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Pharma POOL
William G. DEMPSEY
Guillermo A. HERRERA
Abbott Laboratories Names U.S. Pharmaceutical and International Businesses Leaders

William G. Dempsey has been named senior VP of pharmaceutical operations for Abbott Laboratories’ U.S. pharmaceutical business. Abbott, Abbott Park, Ill., is a global healthcare company devoted to the discovery, development, manufacture, and marketing of pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, and medical products, including devices and diagnostics.

Mr. Dempsey, 51, joined Abbott in 1982. He most recently served as senior VP of international operations and led the successful integration of BASF’s pharmaceutical business, which included the glob l operations of Knoll.

Mr. Dempsey holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from DePaul University.

Guillermo A. Herrera has been named senior VP of international operations, replacing Mr. Dempsey, who had held the position since 1999.

Since June 2001, Mr. Herrera, 49, has served as VP of European operations for Abbott’s international division.

He has more than 20 years of Abbott service and has held various managerial positions in the company’s international division, including a tenure as VP of Latin America and Canada.

Mr. Herrera earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial economics from Universidad del Valle in Colombia, South America, and a master’s degree in business administration from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Dr.Richard D. DIMARCHI
Lilly VP Retires to Join Indiana University Faculty

Richard D. DiMarchi, Ph.D., group VP for Lilly Research Laboratories, Eli Lilly & Co., has retired.

Dr. DiMarchi has accepted a tenured professorship as the Jack and Linda Gill distinguished chair in biomolecular science at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind., to teach and continue his professional interests in the structureactivity relationships of macro-molecules.

Dr. DiMarchi’s most recent responsibilities were associated with Indianapolis-based Lilly’s investments in research technologies and product development.

He maintains a continuing relationship with Lilly as a visiting company scholar, consulting in the areas of gene-based pharmacology, diabetes, and obesity.

At Lilly, Dr. DiMarchi championed the introduction and integration of cuttingedge chemical and biological technologies, including genomics, proteomics, highthroughput screening, and combinatorial chemistry.

Additionally, Dr. DiMarchi has played a key role in advancing pharmaceutical sciences, in particular, the field of biopharmaceutics and alternative drug delivery.

In recent years, Dr. DiMarchi has led Lilly’s reengineering of product development and project management.

Dr. DiMarchi joined Lilly in 1981, after advanced academic training at Indiana University and The Rockefeller University. He is the author of more than 150 scientific publi cations and patents and is a founding member of the American Peptide Society.

Dr. DiMarchi has played an important role in the development of Lilly’s bioproducts, including the molecular design of Humalog, which represented the first biosynthetic hormone optimized by rDNA technology approved as a human medicine.

Michael J. KAYS
ICN Pharmaceuticals NamesVP, Global Procurement

ICN Pharmaceuticals Inc. has appointed Michael J. Kays as senior VP of global procurement. ICN, Costa Mesa, Calif., manufactures, markets, and distributes a broad range of prescription and nonprescription pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Kays directs the company’s procurement resources with responsibility for streamlining companywide processes to optimize ICN’s purchasing activities.

Mr. Kays is an industry leader in global sourcing with senior management experience in procurement, manufacturing, and supply chain logistics.

Before joining ICN, Mr. Kays was president of Carlisle Life Sciences, a division of Carlisle Companies Inc., where he implemented global supply relationships with key customers, established a changeoriented culture, and directed internal growth and global acquisition activity.

Mr. Kays received a bachelor of science degree in business administration from Alfred University in New York.

Management Change at Organon

By mutual agreement, Hans Vemer has stepped down as president of Organon Inter national, the human healthcare business of Akzo Nobel.

Toon Wilderbeek has assumed the responsibility for the business unit management of Organon. In addition, to this new role he retains responsiblities related to his position as a member of the board of management of Akzo Nobel. Mr. Vemer is assisting Mr. Wilderbeek during the transition.

Mr. Wilderbeek conducts his business unit management responsibilities from the Organon headquarters located in Roseland, N.J., and maintains his office as member of the board of management in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Biotech POOL

Cephalon Names Project Management andTrade Relations VPs

Cephalon Inc. has appointedd Martin Reeves as VP of project management and Randy Bradway as VP of logistics, distribution, and trade relations commercial operations. Cephalon based in West Chester, Pa., is an international biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development, and marketing of innovative products to treat sleep and neurological disorders, cancer, and pain.

In his new position, Mr. Reeves is responsible for leading the worldwide project management group in planning and executing Cephalon’s development programs and novel portfolio manage ment processes. He also plays a key role in developing Cephalon’s operational capabilities primarily in the United States and Europe.

Mr. Reeves has more than 22 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in both Europe and in the United States, with the past 14 years in project management. He joined Cephalon in 1997 as the head of project management and has been instrumental in devising a project team system that focuses on planning and execution. He is a graduate of the University of London where he earned a degree in biochemistry.

In his new position, Mr. Bradway is responsible for all outsourcing of logistics, distribution, customer service, and financial services. He also is responsible for commercial and government contract administration and trade relations for Cephalon’s commercial supply chain.

Mr. Bradway has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and seven in the biotechnology industry. He joined Cephalon in 1991 as manager of drug development where he established the development, analytical support, and clinical supply packaging functions. Mr. Bradway received both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in pharmacy from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. He is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Phar maceutical Association, the Healthcare Distri bution Management Association Productivity Committee, and previously served as a member of the board of HDMA Service Corp.

Russell K. BURBANK
Dr. John A. HOWARD
ProdiGene Announces Appointment of CEO

ProdiGene Inc., College Station, Texas, has appointed Russell K. Burbank CEO and president. He replaces Anthony G. Laos, who has stepped down from those roles and as a member of ProdiGene’s board of directors. The biotechnology company, which is developing and manufacturing industrial and pharmaceutical proteins from its proprietary transgenic plant system, also appointed John A. Howard, Ph.D., VP and chief technical officer.

Mr. Burbank is a managing director of The Scotland Group Inc., a professional turnaround organization, and brings extensive business experience to ProdiGene. During his career, which included positions with Dow Chemical Co., Envirotech Corp., and Dia mond Shamrock Corp., he led business units engaged in environmentally sensitive process es and is directly familiar with regulatory permitting and compliance practices. Mr. Bur bank has a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Stanford MBA.

Dr. Howard is a founder of ProdiGene and has been a director of the company since 1996. He is internationally recognized for his work in transgenic plant technologies and is an inventor on numerous patents that cover the company’s proprietary technology.

Before this appointment, Dr. Howard had been consulting for the company. In his new position, he is responsible for the company’s research, development, and commercial scale up of products. Dr. Howard has a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of California at Riverside.

Dr. Donald L. MORTON

Donald L. Morton, M.D., founder of Cancer Vax Corp. and medical director and surgeon in chief at the John Wayne Cancer Institute, was awarded the Society of Surgical Oncology’s (SSO) Annual Heritage Award, honoring his achievements as a former president of the SSO. Dr. Morton served as president of the organization from 1992 to 1993.

He currently serves as a director and chairman of CancerVax’s scientific advisory board and is an accomplished surgical oncologist and clinical scientist, who is world-renowned for his discoveries in cancer immunology, including his development of CancerVax’s lead product candidate, the CancerVaxin therapeutic cancer vaccine.

CancerVax, Carlsbad, Calif., is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the research, development, and commercialization of biological products to treat and control cancer.

“We congratulate Dr. Morton on this prestigious award recognizing his pioneering research in the treatment of cancer,” says David F. Hale, president and CEO of CancerVax. “Dr. Morton has contributed significantly to the scientific community’s understanding of the effect of immune responses on cancerous tumors, and how immunotherapy may be combined with existing surgical treatments to increase survival for patients with cancer.”

Dr. Morton also serves as professor of surgery emeritus at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Medicine and clinical professor of surgery at the University of Southern California (USC). His distinguished career in surgi cal oncology has included positions such as chief of the division of surgical oncology at UCLA School of Medicine, head of the tumor immunology section and senior surgeon at the National Cancer Insti tute, and president of both the World Federation of Surgical Oncology Societies and the SSO.

In the late 1960s, Dr. Morton conducted the first successful clinical application of immunotherapy against a metastatic human cancer, laying the groundwork for the first FDA approval of an immunotherapy, Bacille CalmetteGuerin (BCG), for the treatment of bladder cancer.

Dr. Morton has authored more than 600 studies in peerreviewed journals and has received numerous awards, including M.D. Anderson’s Jeffrey A. Gottleib Memorial Award for cancer therapeutic research and recognition by Cancer Research as one of the pioneers in tumor immunology.

Dr. Donald L. Morton has been honored by the Society of Surgical Oncology for his pioneering research in the treatment of cancer.

Bradley J. CARVER
GlycoGenesys Elects Interim Chairman

Bradley J. Carver, president, CEO, and board member, has been elected interim chairman of GlycoGenesys Inc., a Bostonbased biotechnology company focused on carbohy drate drug development.

“On behalf of the board, employees, and shareholders, I am pleased to take on the additional responsibilities and position of interim chairman,” Mr. Carver says. “This is an excit ing time for the company, as we look to advance GCS100 toward a pivotal clinical trial program. Both the board and manage ment believe we have the necessary talent to move forward aggressively and will look to add selectively to our talent base consistent with our needs as the development of GCS 100 advances.”

Mr. Carver replaces Brian Hughes who has resigned.

Dr. Robert EARHART
Dr. Karen A. FRANK
Cell Therapeutics Strengthens Clinical and Commercial Operations

Cell Therapeutics Inc. has added three executives to new positions for its clinical and commercial teams to deepen the company’s clinical and commercial capabilities. Based in Seattle, CTI is a biopharmaceutical company committed to developing an integrated port folio of oncology products.

Joining CTI on the clinical side are Karen A. Frank, M.D., in clinical pharmacology and pharmacovigilence, and Scott C. Stromatt, M.D., MBA, in clinical operations. Strengthening CTI’s commercial operations is Robert Earhart, M.D., Ph.D., in global medical affairs.

Dr. Frank was VP of clinical research and regulatory affairs at Noven Pharmaceuticals Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Before joining Noven, she was a member of the clinical research and development team at Novartis Pharmaceuticals where she developed clinical development plans for new chemical entities and provided oversight of Phase IIIV clinical trials.

Dr. Frank also has served as medical officer at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

Dr. Stromatt comes to CTI from North west Biotherapeutics where he was VP and chief medical officer. Previously, Dr. Stromatt was VP of healthcare research at C.E. Unter berg, Towbin (a New York investment bank), VP of clinical research at Synergen, and a for mer director of medical affairs at Searle Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Earhart most recently was VP of clinical research at MedImmune. Before that, he was the associate director of oncology medical affairs at Rhone Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuti cals Inc. He also spent 13 years at The Upjohn Co. where he held a number of positions, ulti mately serving as the associate clinical research director.

Fereydoun FIROUZ
Dr.Timothy WELLS
Serono Announces Senior Management Appointments

As part of its succession planning, Serono, a global biotechnology leader based in Geneva, has announced senior management appointments following the retirement of two executives.

Serono announced the appointment of Fereydoun Firouz as president of Serono Inc., the company’s U.S. division. Mr. Firouz moves to that position from executive VP of reproductive health at Serono Inc. Mr. Firouz holds a B.S. from George Washington University and participated in the executive program in general management at Babson College.

Mr. Firouz replaces JeanPierre Verhassel, who is retiring from operational responsibilities after more than 15 years of service to Serono. However, Mr. Verhassel remains with the company in the nonexecutive role of chairman of Serono Inc.

In addition, Serono announced the appointment of Timothy Wells, Ph.D., as senior executive VP of research. Dr. Wells is responsible for the company’s global discovery and early development operations. Dr. Wells has been with the company as VP of research and head of discovery since 1998. Dr. Wells holds a Ph.D. in the chemistry of enzyme action and protein engineering from Imperial College, London, and a bachelor’s degree in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge.

He replaces Dr. Silvano Fumero, who is retiring after more than 30 years at the company.

Serono also announced that Dr. Stevo Knezevic is leaving to join another company. His responsibilities for clinical development have been assumed by Franck Latrille, Ph.D., in a broader role as senior executive VP of global product development. Dr. Latrille has been Serono’s senior executive VP of manufacturing operations and process development since 2003 and has held a variety of senior management positions since joining Serono in 1994.

He also has substantial biotechnology experience. Dr. Latrille holds a Ph.D. in animal physiology and biochemistry and a M.S. from the University of Bordeaux.

Steven KING
Peregrine Names President and CEO

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc. has named chief operating officer Steven King president and CEO. In addition to serving as chief operating officer, Mr. King has been serving as president and CEO of the company’s wholly owned subsidiary Avid Bioservices Inc.

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals based in Tustin, Calif., is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing, commercializing, and licensing technologies to treat cancer, primarily based on three collateral targeting technologies.

Edward J. Legere has resigned as president and CEO of the company, but is continuing to work as a fulltime consultant during a three-month transition period and remains a director.

Mr. King joined Peregrine as the director of research and development in 1997. He was promoted to VP of technology and product development where his duties were to direct the company’s research and development activities, oversee and direct the patent strategy for the company’s various technologies, and participate in business development activities.

In January 2002, Mr. King was named president and CEO of Avid Bioservices and retained his duties as Peregrine’s VP of tech nology and product development. In September 2002, the board of directors promoted Mr. King to chief operating officer of Peregrine.

Dr. James R. KNILL
Hemispherx Biopharma Appoints Clinical Development VP for HIV/AIDS Division

Hemispherx Biopharma Inc., Philadelphia, has appointed James R. Knill, M.D., to the position of VP of clinical development for its HIV/AIDS division. Dr. Knill oversees clini cal research and medical affairs for the compa ny’s two Phase IIb clinical trials

Dr. Knill most recently served as VP of medical affairs at Interferon Sciences. Dr. Knill also previously served as VP of medical affairs at Cytogen Corp., consultant in medical affairs at BristolMyers Squibb Research Institute, senior VP of science strategy and planning at Squibb Corp., senior VP of medical affairs at Squibb Corp., and director of clinical pharma cology at ER Squibb & Sons. Dr. Knill completed his residency in internal medicine at the University of Western Ontario, London, and fellowship in gastroen terology at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, after receiving his M.D. and his MSc in physiology. Dr. Knill also received a MBA at the Wharton School, Uni versity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Aton Pharma Appoints Senior VP and Chief Medical Officer

Aton Pharma Inc., a privately held bio pharmaceutical company that discovers and develops novel therapeutics for cancer and other diseases, has named Carolyn M. Par adise, M.D., senior VP and chief medical officer. Dr. Paradise oversees all aspects of Aton’s clinical programs. Aton, Tarrytown, N.Y., has a pipeline of histone deacetylase inhibitors in various stages of clinical and preclinical development.

Dr. Paradise is a medical oncologist with more than 17 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. Before joining Aton, Dr. Paradise served as executive VP of clinical operations and regulatory affairs and chief medical officer at Cell Therapeutics Inc.

Dr. Paradise received her medical degree from the Free University of Brussels in Belgium. She also completed an oncology fellowship at the Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard Medical School in Boston. She has held clinical appointments at Harvard Medical School, Fox Chase Cancer Center, and the University of California at San Francisco.

Corgentech Appoints VP, Manufacturing

Corgentech Inc., a privately held biotech nology company, has named Jack Regan VP of manufacturing. Mr. Regan joins Corgentech, Palo Alto, Calif., from Genentech where he served as senior director of manufacturing col laborations.

At Corgentech, Mr. Regan is responsible for all manufacturing activities, including device engineering, facilities, and purchasing.

During a 19-year career with Genentech, Mr. Regan gained experience with virtually every aspect of manufacturing operations, including managing numerous facilities involved in all stages of the drug manufacturing process; designing and validating new facilities and expansion of existing facilities; serving as the manufacturing representative during U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspections and review; identifying, negotiating contracts with, and overseeing operations at drug and device contract manufacturers; and managing the manufacture of Genentech’s marketed products.

He holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of Massachusetts. Mr. Regan is director of the board of Gala Design Inc. and on the editorial advisory board of Contract Pharma Magazine. He also is a member of the Parenteral Drug Association, International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering, and International Blow Fill Seal Society.

Dr. Richard M.SOLL
TargeGen Appoints VP,R&D,and Chief Scientific Officer

TargeGen Inc., San Diego, a biotechnology company focusing on smallmolecule therapeutics for cardiovascular diseases and cancer, has appointed Richard M. Soll, Ph.D, VP of research and development and chief scientific officer.

Dr. Soll has more than 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience in the management of medicinal chemistry functions, drug design, and testing. His background includes 11 years at WyethAyerst Research and eight years at 3Dimensional Pharmaceuticals, where he founded the chemistry department and served as VP. Most recently, Dr. Soll served as VP of chemistry at Ontogen Corp.

Dr. Soll earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from Dartmouth College and conducted postdoctoral research at Harvard University before moving into industry. He is an author on numerous scientific publications and is named as an inventor or coinventor on more than 65 issued or pending patents.

Angiogenix Appoints VP, Pharmaceutical Development

Angiogenix Inc, a pri vately held biopharma ceutical company located in Burlingame, Calif., has named William Spickler, M.D., Ph.D., VP of phar maceutical development. Dr. Spickler is responsible for the company’s product development efforts, including all aspects of the development of the lead product candidate Acclaim, a proprietary nitrate therapeutic shown to induce cardiac vasodilatation while overcoming the issue of drug tolerance.

