Social Media in Life Sciences: Adoption and Trends Benchmarking Report

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C3i Healthcare Connections

August 29, 2016

Findings reveal that based on the industry’s current level of participation in social media, utilization of technology, and effectiveness of social programs, the pharma industry is in the early stages of social media maturity. In fact, only 13% of those that participated in the study indicated that they find their current social media programs as very or extremely effective.

This is to be expected from such a highly-regulated industry that is only just beginning to understand and embrace the public nature of social media. This lingering apprehension over social platforms continues to shape — and in some cases, limit — social media participation for survey respondents. Our survey found that top areas of concern are regulatory challenges, quantifying the ROI of social media and managing large volumes of social data with limited resources.

As the industry moves toward greater social media maturity, there is tremendous opportunity for companies to advance their social media presence and participation. Our study provides insight into growing trends and future opportunities. Increased focus is being given to: strategies that tie social media to existing business goals; social listening projects that glean insights, even from adverse events; when to safely engage and deliver customer service; managing volume with a combination of technology and trained staff; and integrating social media data with external data sources.

This comprehensive benchmarking study serves as a baseline for the life science industry’s current level of social media adoption. It can be leveraged by individual organizations to compare their social media programs against the industry average, and to measure future growth as the industry expands social media utilization to better serve patients, consumers and physicians.

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