The ACA’s Section 1332 Waivers: Will We See More State Innovation in Health Care Reform?

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Manatt Health

September 13, 2016

While the Affordable Care Act continues to be politically polarizing, stakeholders from across the health reform landscape are focused on effectively implementing the law and on making incremental – not radical – changes to it. The question is how such change might happen given the deep national divisions about what corrections are needed. One answer lies in Section 1332 of the ACA, which invites states to be “laboratories of democracy” in experimenting with ACA reforms that do not have enough support to pass Congress but could garner backing at a state level.

This white paper features:

  • What Could States Do?
  • What Are States Doing So Far?
  • Looking Ahead

There is also a related podcast on this topic, entitled “The Election’s Impact on Pharma: Preparing for Potential Scenarios.” Use the below link to access the podcast.

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