Dr. Spickler has more than 20 years of clinical research and development experience primarily in the areas of cardiovascular medicine and rheumatology. Before joining Angio genix, Dr. Spickler was the senior medical director for Xoma Corp. where he was responsible for clinical development programs in the cardiovascular and rheumatology therapeutic areas. Before that, Dr. Spickler held the positions of CEO, chief operating officer, and VP of clinical studies with the Ischemia Research and Education Foundation, a nonprofit biomedical research organization.

Specialty POOL

Martin D. CLEARY
Chairman,President,and CEO Named at Juvaris BioTherapeutics

Juvaris BioTherapeutics Inc. has named Martin D. Cleary chairman, president, and CEO. Juvaris, Pleasanton, Calif., is a privately held therapeutic vaccine company, formed in 2002, that owns exclusive rights to novel technology platforms developed at the National Jewish Medical and Research Center in Denver.

Mr. Cleary is a healthcare/biotech industry executive with experience in both established and early stage companies and a history of providing consistent and rapid financial return to investors. He recently completed a three-year association with Genteric Inc., advancing its protein drug-delivery technology platforms. Mr. Cleary was cofounder, president, and CEO of CardioGene Therapeutics, a leading cardiovascular gene therapy company, from its inception in 1996 until its merger with Boston Scientific Corp. in 1998.

Dr. Arjen De VOS
Dr. Pamela HARRIS
Nabi Biopharmaceuticals Names VP, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs, Adds to Clinical Research Team

Nabi Biopharmaceuticals has appointed Henrik Rasmussen, M.D., Ph.D., to the position of VP of clinical and regulatory affairs. Nabi Biopharmaceuticals, Boca Raton, Fla., discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets products that power the immune system to help people with serious, unmet medical needs.

This newly created position emphasizes the critical role that clinical and regulatory programs play in the development of the company’s biopharmaceutical pipeline and in the global expansion of their currently marketed products.

Dr. Rasmussen’s focus is on aligning these two important areas strategically, while concentrating on the development of Nabi’s product pipeline and providing support for its marketed products worldwide.

Dr. Rasmussen joins the company from GenVec Inc., where he was senior VP of clinical and regulatory affairs. Dr. Rasmussen received his M.D. and Ph.D. from the University of Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The company also has appointed three new members to its clinical research team. Matthew Hohenboken, M.D., Ph.D., joins Nabi Biopharmaceuticals as senior director of clinical research from GlaxoSmithKline. Dr. Hohenboken leads the StaphVAX clinical program.

Arjen De Vos, M.D., Ph.D., has joined the company from BioTechnology General Corp. He serves as senior director of clinical research and leads the clinical development of the Nic VAX program.

Pamela Harris, M.D., has joined the company from Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Harris serves as director of clinical research and leads the Altastaph and Civacir clinical programs.

DOR BioPharma Appoints CEO and President

DOR BioPharma Inc. has named Ralph M. Ellison, M.D., MBA, as the company’s CEO and president, replacing David M. Kent, who resigned from the company. DOR BioPharma, Lake Forest, Ill., is a specialty pharmaceutical company specializing in the oral delivery of approved chemical entities and synthetic mucosally administered vaccines that may conveniently and rapidly confer mucosal immunity against potentially the entire spectrum of identified bioterror threats.

Dr. Ellison previously was a cofounder, CEO, and director of PolaRx Biopharmaceuticals Inc., an oncology focused drug development company that was acquired by Cell Therapeutics Inc.

During his tenure as the CEO of PolaRx, Dr. Ellison was responsible for all aspects of PolaRx’s drug development program from IND filing through the end of Phase III testing.

Bradley Pharmaceuticals Hires VP, Creative Services

Kim E. Lazarus has joined Bradley Pharmaceuticals Inc. as VP of creative services. Bradley Pharmaceuticals, Fairfield, N.J., is a specialty pharmaceutical company marketing prescription niche therapies to highly targeted physician audiences.

Ms. Lazarus brings more than 23 years of business experience in brand management and pharmaceutical marketing. Most recently, Ms. Lazarus held the position of category director for Novartis Consumer Health. During her tenure with Novartis, Ms. Lazarus was respon sible for OTC business development, prescrip tiontoOTC brand transition strategies, cough/cold/allergy sinus brands, and smoking cessation brands.

Ms. Lazarus holds a MBA in marketing from Owen Graduate School and a B.S. in economics from Vanderbilt University.

BattellePharma Fills Executive Positions

BattellePharma, a privately held specialty pharmaceutical company located in Columbus, Ohio, has hired John W. Morgan, Ph.D., as VP of regulatory and clinical affairs and Leslie J . Williams as VP of commercial development.

Dr. Morgan, who most recently held the position of director of project and portfolio management for GlaxoSmithKline, brings more than 14 years expe rience in pharmaceutical drug development to BattellePharma, particularly in the area of inhaled respiratory products. His responsibilities included leadership roles in regulatory affairs and project management for metered dose and dry powder inhaler development programs, including Serevent and Ventolin.

Dr. Morgan holds a B.A. in chemistry from Indiana University and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Princeton University.

Ms. Williams, who most recently held the position of director of marketing for INO Therapeutics Inc., brings more than 13 years experience in marketing and commercial development in the pharmaceutical industry to BattellePharma.

While at INO Therapeutics, Ms. Williams assisted with the development of the NDA submission for INOmax for inhalation. Ms. Williams was responsible for the commercial aspects of INOmax.

Ms. Williams holds a MBA from Washington University, John Olin School of Business, and a B.S. degree in nursing from the University of Iowa.

Dr.Timothy C. RODELL
GlobeImmune Names Chairman and CEO

GlobeImmune Inc. has appointed Timo thy C. Rodell, M.D., as CEO and chairman of the board. GlobeImmune, Aurora, Colo., is a private company developing products based on a novel, proprietary vaccine platform technology.

Dr. Rodell previously served as a consultant to and interim CEO of the company and has extensive experience in preclinical and clinical drug development, regulatory strategy, and building and financing public and private companies. Dr. Rodell also has been serving as managing partner of MTR Inc., a healthcare consulting firm.

Dr. Rodell trained in internal medicine and pulmonary and criticalcare medicine at the University of Colorado, completed postdoc toral fellowships at the Eleanor Roosevelt Institute and the Webb Waring Institute, and was assistant professor of medicine and attending physician at Denver General Hospital, now Denver Health. He is board certified in internal medicine and pulmonary medicine and is a fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians.

Ista Pharmaceuticals Hires Chief Financial Officer andVP of Corporate Development

Lauren P. Silvernail has joined Ista Pharma ceuticals Inc. as chief financial officer and VP of corporate development. Ista Pharmaceuticals, Irvine, Calif., is focused on saving and improving eyesight by developing proprietary therapeutic products. Ms. Silver nail is responsible for finance, investor rela tions, and the identification of new opportuni ties for business development.

Ms. Silvernail brings to Ista 20 years of experience in forming, financing, and manag ing growth businesses.

Before joining Ista, she served eight years in corporate development at Allergan Inc., most recently as Allergan’s VP of business development.

During her career, Ms. Silvernail has formed companies, served as part of the found ing management teams in financial and other roles, and raised capital for emerging compa nies. Ms. Silvernail received a MBA from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA in finance and accounting, and a B.A. in biophysics from the University of Califor nia, Berkeley.

Drug Delivery POOL

Brigid MAKES
NektarTherapeutics Creates Executive Level Position

Nektar Therapeutics, formerly Inhale Thera peutic Systems Inc., has created a new executive position to drive development and implementation of management and operations processes to achieve Nektar’s growth and profitability objec tives. Brigid Makes, who was Nektar’s chief financial officer and VP of finance and administration, has been named to the new senior management position, VP of operations management. Ajay Bansal, formerly of Mehta Partners, Novartis, and McKinsey, has joined Nektar as chief financial officer. Nextar, San Carlos, Calif., provides a portfolio of leading drug delivery solutions that enable the development of highvalue, differentiated pharmaceutical products.

Ms. Makes is responsible for defining and implementing management, organizational, and commercial processes throughout Nektar. She joined Nektar as the company’s chief financial officer in 1999. Her previous experience includes chief financial officer positions at Haemonetics and Oravax Inc. (now Acambis) and financial management and operations roles at General Electric and Lotus Develop ment (now part of IBM). Ms. Makes holds a bachelors degree in commerce from McGill University and a MBA from Bentley College.

Mr. Bansal shared overall responsibilities at Mehta Partners LLC for the firm’s activities with Mehta Partners’ founding partner. He provided financial strategic advisory services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, coordinated inhouse research on mid-sized pharmaceutical and large biotechnology companies, and participated in the firm’s fund management activities. Previously, he spent more than 10 years in management roles at Novartis and in healthcare consulting and general management consulting at Arthur D. Little Inc., McKinsey & Company Inc., and ZS Associates. Most recently, he held a senior operations position at Capital One Financial.

He holds a master of management degree from J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Man agement, a master of science, operation research from Northwestern University, and a bachelor of technology from the Indian Insti tute of Technology.

