The New Healthcare: Marketing to a Segment of One

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Publicis Health

June 1, 2016

Together, technological advancements and tectonic shifts in the healthcare delivery model are pushing us toward an emerging health economy in which pharma marketers increasingly focus their efforts on each patient as a “Segment of One.” In this new segment-of-one model, businesses must maximize value by creating a more personalized experience.

HCPs will also remain key stakeholders in segment-of-one healthcare, but with diminished influence as they shift out of ownership.  With 60% of physicians now employees of integrated systems, their concerns will swing toward incentives earned for quality of care and/or pay-for-performance measures. HCPs will learn to respond to the specific needs and wants of educated patients and to adjust treatment plans to accommodate personalized outcomes requirements.

Going forward, successful pharma manufacturers must learn how to provide segment-of-one service to prescribing professionals:
•    Identify and understand HCPs’ new knowledge needs
•    Deliver to them the new-era educational assets they demand
•    Implement a truly integrated, preference-based, cross-channel marketing strategy

Download this white paper to understand and embrace the segment-of-one opportunities that will become the foundation of a successful go-to-market plan.

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