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The visual in the series is striking and powerful on its own.But the language is what draws me in,shows me the disturbing world of schizophrenia,and then encourages me that a solution is at hand. The words themselves illus trate each story through grip ping typography that signifies the erratic nature of the dis ease and the calm that comes with Risperdal. Problem,solu tion,patient case,caregiver profile, physician,and product as hero — all at once — and the ads still work.This is not just great advertising;it’s powerful storytelling. To the creators of this campaign and to their clients I have one last word:amazing. Gerry McLaughlin,a managingpartner andcreativedirector of copyatCDM Princeton, Princeton,N.J., believes that Junction 11’s Risperdal print campaign is abril liant concept,rich in wellcrafted copy. In this age of quick sound bites and evershort ening attention spans,how refreshing to come across dynamic, memorable imagery created in large part through words. Now don’t get mewrong,a number of spectac ular ads have no copy at all. (Well, not so many in healthcare.) But for all the directness of snappy twoword headlines and the quaintness of cuddly, targetorgan characters,nothing is more satisfying for me than seeing a brilliant concept, rich in wellcrafted copy. With that in mind, this is just one of the gems in the series creat ed by Junction 11 for JanssenCilag in the United Kingdom.The product, Risperdal, is for schizophrenia. Each he ads featured in this month’s department all speak to debil itating disease states through powerful copy, imagery, and design techniques. Junction 11 Advertising’s Risperdal print series pro vides striking images with strong copy to give the reader a glimpse into the world of a schizophrenic. iDeutsch also tackles mental illness with its Website for Zoloft. By blending an easytouse resource for patients and physicians with clean design and calming colors, iDeutsch provides a valuable resource for visitors. In addition, Dorritie & Lyons’ classic print campaign for Feldene begets an instant communication through the elegant use of hands signing the name of the arthritis product. The visu al gives the viewer a glimpse of the relief Feldene patients can experience. Brand:Risperdal Client: JanssenCilag Debut: 1997 Agency:Junction 11 Advertising Creative Directors: Richard Rayment and JohnTimney Art Director: JohnTimney Copywriter:Richard Rayment Account Director: Bob Elton Photographer:John Ferrara Risperdal T Gerry McLaughlin ForArt’s Sake In a word, brilliant!


Balancing the gravity of mental illness with the levity of the Web environment is no simple task for a creative team. Thus, the calming effect achieved with the Website is a welcome approach for patients and families dealing with depression. The product’s mascot is applied throughout to define the site’s content Brand:Feldene Client: Pfizer Debut:1985 Agency:Dorritie & Lyons Art Director: Mike Lyons Photographer: Al Francevich Copy: Bill Brown Feldene I remember first seeing this classic several years ago.From a personal perspective, I amwell aware of how debilitating joint pain can be and how difficult it is for the victim to be upbeat and positive. A family member of mine, who was inflicted with severe arthritis, seemed always on edge whenever a flairup occurred.To think of shaking that person’s hand seemed impossible. I guess the relevance is what drew me into this execution.Yes,the layout is elegant, the type is bold,and the use of space is powerful. However, the instant communication came from the hands signing the name of the brand responsible for this exuberanceand freedom. Its purity remains quite impressive. The singlemindedness of the message should be the key driver of our work.The soul of the brand mustbe evident in a flash — just as the soul of Feldene was evident in the powerful hands graphic.Relief,flexibility,and comfort are takeaway reasons to believe that Feldene is working hard.To me,the fact that this patient is communicating — celebrating — a painfree interval speaks volumes. Clarity of message and purity of execution are benchmarks to strive for no matter what we are promoting.They are the elements that will stand Website: Client: Pfizer Debut: N/A Agency: iDeutsch Inc. Creative Director: Ingrid Bernstein Associate Creative Director (Art): Eddie Pak Copywriter:Lawrence David Senior Producer:JanThompson Producer:Alex Minkow features and,when combined with the clean design aesthetics (i.e., sedate colors) and aggressive navigational menus,creates a valuable,easily accessible resource. is supported by simple illustrations that subtly manifest the brand’s identity even while providing educational materials —and printerfriendly content — for site visitors. Users are able to obtain free information kits, link to mental health organizations, and peruse personal accounts that provide hope to affected individuals. This brandedWebsite,sponsored by Pfizer, allows for passive information collection (log files, cookies,etc.) that supports related analytics while maintaining privacy criteria. Ultimately, the site is an understated combination of content, imagery,and color, all making a suc cess for marketers and site visitors alike. Jose D.Sorreta,creative director of Mindspan,an interactive brand promotion and physicianlearning Jose Sorreta John Spetrino the test of time and continue to inspire and touch us on a very personal level. According to John Spetrino,executive VP,chief creative officer,forThomas Ferguson Associates,a CommonHealth company, located in Parsippany,N.J., singlemindedness of the message should be the key driver of creative work. company,says the Zoloft Website is an effective blend of aesthetics andbranding. easily accessible resource. The soul of the brand.

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