Penwest Appoints VP, Corporate Development

Penwest Pharmaceuticals Co. has named Fred Banti VP of corporate development. Pen west, Patterson, N.Y., is a drugdevelopment company using proprietary drugdelivery technologies to develop drugs internally and with thirdparty collaborators.

Mr. Banti, 46, has held marketing and business development positions at several major pharmaceutical companies during the past 20 years, including Novartis, Pharmacia, and RhonePoulenc Rorer. He is responsible for developing and outlicensing Penwest’s product portfolio and oversees its business development operations and marketing functions.

Mr. Banti most recently served as the VP of global business development and licensing oncology at Novartis Oncology where he was responsible for establishing and managing the business development and licensing department.

Mr. Banti graduated cum laude from Fair field University with a B.S. in biology and received a M.S. with distinction in organizational planning from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Donald E. MOREL Jr.
West Pharmaceutical Services Names Chairman

West Pharmaceutical Services Inc., a glob al drugdelivery technology company has elected Donald E. Morel Jr., Ph.D., West’s President and CEO, to the additional position of chairman of the board of directors.

Dr. Morel succeeds William G. Little, who is retiring from the board and who retired as the company’s CEO in April 2002.With Mr. Little’s retirement, Dr. Morel is the sole management representative on West’s board of directors. Dr. Morel joined West, Lionville, Pa., in 1993 as VP of product development. He has headed West’s research, operations, and sales functions, and served as president of its drug delivery division before being appointed president and chief operating officer in 2001 and CEO in April 2002.

Device/Diagnostic POOL

Angiotech Creates Chief Business Officer Position

Jeanne M. Bertonis has been promoted to the newly created position of chief business officer at Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc. Angiotech, Vancouver, British Columbia, is dedicated to enhancing the performance of medical devices and biomaterials through the innovative use of pharmacotherapeutics.

Ms. Bertonis, an officer of Angiotech since 2000, is responsible for all business and corpo rate development functions and establishing strategic collaborations. She spearheaded Angiotech’s first acquisition and also was responsible for the company’s recent strategic alliance with Baxter Healthcare Corp.

Before joining Angiotech, Ms. Bertonis oversaw strategic projects and acquisitions for Genzyme Corporate and several core groups, focusing on surgical and pharmaceutical divi sions. Ms. Bertonis holds a master of management degree from J.K. Kellogg Graduate School of Northwestern University, a master of science degree in zoology from the University of Massachusetts, and a bachelor of arts degree in biology from Vassar College.

Discovery POOL

Thios Pharmaceuticals Appoints CEO

Thios Pharmaceuticals Inc., a leader in the discovery and development of novel therapeutics targeting the sulfation pathway, has appointed Bruce A. Hironaka as CEO. He also has joined Thios’ board of directors.

Mr. Hironaka joined Thios, Emeryville, Calif., in April 2002 as president, and brings more than 10 years of significant corporate development and operational experience in the biotechnology industry. Most recently, he served as VP of corporate development at Cell Genesys, where he negotiated major partner ships with Hoechst Marion Roussel and the pharmaceutical division of Japan Tobacco, in addition to the acquisition of Somatix Therapy.

Mr. Hironaka holds a MBA and a J.D. from Stanford University and graduated Phi Beta Kappa with an A.B. in economics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Triad Therapeutics Appoints VP of Chemistry

Triad Therapeutics has appointed Ed Iwanowicz, Ph.D., VP of chemistry. Dr. Iwanowicz heads the medicinal chemistry teams working on Triad’s lead discovery and lead optimization programs, including Triad’s anti inflammatory program against the protein kinase, p38alpha, and Triad’s antibacterial program against the bacterial enzyme, EACPR. Dr. Iwanowicz brings 13 years of drug discovery experience to San Diegobased Triad, which integrates structural biology and medicinal chemistry to accelerate discovery and development of potent, smallmolecule drugs. He also serves on the company’s scientific management committee.

Most recently, Dr. Iwanowicz was a group leader in medicinal chemistry at BristolMyers Squibb. He obtained his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Rochester.

Steven JAMES
Sunesis Appoints Chief Operating Officer and Chief Business Officer

Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc. has promoted Steven James to chief business officer and Daniel Swisher to chief operating officer. Sune sis, South San Francisco, Calif., is a discovery based pharmaceutical company that applies its breakthrough fragmentbased technologies to create superior oral therapeutics for the most challenging and important disease targets.

Mr. Swisher, who previously was chief business officer, assumes executive responsibilities for business, financial, and legal operations and continues to serve as the company’s chief financial officer. Before joining Sunesis in 2002, Mr. Swisher was senior VP of sales and marketing for Alza Corp. Mr. Swisher earned a MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and a B.A. from Yale University.

Mr. James, in his new role as chief business offi cer, assumes broader responsibilities for business and corporate development and new product planning activities. He previously was the company’s senior VP of business development.

Mr. James, who has more than 15 years of bio pharmaceutical experience, joined Sunesis in 1999. He has held positions in business development, new product planning, and sales and marketing for Eli Lilly & Co., Scios, Landec, and Isis Pharmaceuticals. Mr. James earned a MBA from the Kellogg School of Northwest ern University, and a B.S. in biology from Brown University.

Aclara Selects Industry Veteran as CEO

Aclara BioSciences has appointed Thomas G. Klopack CEO and member of the board of directors. Aclara, Mountain View, Calif., develops advanced tools for drug discovery, genomics, and proteomics using its proprietary eTag assay chemistries.

Mr. Klopack brings to Aclara more than 25 years of experience commercializing new tech nologies as well as substantial lifescience operating management expertise.

From 1998 to 2002, Mr. Klopack served as chief operating officer of Aurora Biosciences, where he managed all operational aspects of the company, as well as the integration and operations of Pan Vera Corp. after its acquisition by Aurora in 2001. He holds a MBA from Har vard Business School and a B.S. in engineering from CarnegieMellon University.

Dr. Robert N. MCBURNEY
Beyond Genomics Appoints Senior VP, R&D,and Chief Scientific Officer, and VP, Biochemistry and Protein Discovery

Robert N. McBurney, Ph.D., has joined Beyond Genomics Inc. as senior VP of research and development and chief scientific officer, and Paul Stroobant, Ph.D., has joined the executive management team as VP of biochemistry and protein chemistry.

Beyond Genomics, Waltham, Mass., is a biopharmaceutical company that exploits unique technologies and the knowledge from worldclass innovation to discover and develop new drugs.

Dr. McBurney joins the company follow ing his position as founder, president, and CEO of Differential Proteomics Inc., a start up proteomics company. He also formerly held the positions of president of CeNeS Pharmaceuticals Inc., and chief scientific officer and then president of Cambridge NeuroScience Inc.

Dr. McBurney holds a B.Sc. degree and a Ph.D. from the University of New South Wales.

Dr. Stroobant joins Beyond Genomics from the startup company Differential Proteomics, where he was founder and chief scientific officer. He is a protein biochemist with more than 25 years of experience in leading innovative research programs in both academic and industry environments.

Dr. Stroobant received his Ph.D. in bio chemistry from the Australian National Uni versity.

Dr. Mark J. SUTO
Neurion Pharmaceuticals Appoints Executive VP and Chief Scientific Officer

Neurion Pharmaceuticals Inc., a Pasadena, Calif.based ion channel drugdiscovery company targeting central nervous system diseases, has appointed Mark J. Suto, Ph.D., to the position of executive VP and chief scientific officer.

Dr. Suto leads Neurion’s growing scientific team and guides the company’s internal drugdiscovery efforts in addition to its corporate research alliances and academic collaborations.

He plays a central role in the commercial development of Neurion’s Precision Neuro chemistry Platform and its use by the company to develop new CNS drugs.

Dr. Suto has more than 20 years of phar maceutical and biotechnology industry experience in medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, in vitro biology, drug discovery, lead optimization, and preclinical and clinical development.

Before joining Neurion, Dr. Suto was VP of chemical and biological sciences at Delta gen Research Laboratorie.

Dr. Suto earned a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry and a B.S. in medicinal chemistry from the State University of New York at Buffalo.


Michael F. BAYER
Dr. Peter U. BRACS
Dr. Dagmar CHASE
Dr. Cecilio G. DELGRA Jr.
Douglas C. KAMM
Kendle International Announces Appointments and Promotions

Kendle International Inc., a Cincinnati based global provider of quality clinical research and development services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries has announced staff appointments and promotions.

Marcus Ballas has been promoted to director of the company’s clinical pharmacology unit. He joined Kendle in 1999 as senior project manager responsible for implementing a pro ject management structure within the clinical pharmacology unit. Most recently, he held the position of manager of project and medical management group. Before joining Kendle, Mr. Ballas was senior project manager for Chrysalis Clinical Pharmacology Services.

Michael F. Bayer has been promoted to VP of project management. In his new role, he provides a leadership role in the project management functions in both Europe and the United States. Mr. Bayer joined the company in 1993 as assistant director of clinical research and most recently served as executive director of project management, with responsibility for the project management function in the United States. Previously, Mr. Bayer spent 20 years in clinical research at Marion Merrell Dow. He earned a master’s degree in biological sciences from Ball State University.

