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Joy Taylor, CEO, TayganPoint Consulting Group

December 6, 2017

On Oct. 12 Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association hosted a panel exploring the successes and failures of business transformation in life sciences. The panelists, who have all thankfully lived to tell the tale, shared their transformation do’s and don’ts based on pitfalls and … Read More »

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John Cassimatis Co-Founder & President, TayganPoint Consulting Group
Joy Taylor, Co-founder and CEO, TayganPoint Consulting Group

May 1, 2017

TayganPoint Consulting Group conducted its inaugural survey this year in collaboration with Pharma Voice.  The intent of the survey was to explore the many issues Life Science Companies face as they transform and better understand how well they are prepared for driving trans … Read More »

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TayganPoint Consulting Group

January 11, 2017

Congress recently passed the 21st Century Cures Act with $4.8 billion dollars in funding and a purpose of speeding the development and approval of new medicines and medical devices the act has generated significant excitement and discussion.  Some of the key components of th … Read More »