The Announces Launch of Online HIV Prevention Resource Center In a new era of HIV prevention opportunities and challenges, providing practical and visionary information on the current landscape

October 19, 2016

[New York, NY –October 2016] The, the web’s largest resource of HIV and AIDS information, is launching a new HIV Prevention Resource Center (PRC) to tackle the vital gap in the public’s understanding in a new era of breakthroughs. The Body’s HIV PRC will combine practical tools, personal accounts and up-to-date reporting as a resource for the HIV community, those concerned with their own risk or the risk of others, and all who wish to move the nation and world to greater progress in HIV efforts.

In the last decade, research breakthroughs have dramatically changed the landscape of HIV testing and prevention:

  • There is effectively zero chance of HIV transmission from any type of sex, without any other forms of protection, from partners who have suppressed HIV viral levels after at least six months of treatment. This is known as HIV treatment as prevention, or TAsP.
  • People who are HIV negative can take one pill a day and have negligible risk of HIV acquision. This strategy is called pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP.

The public’s awareness of these advances is woefully lacking. Misinformation, lack of clarity and fear still run rampant, even among the HIV community itself. Newer and compelling options, most notably TAsP and PrEP, are little understood or talked about in the mainstream, leaving public knowledge lagging significantly behind the science.

JD Davids, Managing Editor of The says, “We believe the PRC will help usher in a fundamental shift in public consciousness and personal practices on HIV prevention. We share information to those seeking to move forward in a new generation of powerful prevention options, while giving sound information and perspectives to the many who come to our site seeking to find out their own HIV status.”

The HIV PRC will cover a broad range of topics including the primary questions:

Do I Have HIV?

How Do I Stay HIV Negative?

How Do I Practice HIV Prevention as a Person with HIV?

What are People Talking About in HIV Prevention?’s HIV Prevention Resource Center will go live on October 17, 2016.

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