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56 J u l y 20 03 PharmaVOICE EMEDIA NEW ELECTRONIC AND WEBBASED APPLICATIONS, SITES, AND TECHNOLOGIES Liquent Inc.’s nextgeneration IDRAC regulatory intelligence database is a onesource destination for uptodate regulatory information spanning drug development in 33 countries/regions. IDRAC replaces the tasks of acquiring, compiling, indexing, crossreferencing, and updating regulatory information manually. Every page within the new ver sion of the Webbased database provides an optimized navigation bar that lets users initiate a search from anywhere within IDRAC.The navigation bar also displays direct links to other features such as Advanced Search, The first Webbased salesrep appointment service for medical practices has been launched by MedMeeting Inc. to help physicians and reps cope with a marketing “arms race”that has tripled pharmaceutical salesforces since 1995. Successful medical practices are now overwhelmed by 200 to 500 unex pected rep visits per month.While 91% of physicians described reps as help ful in a study by Private Practice Success, 82% of physicians have been forced to restrict rep visits. Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston has even barred reps from its patient and visitor parking, after attendants counted 65 reps parked in hospital garages. The situation is equally frustrating for sales reps.Even the best reps now make 15 attempted visits to get just one meeting with a highprescribing physician. “Drug detailing is a great educational service,but it could be much more efficient,”says Briscoe Rodgers,CEO and founder of MedMeeting. When physicians join MedMeeting, they provide detailed rep scheduling instructions so that they canavoidunwanted sales calls.MedMeeting relieves the office staff by automatically organizing group lunches, oneonone meetings, and signup sheets. Sales reps then selfschedule appointments through the MedMeeting Website, subject to the physicians’ instructions. Reps thus avoid unsuccessful visits, spend less time waiting, and see more physicians in a day. MedMeeting is offering its basic service free of charge to both medical practices and reps. An optional subscription service helps reps optimize their schedules for maximum efficiency. MedMeeting Launches Service for PHYSICIANS OVERWHELMEDBY PHARMACEUTICAL REPS IDRAC Explanatory Texts, Reference Texts, New Texts, Topic Map, and Preferences. Updated weekly, IDRAC provides users with instant answers to regulatory questions with timely text covering the entire drugdevelopment life cycle. IDRAC’s new personalized savequery feature provides users with direct, oneclick access from the homepage to five of their most commonly conducted searches. In addition,an email alert system automatically notifies users when new content that concerns their prede fined areas of interest is added to the database. The onesource destination for uptodate regulatory information. Liquent Releases Latest Version of REGULATORY INTELLIGENCE DATABASE Stratagem Healthcare REFINES BRAND AND WEBSITE Stratagem Healthcare Communications LLC has launched a new Website that stresses the ad cre ation process as well as the company’s role in working with clients to make a work of art. The brand refine ment builds upon a key image that has been part of Stratagem’s identity from the inception — the precious stone. “ We thought it was time to freshen our brand — give it more depth and breadth,” says Paul Harris, principal,creative services. “We stress the ad creation process and our role in working with our clients in a partnership to make a work of art that meets their business objectives.” The agency’s brand refinement positions Stratagem in a more focused manner as a medical advertising and marketing communications firm that specializes in pharmaceu tical, diagnostic and device, and personalcare com panies.The Website has been overhauled to include detailed samples of client campaigns from each of these categories. A password protected extranet also has been added to allow clients to view and comment upon works in progress. According to Paul Harris, the Website’s new look is not just about the gem, but the sweat, work, and collaborative effort with the client. Stephen Mapes, VP, creative services: Meeting Suite is an extension of our commitment to deliver a fullspectrum of services that include strategic and creative services, architecture, and logistics, all the way through scheduling and efficiently managing the entertainment options of individual sales reps. Aegis Enterprise System IMPROVESTHEBOTTOM LINE While Complying with FDA Regulations Aegis Analytical Corp.’s recently released Discoverant GlobalVantage offers adaptable architecture to meet biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturers’ productivity and compliance needs. Discoverant GlobalVan tage features Aegis’data integration platform,Discoverant Nexus, independently from its analytical and statistical software modules.GlobalVantage is the latest version of Aegis’manufacturing enterprise software product family. Discoverant GlobalVantage’s combination of features lets manufacturers integrate data,maintain quality control, and save money. By engineering an unbundled product architecture and upgrading the individual applications, Aegis has created a new enterprise system that can be used with a company’s existing software programs and has the adaptability to grow with the needs of the company through modular additions. “Having anapplication that can be scaled to fit the needs of each manufacturer is crucial in today’s cost con scious and regulatory intensive environment,”says John Darcy,CEO of Aegis.“Discoverant GlobalVantage eases the cost of technology implementation and company growth by allowing each manufacturer to continue using software it already has acquired.” 