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April 2015
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Letter from the Editor
In 2014, PharmaVOICE began highlighting — through a regular feature [...]
By Taren Grom, Editor
Industry at Large Olympic cross-country skier Kris Freeman at the [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
What’s New
Next20 Launched as Healthcare Thought Partnership Firm Trending now: Senior [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
The Network
Walgreens and PatientsLikeMe Bring Drug Information to Consumers Trending now:  [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
Tools of the Trade
PHT Provides Mobile Engagement Apps for Increased Patient Retention in [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
Pharma Trax
Venture Funding Trends Trending now: Report shows an increase in [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
On the Calendar
Coming Attractions The Frontend of Innovation (FEI) conference, May 18-20, [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
Talent Pool
Biotechnology Pool Mary Thistle Dimension Names Chief Business Officer Dimension [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff

On The Cover

Celebrating Innovation: Innovative Companies
in•no•va•tion the action or process of innovating. • a new method, idea, product, etc. When this special issue was conceived, the idea was to shine a light on the innovators and innovations that are changing the life-sciences industry. We issued a call to action to our readers to identify the companies that are changing the [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff


Innovations: Apps and Websites
App Screens for Early Vision Loss GoCheckKids Screens Children Younger than 5 Years Pediatricians now have a new way to screen for amblyopia, a leading cause of vision loss in children. Gobiquity Mobile Health’s GoCheck Kids is the first pediatric vision screener app designed to facilitate early detection of risk factors for children 6 months [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
Innovations: Drug Therapies
First and Only Vaccine Approved for Meningitis Pfizer’s Trumenba a Key Public Health Advance A serious and life-threatening disease can now be prevented with the first and only  FDA-approved vaccine in its class. Pfizer’s Trumenba Meningococcal Group B Vaccine was granted accelerated approval by the FDA in October 2014. The approval of Trumenba is an [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
Innovations: Processes
TMF Management: Beyond the Technology Paragon Brings 360-View to Electronic Master File Management Paragon has developed a new holistic approach to TMF allowing for perpetual inspection readiness: metaTMF. This method defines the content and data required for continual inspection readiness, aligned to the people, processes, and tools required to achieve deep maturity in TMF compliance, [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
Innovations: Platforms
Creating Custom Multichannel Customer Engagement Cegedim’s Hub Helps Sales Reps Simplify Complex Digital Mix In these challenging times of shrinking prescriber access, pharmaceutical marketers need to determine a meaningful digital channel mix to engage their customers right out of the gate. Cegedim’s Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) takes big data complexity and turns it into concrete, [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
Innovations: Technologies
Breakthrough Technology Identifies and Delivers New Pharmacological Treatments for CNS and PNS Diseases Rhenovia Pharma Technology Improves Neural Network Analysis In most industries, solutions to complex problems involve computer modeling and simulation (M&S). Rhenovia Pharma uses state-of-the-art M&S to predict the effects of molecules or combinations of molecules on various read-outs of neuronal networks under [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff
Innovations: Products, Tools, Solutions
Keeping Pace with Project Data Parexel Reinvents Technology to Fit New Development Landscape Drug development is a complex journey. To aid pharmaceutical companies in navigating this complex landscape, Parexel created a brand new version of its technological solution, Liquent Insight 6.0, which was originally launched in 2004. Parexel’s Liquent was born out of many direct [...]
By PharmaVOICE Staff