Dr. Peter U. Bracs has been promoted to director of clinical research, with responsibility for managing the clinical research operations for Kendle’s Sydney office. Dr. Bracs joined Kendle in January from Pfizer Global R&D where he served as manager of monitoring operations. He has nearly 20 years of clinical research experience in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, including positions with Cyanamid/Lederle, SmithKline & French, Covance, ParkeDavis, and Pfizer. He earned his doctorate and under graduate degrees from University of Sydney.

Angela J. Burnikell has been named director of project management, Europe. She provides leadership and strategic direction to the European project management groups located in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, and France and is based in the Berk shire, United Kingdom, office.

Ms. Burnikell joined Kendle in 2002 from Omnicare Clinical Research Ltd. where she served as global program director. She has more than 10 years experience in the pharma ceutical and CRO industries, including pro ject management, data management, CRA, and research positions. Ms. Burnikell holds a bachelor of science degree in biological and biochemical science from the University of Salford. She completed graduate studies in clinical research at the University of Wales.

Michael Celeste has been promoted to VP of European regulatory con sulting and submissions and VP of European com pliance and validation. In his new dual role, he over sees the expansion of these service offerings across Europe. He is based in the Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, office. Mr. Celeste joined Kendle in 2001 with the acquisition of AAC Consulting Group Inc. He most recently was VP of AAC, responsible for running the company’s daytoday operations and setting its growth strategy.

Mr. Celeste earned a master of business administration in information systems from George Washington University and a bachelor of arts in economics from the University of Maryland. He is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer.

Dagmar Chase has been promoted to VP, managing director, Europe. She oversees the operation of all of Kendle’s European loca tions, including the day today operations of the Munich office. Dr. Chase joined Kendle in 1997 as part of the merger with the former gmi, which she cofounded in 1983. Dr. Chase holds a doctorate in human biology from the University in Ulm, Germany, and a master’s in computer science from the Technical University in Munich.

Keith A. Cheesman has been promoted to director of administrations with responsibility for facilities, investor relations, emerging regions, oversight of affiliated CRO relation ships, and other special projects. Mr. Cheesman joined Kendle in Novem ber 2000 as director of new ventures. He has more than 20 years of experience, including senior management and chief financial officer positions. Mr. Cheesman graduated from University of Dayton with a B.S. in accounting. He holds the designation of Certified Public Accountant.

Ric M. DeGaris has rejoined the company as director of new business development and is responsible for cultivating new business opportunities and expanding Kendle’s customer base in Australia. He was a founding director of the former SYNERmedica Pty. Ltd., now Kendle Melbourne and Kendle Sydney, and was senior consultant before leaving the company in 1999 to establish an interna tional leisure/recreational franchise business. He has more than 12 years of pharmaceutical industry experience spanning clinical research, regulatory affairs, health outcomes, and devel opment and commercialization. Dr. DeGaris earned doctorate and bachelor of science degrees in pharmacology from Monash University.

Dr. Cecilio G. Delgra Jr. has been promot ed to medical officer, with responsibility for reviewing serious adverse event data and maintaining an ongoing safety profile of stud ies. He also provides medical and scientific input to the clinical research programs being conducted by Kendle.

Dr. Delgra joined Kendle in 2000 as a safety specialist and has worked at both the Cincinnati and Los Angeles locations. He has more than five years of research experience. Dr. Delgra earned a doctorate in medicine and a bachelor of arts in biology from West Virginia University. He also has completed the Univer sity of Cincinnati’s professional certification program in clinical research.

Douglas C. Kamm has been promoted to VP of human resources. Mr. Kamm joined Kendle in 2000 as director of human resources — North America. In this position he provides global leader ship and direction for Kendle’s human resources programs, practices and policies. Before joining Kendle, he was director of human resources, Security Products and Services Group, for the KrollO’Gara Company. His experience includes nearly 30 years in human resources leadership positions with three international companies. Mr. Kamm attended the Washington University School of Law in St. Louis and has a bachelor of arts degree in political science from Eastern Illinois University.

Premier Research Adds to Senior ManagementTeam

Premier Research, a division of SCP Com munications Inc., has tapped Larry Hunter to head the clinicaldata management group and Beverly Harrison to lead business develop ment activities. Premier Research is a fullservice CRO with headquarters in Philadelphia.

Mr. Hunter joins Premier Research as director of clinicaldata management. The clinical-data management group includes the clinical-data management, data operations, and programming departments. Mr. Hunter brings more than 25 years of technical man agement experience, specifically 10 years man aging clinical-data operations. Before joining Premier Research, Mr. Hunter served as associate director of oncology data management for Novartis Pharmaceuticals and as the director of data management for Phoenix International (now MDS Pharma).

Ms. Harrison joins Premier Research as VP of business development and chief business officer responsible for sales, marketing, and contract and proposal management. Ms. Har rison joins Premier Research through an agreement with Trilliant Research. Before her role as president of Trilliant Research, she held positions of increasing responsibility for the clinical development division of Covance Inc., culminating in the role as VP and business center head.

Dr. Masood N. KAHN
Covance Strengthens Bioanalytical ManagementTeam

Masood N. Kahn, Ph.D., has been named associate director for method development of Covance Bioanalytical Services at Princeton, N.J.based Covance Inc., a leading provider of full-service, global, integrated bioanalytical testing services for small and large molecules in preclinical and clinical stages of drug development.

In this position, Dr. Kahn is responsible for assessing, developing, and implementing immunoanalytical methods; troubleshooting production assays to ensure quality and time liness of data; and directly supporting clients with advice in establishing their product development plans.

Dr. Khan brings more than 20 years of experience in the CRO and biotechnology industries to his role at Covance.

Most recently he was the senior manager at MedImmune Inc., where he oversaw the clinical testing laboratory operations and coordinated the research and development, clinical development, and clinical testing departments.

Dr. Kahn received his Ph.D. in biochem istry from the Aligarh University in India. He went on to hold a NIH Visiting Fellowship in Research Triangle Park, N.C., and a postdoc toral fellowship at McGill University. Dr. Khan is a member of the Bioanalytical Method Validation for Macromolecules Steer ing Committee of AAPS. He has authored more than 100 publications and presented a workshop on the bioanalytical method valida tion for macromolecules in 2001.

PRA International NamesVP, Human Resources

PRA International Inc., a privately held clinical research organization, has named Gail O’Mullan VP of human resources. Ms. O’Mullan, who is located at PRA headquar ters in McLean, Va., is responsible for managing staff development and other global human resources activities.

Ms. O’Mullan joins PRA from Aventis Pharmaceuticals where she served as director of business operations and director of human resources and administrative services.

Ms. O’Mullan earned a B.A. from the Uni versity of California, San Diego, in 1983 and a J.D. and MBA from Texas Tech University in 1988.

Service POOL

William AMBERG Jr.

Pharmakon Adds Staff to Meet Increased Demand

To meet the increasing market demand for peertopeer programs that influence prescrib ing behavior, Pharmakon LLC has expanded its reach with two new hires. In the newly created position of VP of business development, William (Bill) Amberg Jr., oversees the com pany’s expanding client list.

Colleen Sanguinetti also has joined the company as senior account executive for the Midwest region.

Pharmakon, Schaumburg, Ill., is a global network of companies that specializes in the design and execution of interactive peeroriented programs.

Before joining Pharmakon, Mr. Amberg was an account director at Discovery East (formerly Discovery International NJ) and a sales director for medical education and communications for Rockpointe Broadcasting. He also developed brand advocacy for Knoll Pharmaceuticals and has nearly a decade of experience as a pharmaceutical sales representative. Mr. Amberg holds a baccalaureate degree in business administration from Bryant College in Smithfield, R.I.

Before joining the Pharmakon team, Ms. Sanguinetti managed medical education initiatives and creative projects for Abbott Laboratories. She also directed marketing and seminar services for the American Dental Association in Chicago and was a field representative for the American Cancer Society.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Ala., and a master’s degree in administration, policy, and organization from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Elayne BAKER
Dr. Maribeth BOGUSH
Dr.Terry Ann GLAUSER
Dr. Beth KAMP
Carolyn I. KLEIN
Charles MILLER
ApotheCom Associates Changes Staff

ApotheCom Associates LLC has announced staff appointments and promotions. Apothe Com Associates is a fullservice medical com munications company providing advocacy development, publication planning, and med ical education services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medicaldevice industries.

Client service director Elayne Baker, MS, MBA has joined ApotheCom Associates in Great Valley, Pa., from ID&A, where she was senior project director.

Maribeth Bogush, Ph.D., joins Apothe Com Associates in Yardley, Pa., as an assistant director of scientific services. She received her TALENT pool Ph.D. in microbiology and immunology from the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine and her master’s in clinical immunology from Hahnemann University College of Medicine.

