Implementing a Clinical Data Repository and Analytics Platform in 90 Days

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eClinical Solutions

March 17, 2016

Leveraging clinical trial data to decrease risk, time, and cost. Clinical trial data is critical to bring new treatments to market quickly and in a cost-effective manner. Clinical trial data is the most valuable asset for life sciences companies. However, companies struggle to leverage their data to make better decisions and to decrease the time it takes to bring a drug to market. Unlocking the power and insight in clinical data is one way to raise the return in this difficult climate.

In the pharmaceuticals and the life sciences industry, users need to collect and aggregate data in a manner that allows users to generate actionable insights. A well-designed clinical data repository (CDR) helps users make important decisions easily. The newest CDRs empower life sciences companies to leverage data efficiently for decisions relating to risk-based monitoring, study design improvements, improved safety monitoring, CRO oversight, better trial management, and portfolio management decisions.

The capabilities are growing quickly and robust CDRs are available that allow companies to reap considerable value from clinical data. Implementing a CDR does not have to be a major IT initiative. With the right technology partner a CDR can be implemented in 90 days.

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