HBAdvantage: Transforming the Future – March 2016

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Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association

March 29, 2016

The HBA is embarking on a bold approach to transform the future of the healthcare industry: achieve gender parity. This issue of HBAdvantage focuses on numerous related issues.

This pivot in direction first began in 2015 as the HBA’s board of directions re-evaluated the organization’s strategic plan based on feedback from key members of its advisory board

HBA CEO Laurie Cooke notes that while the organization has been doing great work for the past 40-plus years, including developing important programming, providing mentoring and building a trusted network in which members can freely engage with one another on all levels, to achieve the HBA’s long-standing mission to further the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare, a new lens needed to be applied to measure success.

“We challenged ourselves and agreed that we needed more metrics to measure the important work that we’re doing to support women leaders,” Cooke says. “One of the metrics identified was the need to measure the representation of women in leadership positions in the C-suite and one level below We believe if we can harness the power of connecting what we are doing as an association to what companies are doing to advance women, we can achieve greater and quicker results in moving the gender parity needle.”

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