Howard Franklin , M.D., joins ApotheCom Yardley as a medical director. Dr. Franklin’s clinical practice experi ence as a board certified surgeon adds to the scientific strength of ApotheCom Yardley. He joins ApotheCom from Newton Interactive where he was a medical director.

Medical director Terry Ann Glauser, M.D., MPH, has joined ApotheCom Great Valley from MedCases Inc. where she was a medical director. Dr. Glauser is the current president of the Delaware Valley chapter of the American Medical Writers Association.

Beth Kamp , Pharm.D., has been promoted to medical director at ApotheCom Yardley. With more than five years of pharmaceutical industry experience , D r . Kamp’s therapeutic areas of expertise include women’s health, infectious disease, and endocrinology.

Roy Khoury joins ApotheCom, Yardley, as a client services director. Mr. Khoury brings valuable international pharmaceuti cal experience to the client services team at Apothe Com Yardley, including global advertising/launch planning for the CNS franchise at Pfizer.

Carolyn I. Klein joins ApotheCom Yardley as a clientservices director from Clinical Connex ion, where she was a group account manager. Denise LaTemple, Ph.D., joins Apothe ComYardley as a medical director. Dr. LaTem ple has significant experience in oncology. She previously was at Ingenix Medical Education.

Charles Miller has been promoted to director of medical writing services. As director of scientific services during the past two years, Mr. Miller made substantial scientific, strategic, and editorial contributions to accounts in a number of therapeutic areas. In his new role, Mr. Miller oversees the progression of medical writing assignments through ApotheCom Yardley’s scientific services group and ensures their adherence to ApotheCom’s standards of scientific integrity and editorial quality.

Wayne Spence of ApotheCom Yardley has been promoted to director of program services. Formerly a senior program manager, Mr. Spence brings more than 12 years of program management experience to his new role. Mr. Spence is the conduit between the program services and accounting departments, and also is responsible for coordinating the introduction of and training for ApotheCom Yardley’s new project management system.

In addition, David Avitabile has joined ApotheCom as head of the company’s new London office. Mr. Avitabile most recently was director of business develop ment at Oxford Clinical Communications. Mr. Avitabile has more than 15 years of experience in medical communications, including medical education, public relations, and business development.

Jeanne F. BEYTIN
Marina M.FEUER
Healthcare Communications Group Announces Staff Changes

Healthcare Communications Group, a privately held, bicoastal clinical trial patient-recruitment agency, has announced staff appointments and promotions. The compa ny has offices in Philadelphia and El Segundo, Calif.

Jeanne F. Beytin has been promoted to VP and chief operating officer in r e c o g n i t i o n o f h e r expanding role managing profitability and develop ing the longterm strate gic direction for the com pany. Ms. Beytin previously was VP and chief financial officer.

Before joining the company, Ms. Beytin was chief financial officer with The Closet Factory and Robinson Helicopter Co. She also served as CEO of Graphic Ideas Inc.

Ms. Beytin holds a bachelor of science, cum laude, in finance from Chapman University, and is a member of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants. Ms. Beytin has been nominated for an American Business Award in the “Best CFO” category.

Marina M. Feuer has been named the com pany’s director of business development. In this Philadelphia-based position, Ms. Feuer is charged with expanding HCG’s foundation of success. Ms. Feuer brings significant experience mentoring and developing programs to accelerate enrollment of qualified clinicaltrial patients from her previous position as director of sales for PatientQuest.

Ms. Feuer holds a bachelor of science degree in economics and finance from Brockport University.

Jennifer FIELDS
HealthEd Continues Strong Business Growth through New Positions

HealthEd, Westfield, N.J., a leading patient education agency, has appointed Thomas Kem pisty to the newly created position of VP of strategic business development, Beth GordonStier to the newly created position of VP of human resources, Sasha Boxer to a newly created account manager position, and Jennifer Fields to the newly creat ed project manager, health education, posi tion. In addition, Carrie Goldstein has been pro moted to senior account manager.

Mr. Kempisty has more than 15 years of experience spanning mar ket research, event mar keting, consumerpack aged goods , med i ca l education, and pharma ceutical marketing. His responsibilities include developing strategic, integrated health educa tion programs.

Before joining HealthEd, Mr. Kempisty worked for HarteHanks Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences as director of new business development and Roska Direct Market ing as director of pharmaceutical account management.

He has a B.A. in political science from The Canisius College of Buffalo.

Ms. GordonStier joins HealthEd with 20 years of human resources experience. Previously, she worked for Goldman Sachs & Co. as the VP and director of human resources. Ms. GordonStier holds a B.A. in communications/ business administration from SUNY Albany and a M.A. in organizational communications and behavior from Purdue University/Kran nert Graduate School of Management.

Ms. Boxer has five years of healthcare communications experience in the account management arena. Her responsibility in account services is to provide strategic marketing insights and solutions for the company’s pharmaceutical clients. Before joining HealthEd, Ms. Boxer worked for Integrated Communications as an account supervisor overseeing business for Novartis Pharmaceuticals. She holds a B.A. in economics from Montclair State University.

Ms. Fields joins HealthEd with more than seven years experience in the healthcare field. She has held several positions within the health education and communications community, most recently as a senior account executive at Porter Novelli Public Relations.

Ms. Fields is responsible for the develop ment and implementation of health education programs within the health education department. She holds a B.A. in English and sociology from Emory University and a master of public health in health policy and management from Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.

Ms. Goldstein’s promotion to senior account manager gives her primary responsi bility for managing the healtheducation initiatives at Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. Before joining HealthEd, Ms. Goldstein was a CNS hospital specialty representative with Janssen Pharmaceutica.

Daniel CLARK
Ted John NOGA
V2 Adds Research Professionals to Staff

V2 Inc., an international pharmaceutical marketing research and consulting firm locat ed in Blue Bell, Pa., has appointed three senior quantitative research pro fessionals to its staff.

John Unipan, formerly of Strategic Marketing Corp., joins V2 as a senior consultant , bringing more than 10 years of marketing research experience in advanced quantitative methodologies and data mining techniques, as well as the management of primary research projects. He has held positions at Surveillance Data Inc., TNSIntersearch, and Yankelovich Partners.

Ted John Noga, appointed as senior pro grammer analyst, joins V2 from NFOMigliara/ Kaplan. Mr. Noga has been hired to bring tech nology and automation to the Advanced Methods Group at the company. He is responsible for the development of new soft ware and analysis products.

Daniel Clark, formerly of Verispan, joins V2 as a project manager o f advanced analytics. Mr. Clark ‘ s experience includes the implementa tion of primary quantitative research methodolo gies such as attitude, trial and usage, positioning, forecasting, conjoint analysis, and product launch tracking. In his new role at V2, Mr. Clark also helps refine protocols for the creative presentation of data and enhances processes for the management of quantitative projects.

Martin J. CLEARY
Wingspan Technology Strengthens LifeScience Team with Key Appointments

Wingspan Technology has added three key staff to its lifescience group, strengthening the company’s capabilities and commitment to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.

The new appointments are Martin J. Cleary and Christine Cassler Greifzu, senior project managers and consultants, and Eric Waddell, senior information technologist.

Wingspan, Blue Bell, Pa., is a management consulting and software technology firm that serves national and international clients in the lifescience, healthcare, financial services, retailing, and publishing markets.

Mr. Cleary’s main responsibility is to manage Wingspan’s Siebel Alliance Partnership in support of life sciences. This includes the strategic design, customization, and imple mentation of a broad range of e-pharma and e-clinicalbased applications.

Mr. Cleary comes to Wingspan from the First Consulting Group, where he served as a senior con sultant in that company’s lifescience practice.

Ms. Greifzu specializes in clinicaltrial offerings. Her experience broadens Wingspan ‘s resources with respect to the leader ship of largescale, clinical trialsbased information technology initiatives.Ms. Greifzu also previously worked at First Consulting where she led numerous information technology projects for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

Mr. Waddell brings extensive database administration and dataware housing experience to Wingspan, where he specializes in drug discovery and related data warehousing. Mr. Waddell previously was associated with worldwide management consulting firm Accenture where he was chief technology architect on the company’s various projects for biotechnology and pharmaceutical company clients.

FaxWatch Fills VP,Market Research, Position

FaxWatch Inc. has appointed Alan Hirsh man to the position of VP of market research. FaxWatch, which is located in Scottsdale, Ariz., provides timely, unbiased medical information to physicians, healthcare executives, and patients.

Mr. Hirshman is responsible for new product development and the market research business line.

At the company, his focus is on the development of ePanels, syndicated audits, and all primary market research capabilities.

Mr. Hirshman comes to FaxWatch from NDCHealth, a provider of health information services, where he was VP of product management and marketing.

During the 10 years he spent with the company he was responsible for product innovation, development, and business management within the pharmaceutical manufacturer segment.

