target Mobile will have integrated barcode support, according to the company.

Physicians Interactive has launched Version 4 of its detailing solution to improve the experience for physician participants.

Physicians Interactive has developed new features to provide a more dynamic format, including streaming video and audio, click-to-call functionality , and Flash animation to communicate product information and solicit feedback from physicians and other participants. Programs, such as PI OpinionLeader and PI Survey, now incorporate additional questions that provide enriched data to clients. In addition, advanced software logic offers a more customized learning experience based on the individual users’ responses.

“We’re extremely pleased with the results we’ve seen from Physicians Interactive in the many programs we have run and expect that the PI version 4 enhancements will improve the user experience and increase the impact of these programs, ”says Joe Walton, senior e-Promotions manager at AstraZeneca.

Instead of reams of paper documents for each clinical trial, we now store all data and documentation electronically, which helps streamline the drug development and approval process for our customers.  Patrick Donnelly

DIRECT MEDICAL DATA LLC, Skokie, Ill., is a full-service database list provider specializing in healthcare direct marketing. The company also provides updated medical/health provider files to meet the needs of marketers in a wide range of industries. For more information, visit dmddata.com.

MD NET GUIDE, Plainsboro, N.J., is the flagship publication of Intellisphere LLC, which integrates both electronic and print media to provide physicians with user-friendly access to online medical content. For more information, visit mdnetguide.com.

PHYSICIANS INTERACTIVE, Libertyville, Ill., is a market leader in interactive solutions that connect pharmaceutical companies with physicians. The company is a division of Allscripts Healthcare Solutions. For more information, visit e-detailing.com.

PRA INTERNATIONAL INC., McLean,Va., is a leading international drug development organization with more than 2,000 employees worldwide. For more information, visit prainternational.com.

SCIQUEST, Research Triangle Park, N.C., provides technology, services, and domain expertise to optimize procurement and materials management for the life sciences, Follow up industrial research, and higher education markets. For more information, visit sciquest.com.

SYNERGISTIX DATA SOLUTIONS, Hollywood, Fla., provides sales managers and their sales-forces an easy-to-use sales automation and customer relationship management tool. For more information, visit synergistixdata.com.

TARGET SOFTWARE INC., Allentown, Pa., is a provider of mobile sales-force automation and sample accountability solutions to the pharmaceutical, life-science, and healthcare industries. For more information, visit targetsfa.com.

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