Enhancing the Patient Experience through mHealth – a Win-win

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BBK Worldwide

July 18, 2016

In less than five years, mHealth has evolved from a futurist’s bold idea to the new normal. Studies are implementing patient- and site-facing apps and reaping the rewards today. We know that mHealth technologies are arrows in a sponsor’s patient-centric quiver – and that strategies that include them see improved engagement, more reliable data and higher retention rates.

Yet in many ways, the push for technological innovation in life sciences is a return to the basic fundamentals of healthcare. How do we better understand the patient’s condition, symptoms and daily struggles? How do we provide optimal care?

We extend care beyond the standard two- to three-visit care plan. We’re mindful in the real-time collection of patient data and our analysis of it – as if we’re there with them on a day-to-day basis.

Mobile apps are providing anytime, anywhere access to information, whether for study patients, investigative sites or sponsors of clinical research, all critical to study success – but apps were just the beginning. Moving forward, we’ll continue to see medical-grade sensors utilized and new telehealth applications – all evolving how large data streams are aggregated and put to good use throughout the course of a study.

The following pages offer insights from a variety of key stakeholders and industry experts; each pushing for mHealth innovation and putting digital technologies to good use across clinical research. We hope their experiences inspire you to think not only about the ways in which mHealth can benefit your next study, but how these innovative technologies will continue to impact the clinical research process from start to finish – and ultimately bridge the gap between patient centricity and the latest therapeutic breakthrough.

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