He earned a bachelor of engineering degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and a MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Dr. Michael STEINER
Bain & Co.Add to Worldwide Healthcare Practice Staff

Elgar Peerschke and Michael Steiner, Ph.D., have joined Bain & Co.’s worldwide healthcare practice. Bain & Co. is a global business consulting firm located in Boston.

In their new positions, Mr. Peerschke and Dr. Steiner are responsible for enhancing client results, particularly in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

Mr. Peerschke leads the firm’s North American Healthcare Practice and Dr. Steiner is the leader of the worldwide healthcare practice. They are based in the firm’s New York office. Mr. Peerschke has worked with pharmaceutical companies on strategy development, mergers and acquisitions, post merger integration, clinical development, organizational effectiveness, product commercialization, and sales optimization. He also has assisted clients in understanding their internal product port folios and L&A opportunities and refining their clinical trials for blockbuster com pounds.

Mr. Peerschke was a principal at McKinsey, where he was an active leader in the North American Pharmaceutical/Medical Products Practice and helped lead the firm’s e-health and clinical knowledge building initiatives. He received a MBA from New York University and a B.A. in political science from Rutgers University.

Dr. Steiner comes to Bain with nearly 20 years experience in the consulting industry, with an emphasis on strategy, process reengineering, and organization in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical industry sectors in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

He has helped companies with market and R&D strategies and technology assessments that lead to reorganization of research, development, and marketing functions.

Before joining Bain, he was a senior VP at Boston Consulting Group. Dr. Steiner was one of the founders of the firm’s worldwide health care practice and was head of the German Healthcare Practice. He holds a Ph.D. in bio chemistry from the University of Munich.

ChoiceMedia Selects VP, Medical Education

Mike Squires has joined ChoiceMedia Inc. as VP of medical education. The mission of Choice Media, Somerville, N.J., is to leverage its expertise, scale, infrastructure, and client focus to enhance and streamline the process of buying, selling, and delivering online market ing solutions.

In his new role head ing MDchoice Medical Education Online, Mr. Squires’ focus is to introduce new concepts and opportunities for both pharmaceutical companies and physicians in the area of online medical education.

Mr. Squires previously was a key builder of Medscape’s success, directing pharmaceutical marketing and client services for five years. He focused increasingly on developing and implementing Internet-based continuing medical education as he rose to VP of pharmaceutical sales and client relations.

Biopharma Expert Joins Stone Bridge Management

Stone Bridge Management has named George F. Steinfels, Ph.D., partner-in-charge of the Washington, D.C., region and head of the biopharma practice. Stone Bridge Management, Pittstown, N.J., offers strategic, business optimization, and product launch advice to established biopharma, medical device, and bioIT companies.

Dr. Steinfels advises clients on strategy, product development and marketing, and oversees all biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and related engagements.

Before joining Stone Bridge, Dr. Steinfels founded Genomic Strategies, a drug discovery, clinical development, and marketing consul tancy. Previously, he was VP and chief operating officer of Quintiles’ pharmacogenomics unit, and VP of medical technology and new product development for The Lewin Group, which Quintiles acquired.

Pharmaceutical Research Plus Appoints President

Stedman Stevens has been appointed president of Pharmaceutical Research Plus Inc., a patient-recruitment company for pharmaceutical clinical trials, located in Severna Park, Md.

Mr. Stevens has more than 17 years of management experience at the CEO and board level in pharmaceutical, drug channel distribution, physician market ing, hospital, and consumer products arenas. Several positions were with Fortune 100 companies such as Union Carbide and Millipore.

Mr. Stevens also has conducted research and been published in areas such as pathology and cancer at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, at Emory University in Atlanta, and the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Stedman has a B.A. in chemistry and zoology from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C., and a master of forensic science from George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Supplier POOL

Thomas ENGEL
IntraLinks Names VP, Strategic Business Development for LifeScience Industry

IntraLinks Inc., a provider of secure solutions that streamline communication within the drug-development community, has named Thomas Engel VP of strategic business development for the company’s life-science team. Mr. Engel brings more than 17 years of experience in product management, market development, and strategic alliances to IntraLinks. He previously served as director of strategic business development at Phase Forward Inc.

At IntraLinks, New York, Mr. Engel is responsible for developing integration and distribution partnerships, and for driving IntraLinks’ product marketing in the life-science industry. Mr. Engel helped to build Phase Forward into one of the pharmaceutical indus try’s preeminent brands for electronic data capture and clinical-data management. He holds a degree in mathematics and computer science from Boston College.

Finance POOL

De Novo Ventures Expands Investment Team

Joe Mandato has been named a director at De Novo Ventures, an early stage life-science venture capital firm based in Menlo Park, Calif. Mr. Mandato, a former president of several medicaltechnology companies, is responsible for identifying new medicaltechnology startup investments and supporting existing De Novo portfolio companies.

Mr. Mandato becomes De Novo’s sixth investment professional. Previously, he was president of Ioptex Research, Origin MedSystems, A Company Orthodontics, and Heart Rhythm Technologies. Origin was purchased by Guidant Corp., where Mr. Mandato subsequently served as a VP and member of the founding management committee. Mr. Mandato was also a cofounder and CEO of Gynecare. He serves or has served on the boards of Align Technology, Confer Software, EM3 Software, Novasys Medical, and The Madrone Group.

Mr. Mandato has served as a captain in the U.S. Army. He is a candidate for a doctor of management degree at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

Association POOL

The Generic Pharmaceutical Association Hires Directors

The Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA) has appointed Debra Barrett as senior director of government affairs, and Janice Jackson as director of membership services.

GPhA, Washington, D.C., represents the manufacturers and distributors of finished generic pharmaceuticals, manufacturers and distributors of bulk active pharmaceutical chemicals, and suppliers of other goods and services to the generic drug industry.

Ms. Barrett and Ms. Jackson join GPhA as the association continues to work with policy makers to position generic pharmaceuticals as a core component of any prescription drug benefit and to ensure that all consumers have timely access to affordable pharmaceuticals.

Most recently, Ms. Barrett was a professional staffer for the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, working for Senator Christopher Dodd on the Subcommittee on Children and Families. Ms. Barrett received a master’s in public policy, concentration in healthcare policy, from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. She received a B.A. from the University of Michigan.

Ms. Jackson brings to GPhA more than 15 years of association experience that includes membership recruitment and retention, database management, and outreach. Before joining GPhA, Ms. Jackson was the associate director of membership at Independent Sector, where she managed membership operations for the 700 companies comprising that organization. Ms. Jackson received her master’s in public administration from American University and her B.A. from George Washington University.

Media POOL

Melissa WARNER
President Named for The Oncology Group

SCP Communications has added Melissa Warner as president of The Oncology Group, a division of SCP Communications Inc. The Oncology Group, Melville, N.Y., is the publisher/provider of information related to the fields of oncology and hematology, including Oncology, the most widely read, independent clinical oncology publication.

Ms. Warner previously was president of the medical division of Medical World Communications.

Agency POOL

Danielle SASS
Linda WINN
inChord Companies Announce Staff Additions and Promotions

Palio Communications, a full-spectrum advertising and communications agency and inChord subsidiary, has appointed Julie Allard, CMP, as senior account executive, Jaime Butler as senior art director, Deborah Phillips as account director, Robert Quayle as production manager, and Danielle Sass as administrative assistant.

Ms. Allard brings 10 years of meeting/convention planning and hospitality services experience to her position at Palio Communications, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., where she joins the meetings and events team. Her areas of expertise include managing budgets, developing collateral materials, negotiating vendor con tracts, and providing on site support for a variety of meetings and special events. Most recently, she was a meeting planner for Elizabeth Seme Inc. Ms. Allard holds a degree in travel and tourism from Champlain College. In addition, she recently became a CMP (Certified Meeting Professional), a designation she earned from the Convention Industry Council.

Ms. Butler joins Palio with more than 10 years of consumer advertising and design experience. Most recently, she was a senior art director at Digitas Inc. Ms. Butler received a bachelor of fine arts degree from Syracuse University.

Ms. Phillips brings 14 years of marketing and promotional experience to her new role at Palio. During her tenure at Merck & Co., she gained experience in several therapeutic categories, including CNS, HIV, oncology, and respiratory. She has worked within mature and emerging markets, in the areas of both physician and direct-to-consumer promotion. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia, and is pursuing a master’s in business administration from St. Joseph’s University in the area of pharmaceutical marketing.

Mr. Quayle has more than 25 years experience in commercial printing and production. As senior project manager for Brodock Press, he served as liaison between the scheduling, production, sales, and customer service departments. He received his bachelor’s and associate’s degrees from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Ms. Sass has a varied background. Fluent in both French and Spanish, she was an English teacher with the Linguatec Language Center in Chile before joining Palio. She also held an English language teaching position with Lycee Alfred Kastler in France. Ms. Sass received dual bachelor’s degrees in theater and French from the State University of New York at Geneseo.