58 J u l y 20 03 PharmaVOICE JZMROITool,introduced by Johnston, Zabor, McManus Inc., provides definitive return on investment statistics that give pharmaceutical executives spe cific, objective, and reliable direction for maximum Web sitebased marketing success. “Big pharma organizations often havehundredsofWebsites but no ability to track actual ROI for these sites,” says J. Douglas Zabor,CEOof JZM.“Pharmaexec utives want to know the ROI that can be specially attributed to their Websites and how to improve their sites to drive up market and mind share. We cre ated the JZM ROI Tool to help these executives measure ROI specific to each of their Websites by applying anobjective,reliable measure of the sites’ impact on purchase and use behavior. JZM ROI Tool is designed to adapt to established corporate revenue and investment calculation stan dards.” The tool tracks only incre mental revenue stimulated by an actual site visit, revealing crit ical distinctions between sites that produce additive revenue and sites that play a support role. Using a survey that is pro grammed to appear on the site at customizable intervals, JZM ROITool can measure brand,dis ease/condition, corporate, patient/prospective patient, and physician support sites. JZM ROI Tool is the only Website measurement tool that tracks intended and actual behavior of patients (and their refill rates); prospective patients, both new and those switching brands, who are asking for, get ting, filling, and/or taking a new prescription; prescribing physi cians who increase their pre scription rates; and physicians who do not routinely prescribe but who indicate they will start prescribing. JZM’s WebBased Tool DETERMINESWEBSITE ROI SOLUCIENT’S TRACKINGTOOL Provides Key InPatient Intelligence Solucient’s ACTracker,an online application,allows pharma compa nies to quickly and accurately determine drug use trends across a hospital setting, providing thor ough, timely marketing data. Host ed through the Solucient Website, the tool largely draws from a database of 500 hospitals and 10.5 million patient discharges. “Most pharma marketing tools today provide limited sample sizes, lack key data analysis, and deliver information six to nine months after data collection,” says Mau reen McLaughlin, senior VP and general manager of Solucient’s pharmaceutical unit. Among the ACTracker’s capabilities, pharma com panies canmoreaccurately identify thedaysand times associated with the administration of different drug types; improve product positioning and physician messaging,and integrate marketing activities;measure and trend the number of hospital admissions or in patient stays related to specific diagnoses,procedures, and drug use; and identify use of products and com petitor products by diagnosis and procedure. We created the JZM ROI Tool to help pharma executives measure ROI specific to each of their Websites by applying an objective, reliable measure of the sites’ impact on purchase and use behavior, says J. Douglas Zabor. AEGIS ANALYTICAL CORP., Lafayette, Colo.,provides manufacturing software and expertise that helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies improve compliance, increase profits, and gain competitive advantage. For more information, visit aegiscorp.com. JOHNSTON,ZABOR,MCMANUS INC., ResearchTriangle Park,N.C., is a pharmaceutical business research agency helping the industry manage customer equity and bolster return on marketing investment through innovative research and Webbased tools.For more information, visit jzm.com. LATHIAN SYSTEMS INC.,Horsham,Pa., provides technologybased marketing solutions to the lifesciences industry.For more information,visit lathian.com. LIQUENT INC.,Fort Washington,Pa., provides content assembly, publishing, and regulatory and intellectual property information solutions for the lifesciences industry.For more information,visit liquent.com. MEDMEETING INC., Boston, is a provider of salesrep appointment services for medical groups. For more information, visit medmeeting.com. SOLUCIENT,Evanston, Ill., is a source of healthcare business intelligence that provides comprehensive, resultsoriented information to drive business growth,manage costs,and deliver quality care.For more information, visit solucient.com. STRATAGEMHEALTHCARE COMMUNICATIONS LLC,San Francisco, is a medical advertising agency that provides clients with large agency thinking and experience along with the streamlined processes and attentiveness offered by smaller agencies. For more information, visit stratagemhc.com. Follow up According to Maureen McLaughlin, ACTracker offers a large sample size, thorough data analysis, and delivers information 60 days after discharge while providing a userfriendly experience. Lathian Systems Provides Product Upgrades for BESTINCLASSEDETAILING Lathian Systems Inc.’s third major version of Lath ian eDetailing Solution speeds the development time for virtual detail campaign creation,reduces the time commitment for brand managers, adds addi tional interactivity to each virtual detail, and enhances the customer service options for physi cians. Lathian’s solution combines the company’s patent pending technology with extensive experi ence supporting more than 50brands,100 programs, and delivering more than 100,000 interactive multi media virtual details. The solution is available as either a hosted solution atmydrugrep.com,orat a private label destination.The private label option allows clients to control all brand ing elements and to own the physician relationships. Features added to the Lathian eDetailing Solu tion include: an advanced content generation capa bility that facilitates information exchange and speeds time to launch; an improved regulatory sub mission process; new program management tools that allow for quick andeasy design,view,and access to program information; an upgraded presentation capability using Flash 6 that increases the interactiv ity for participants; and a new customerservice application and physician selfservice system. Emedia

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