No Patient Left Behind – Connecting Rare Disease Patients to Orphan Drug Manufacturers

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July 28, 2016

If you have ever worked with Orphan Drugs, you know finding appropriate patients is a major commercial challenge. Pharmaceutical sponsors of Orphan Drugs often lack the infrastructure and capabilities necessary to identify physicians who diagnose, treat, and manage these rare patients.

There are many challenges facing the Orphan Drug category:

  • Multiple healthcare providers and specialties may be participating in a patient’s care
  • Patients often seek multiple opinions before gaining a proper diagnosis
  • Patients are geographically dispersed across the country
  • Many specialists are often not aware of new treatment options
  • Resourcing a field sales force is difficult and expensive

TrialCard developed a proven model for making this critical match and has helped many patients gain access to the therapy they so desperately need. In a recent 2015–2016 program, TrialCard’s “Detective Model” approach to locating patients with a specific rare disease returned tenfold more leads back to the pharmaceutical sponsor than forecasted.

There is a related podcast on this topic which can be downloaded using the link below.

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