CHS, an inChord company and a leading provider of pharmaceutical and biotech contract marketing services, has added Linda Winn to its team of marketing professionals. Ms. Winn is responsible for providing a broad range of marketing solutions and best practices insights to her clients.

Ms. Winn joins CHS, Scottsdale, Ariz., from Nektar Therapeutics (formerly known as Inhale Therapeutics), where she was associate director of product management. She man aged the key marketing roles for the development of noninvasive pulmonary drug-delivery systems and identified and developed product strategies to expand Inhale’s business to include pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

She holds a master’s degree in education/healthcare from Central Michigan University, a S.B.B. from Johns Hopkins Hospital, a bachelor’s degree in biology/medical technology from American University in Washington, D.C., and a marketing certificate from the University of California in Berkeley. Ms. Winn is a member of the Biomedical Marketing Association, Medical Marketing Association, and Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association.

Gerbig, Snell/Weisheimer (GSW), a full service marketing and advertising agency and subsidiary of inChord, has promoted Robert Mangone to senior VP. Mr. Mangone, formerly VP/account director, continues to lead one of Columbus, Ohiobased GSW’s healthcare accounts and also is responsible for working with the executive VP of GSW’s consumer health division to build additional consumer business for the agency. Mr. Man gone holds a bachelor’s degree in politics and speech from James Madison University.

GSW also has appointed J. John George as executive VP of business development. In this role, Mr. George is responsible for generating sales leads and managing all of the agency’s pitches and new business presentations.

Before GSW, Mr. George served as executive VP/director of the global business group at TorreLazur. He previously served as executive VP of International Business at Grey Healthcare Group.

Natalie A. BARRAD
1Health communications Names VP of Client Services

Natalie A. Barrad has joined 1Health communications as VP of client services. 1Health communications, an Omnicom Group company, is a full service medical/healthcare marketing communications agency based in Irvine, Calif.

Ms. Barrad works with the company’s medical device, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical client accounts. With a strong background in marketing and management experience, Ms. Barrad previously held agency executive positions at Ignite Health, Foote Cone &Belding Healthcare West, and Esprit Communications.

Ms. Barrad holds a B.A. in radio/TV/Film from California State University, Long Beach, and is past membership chair of the Medical Marketing Association, Orange County.

Michele DUNBAR
Jennifer ENG
Vanessa PAYNE
Hires and Promotions at Accel

Accel Healthcare Communications, a New Yorkbased advertising agency, has announced several staff additions and promotions.Vanessa Payne has been hired as copy supervisor. She formerly was a copy supervisor at KPR.

Bill Gunn has been named traffic manager. He previously was a production associate at Harrison & Star.

Mark Inaba has joined Accel as group art supervisor. Mr. Inaba formerly was group art supervisor at LLNS.

Don Regan has joined the agency as art director. He formerly was junior art director at Sudler & Hennessey.

Noel Garingan has been hired as art super visor. He previously was art supervisor at KPR.

Tova Francus, former scientific director at Embryon, has been named scientific director at Accel.

Jennifer Eng has joined the company as publications research assistant. She formerly was a pharmacist intern at Hospital for Special Surgery.

Michele Dunbar has been named recruitment coordinator at Accel. Ms. Dunbar previously was a business development manager at Wintonclyff Protective Services.

Camille DeSantis has been promoted from VP, associate creative director, to VP, creative director of copy.

Susan Burns has moved from senior traffic coordinator to assistant account executive.

John Vassiliou has advanced from senior publications editor to editorinchief.

Jarret Stromer has been promoted from information services assistant to senior publications coordinator.

Susan Vella has advanced from publications coordinator to senior publications coordinator.

Former Bayer Executive Tapped to Head CCA Advertising

Joe Carofano has been chosen to head New York based CCA Advertising, a creative-driven, strategy sustained healthcare advertising agency. Mr. Carofano is using his expertise to expand the global reach of the agency and increase its capabilities to include broader marketing and health education products.

CCA Advertising specializes in DTC advertising, patient education, marketing tools, strategic positioning and branding, and offers services in print, broadcast, outdoor, online, and direct marketing.

Mr. Carofano comes to CCA Advertising from Bayer Pharmaceuticals where he worked for 18 years in sales, marketing, human resources, and served as director of business operations, VP of sales, and most recently was responsible for the global marketing efforts of Cipro, with primary responsibility of preparing for the launch of Cipro XR.

Christian HOYVALD
CommonHealth Agencies Announce Hires

Noesis Healthcare Interactions, a Common Health professional advertising and promotion unit, has added staff to its account management team. Common Health, Parsippany, N.J., is a leading healthcare communications resource and a WPP Group company.

Gene Cavazos and Christian Hoyvald have joined Noesis Healthcare Interact i ons as VPs , account group supervisors. Both Mr. Cavazos and Mr. Hoyvald oversee the development, execution, and maintenance of client brand strategies for their respective accounts.

Before joining Noesis, Mr. Cavazos was executive VP for medical education marketing at Wishbone ITP. Previously, Mr. Hoyvald was a senior product manager, cardiovascular, with Reliant Pharmaceuticals.

Adient, a CommonHealth professional advertising and promotion unit located in Wayne, N.J., has appointed healthcare indus try veteran Guy Dess as president. Mr. Dess succeeds Jim Clifford, current cochairman of CommonHealth.

Before joining Adient, Mr. Dess served as president of Vital Healthcare Communications, a Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare Resources Group company.

Tama Antonia DONALDSON
Dorland Global Health Communications Expands San Francisco Operations

Dorland Global Health Communications has promoted Kevin Tausend and hired Tama Antonia Donaldson at the company’s San Francisco office. Dorland, a full service healthcare communications agency, is based in Philadelphia.

Mr. Tausend joined Dorland in early 2002 and has been a force in growing the agency’s business on the West Coast. Mr. Tausend, who leads account activities for Roche Diagnostics, Orametrix, and diaDexus, was promoted to senior VP and management supervisor.

Previously, Mr. Tausend was group account supervisor and director of digital marketing solutions. In his new position, Mr. Tausend continues to service current clients and drive new business development.

Ms. Donaldson joins Dorland as VP of public relations.Ms. Donaldson brings a strong public relations background and expertise in many fields, including cardiovascular, neurology, oncology, and medical devices.

Ms. Donaldson is responsible for develop ing strategic corporate communications and public relations initiatives on behalf of multiple clients, including Elan, Genitope, Amarin, VISX, and diaDexus.

Ms. Donaldson supervises Dorland’s San Francisco public relations staff and directs public relations business development efforts on the West Coast. She previously served as VP at Ketchum in San Francisco.

Account Executive Joins Trapezoid Healthcare Communications

Trapezoid Healthcare Communications LLC, Yardley, Pa., has added Maria Francano to its staff as an account executive.
Ms. Francano most recently was self employed as a communications consultant in Bensalem, Pa., and as an account supervisor with Ziccardi Partners Frierson Mee Inc. in New York. She brings extensive advertising, account management, and branding experience to Trapezoid.

CoPresidents Named for Sudler & Hennessey U.S.

Sudler & Hennessey, a global healthcare communications company, has named Jim Metropoulos, M.D., and Louisa Holland co-presidents of its U.S. operations. S&H is a Young & Rubicam company, and part of the WPP network of companies.

Both executives come from within the S&H organization. Ms. Holland had been general manager for medical education and interactive media. Dr. Metropoulos had served as chief strategy officer.

Ms. Holland and Dr. Metropoulos jointly serve in the capacity of co-presidents, leading the U.S. offices of Sudler & Hennessey and its various divisions, including responsibility for more than 250 employees in the flagship New York office, as well as the offices in N.J. and San Francisco.

During her tenure at S&H, Ms. Holland has successfully spearheaded the development of new divisions in the areas of medical edu cation and interactive communications. The bulk of her tenure at S&Hwas spent at IntraMed, the agency’s flagship medicaleducation division, which she led through many years of growth and innovative program development.

More recently, she has been responsible for the startup of three new divisions during the past several years: Precept Medical Communications, Avenuee Health Strategies, and IntraMed West. Ms. Holland graduated from Harvard with a B.A. in biology.

Dr. Metropoulos joined S&H as chief strategy officer, leading the company’s primary source division, which provides medical and marketing insight across all accounts.

He has 12 years experience in healthcare marketing, most of them at Lowe Healthcare Worldwide where he established and managed the Strategic Planning Group, the first dedicated account planning team in the healthcare marketing arena.

Before beginning his career in healthcare marketing, Dr. Metropoulos trained in internal medicine at the Staten Island University Hospital, a major teaching affiliate of State University of New York Healthcare System, where he served as chief resident in internal medicine. Dr. Metropoulos received his M.D. from State University of New York, Downstate.

“Our industry is facing significant challenges and our clients require the highest level of strategic and creative counsel,” says Jed Beitler, Worldwide CEO of Sudler & Hennessey. “Jim and Louisa are a powerful team and exactly the right people to lead our agency as we continue to develop the best and most effective communications programs for our clients.”

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