How Pharma can turn the trend of the decade into a leadership advantage

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Johanna Skilling, EVP, Director of Planning, US, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

March 1, 2016

The World Economic Forum has named collaboration as the key to global growth: public-private partnerships between companies large and small, NGOs, government agencies and academia are the single largest corporate trend of the decade. And why? The world’s problems are increasingly those that can only be solved by the best and brightest from a wide variety of disciplines and experiences.

In no industry is this potentially more true than pharma. As viruses appear and mutate, personalized medicine becomes reality, and digital technologies allow for truly customer-centric marketing, big pharma companies have the clear opportunity to take the lead in driving change through collaboration. We see this clearly in the “moonshot” to cure cancer, where lead companies are partnering with small biotechs and academia in the race to develop new therapies.

The companies with the vision and energy to build those bridges are the leaders of the next decades. Building those bridges and driving toward common goals requires a deeper level of insight — of markets, trends, and success metrics. It means understanding the needs, barriers and goals of a wide variety of stakeholders… and how to bring them together with a  common vision.

So what does that look like?

  • Working with the C-Suite to identify goals that not only drive business, but bring a vision to life
  • Identifying partners with unique skill sets to accelerate progress and drive results
  • Creating common ground in terms of visions, goals and a plan that ensures all stakeholders are aligned on the road to success
  • Creating a common language for each “moonshot” – that unifies the team and resonates with stakeholders up and down the supply and demand chain
  • Developing an infrastructure of communications, data sets and force multipliers that ensures stakeholder actions are shared and understood by all relevant audiences.
  • Establishing clear metrics and measurement tools to demonstrate success.

Today’s bridge-builders will set the tone — and the rules — for the future.

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  1. Chris says:

    Good Morning!

    Thanks for doing this presentation. I appreciate the emphasis on collaboration for pre-competitive R&D. The Fraunhofer Model from Germany is picking up here in the USA. Keep up the good work.

    Chris Hrivnak

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