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May 2015
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Letter from the Editor
In this month’s Forum, experts from multiple disciplines, from drug [...]
By Taren Grom, Editor
Industry at Large AbbVie To Award 40 CF Scholarships AbbVie [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
Innovator’s Corner
Automating Medicinal Chemistry Through Building Blocks Martin Burke, M.D., Ph.D., [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
What’s New
Turing Pharmaceuticals New Drug Company Launched Trending now: Experienced team [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
Pharma Trax
Cancer Care in America: A Shifting Landscape Trending now: Amid [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
On the Calendar
Coming Attractions DIA 2015, the 51st annual meeting, is the [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
Talent Pool
Biopharma Pool Steven Ertel Dr. Matthew Sherman Acceleron Pharma Announces [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
Last Word
Enabling Cancer Immunotherapies Henry Li, Ph.D., VP, Translational Oncology at [...]
By Henry Li, Ph.D., VP, Translational Oncology at Crown Bioscience

On The Cover

A 21st Century CEO Challenge: Technology
AstraZeneca made a bold move last year and took back control of its servers and networks that pertained to core drug development from outsourcing vendors, which led to a 90% reduction in the number of critical outages, and decreased incident response down to a few hours instead of several days. For other segments of its [...]
By Robin Robinson


Marketing Through Storytelling
The art of storytelling relies on a series of events leading up to a heroic moment with a main character who audiences can relate to. This is a simple concept if one is selling watches, or cars, or soft drinks. But who wants to see himself in the center of a story about illness? Patients [...]
By Robin Robinson
3D Applications in Medicine
Three-dimensional printing is no longer simple plastic prototypes. Today, 3-D printers can produce fully functional components, including complex mechanisms, batteries, transistors, and LEDs. 3D printing — also known as additive manufacturing — is the process of making three-dimensional solid objects from digital computer models. Following computer-generated drawings, 3D printers generally “print” layers of materials to [...]
By Denise Myshko
Early Cancer Detection
For most cancers, diagnosis happens too late, when the cancer has worsened or metastasized. But when cancers are diagnosed early, survival statistics are much higher. For example, the five-year survival rate for patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer is around 90% if diagnosed when the cancer is at early and local stage, dropping as low as [...]
By Denise Myshko
Spain Emerges From Recession
Spain is one of the five largest European Union economies or the fourth largest in the Eurozone, with a population of around 46.6 million. After battling an economic decline since 2008, Spain’s economy grew again in 2014, expanding 1.4%. As a pharmaceutical market, Spain is equivalent in scale to the United Kingdom and Italy, but [...]
By Kim Ribbink
2015 HBA Rising Stars
Defining Leadership Steph Dreyer. Bayer HealthCare. The goal of my team is to deliver results, and I see my role as encouraging and enabling the team to do just that. So the qualities most important to me are about motivating and inspiring people, and ensuring they’re set up for success. This includes understanding what makes [...]
By Taren Grom, Editor
2015 HBA Luminaries
The Importance of Mentoring and Sponsorship Emily Lightfoot. AmerisourceBergen. Relationships with mentors have been the key to my career success. Having an advocate and coach to help me plan my career, discover my strengths, and identify opportunities has helped me develop confidence to take on new roles. I feel it’s essential to have a mentor [...]
By Taren Grom, Editor
C-Suite: Advertising Agencies
Ken Begasse Founder and CEO Concentric Health Experience Opportunities: Marketers need to move healthcare from a model of disruption to one of desire. Disruptive brand communications interrupt and irritate to gain awareness. But to make customers desire a brand and make them seek it out, we have to apply behavioral insights to understand customer needs [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
SHOWCASE FEATURE: mHealth: The Next Frontier
More than 90% of the world’s population has some type of mobile phone, according to the Society for Participatory Medicine, quoting data from the International Telecommunications Union and PEW research. mHealth will continue to be a major factor in technology and health in 2015, with new apps that connect patients to physicians for real-time monitoring [...]
By Taren Grom, Editor
The Power of Mobile Apps in Healthcare
The year 2013 officially marked the arrival of mobile with more than 50% smartphone adoption in all major markets. Though many organizations had dabbled, mobile-first strategies catapulted to the top of nearly all marketing priority lists. But in the rush to adopt in 2014, industries have struggled to leverage the real power of the device. [...]
By Matt Balogh, Senior VP, Chief Technology Officer, CommonHealth, part of Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide
Context is The New Mobile
The Internet has forever changed the way we look at information. Unlike any other generation before, information, text, music, images, video, are accessible to us at no or little cost at a speed incomparable to any previous technology. Our perspective on access then hit a paradigm shift: mobile. With the entrance of high-speed data networks, [...]
By Chris Cullmann, Senior VP, Engagement Strategy, Ogilvy CommonHealth, part of Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide