Doctors’ Choice Awards

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The doctors’ choice awards, an annual study conducted by the Association of Medical Media (formerly the Association of Medical Publications), is the only program that is voted on by the industry’s customers — the physicians. Winners are selected according to their scores in an independent Internet survey measuring physicians’ attitudes toward product advertising in medical journals. Organon was named top scorer in the specialty physician category for its one-page NuvaRing ad created by CommonHealth’s Adient. Pfizer took the award in the general practice category for its two-page Chantix ad, created by Euro RSCG Life LM&P. The Doctors’ Choice survey this year included 332 ads in 11 therapeutic categories among the 200 most widely advertised products in 2006. Responses were received from 6,040 physicians indicating their preferences in medical journal messages. This is the fifth year the research has been conducted by Readex Research. The NuvaRing ad headlined the product’s “once-monthly answer” for convenience in contraception, and appeared in ob/gyn journals. The Chantix ad, appearing only in primary-care physician journals, announced the product’s introduction for smoking cessation. Pfizer headed the list with five awards — two for top scoring ads within specific therapeutic categories, two for unit size, and the award for the highest scoring primary care ad. Other winners in more than one category were Genentech/OSI, Merck, and Organon — each taking two awards. PharmaVOICE welcomes comments about this article. E-mail us at Doctors’ Choice Awards A review of the 2007 winners. Organon’s NuvaRing and Pfizer’s Chantix Highest Scoring Ads NuvaRing Category: Specialist Audience Marketer: Organon Agency: Adient Chantix Category: Generalist Audience Marketer: Pfizer Agency: Euro RSCG Life LM&P Zyvox Category: One Page Marketer: Pfizer Agency: Cline Davis & Mann Chantix Category: Two Pages Marketer: Pfizer Agency: Euro RSCG Life LM&P Invanz Category: Three Pages Marketer: Merck Agency: KPR Tarceva Category: Four Pages and Over Marketer: Genentech/OSI Agency: AbelsonTaylor Zyvox (1 Page) Category: Anti-infectives Marketer: Pfizer Agency: Cline Davis & Mann Lipitor (2 pages) Category: Cardiovascular Marketers: Pfizer Agency: Cline Davis & Mann Zovirax (1 page) Category: Dermatological Marketer: Biovail Agency: Regan Campbell Ward•McCann Novolog Flexpen (1 page) Category: Diabetes Marketer: Novo Nordisk Agency: Cline Davis & Mann HalfLytely (1 page) Category: Gastroenterology Marketer: Braintree Agency: LyonHeart Keppra (1 page) Category: Neurology Marketer: UCB Pharma Agency: LyonHeart NuvaRing (1 page) Category: Ob/Gyn Marketer: Organon Agency: Adient Tarceva (4 pages) Category: Oncology Marketer: Genentech/OSI Agency: AbelsonTaylor Gardasil (3 pages) Category: Pediatrics Marketer: Merck Agency: Juice Pharma Lunesta (1 page) Category: Psychiatry Marketer: Sepracor Agency: EchoTorre Lazur Revatio (1 page) Category: Respiratory Marketer: Pfizer Agency: PACE Flomax (1 page) Category: Urology Marketer: Boehringer Ingelheim Agency: DraftFCB HealthCare RECOGNIZING THE POWER OF MEDICAL ADVERTISING 5th Annual Program Generated Responses From More Than 6,000 Physicians November/December 2007 PharmaVOICE

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