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May 25, 2017

There is intense pressure to speed clinical trials and restrain costs, and given the burden of this duality clinical project managers are expected to make smarter decisions on intelligence derived from clinical trial data – at a faster pace, while sponsors and contract resea … Read More »

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John Cassimatis Co-Founder & President, TayganPoint Consulting Group
Joy Taylor, Co-founder and CEO, TayganPoint Consulting Group

May 1, 2017

TayganPoint Consulting Group conducted its inaugural survey this year in collaboration with Pharma Voice.  The intent of the survey was to explore the many issues Life Science Companies face as they transform and better understand how well they are prepared for driving trans … Read More »

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TayganPoint Consulting Group

January 11, 2017

Congress recently passed the 21st Century Cures Act with $4.8 billion dollars in funding and a purpose of speeding the development and approval of new medicines and medical devices the act has generated significant excitement and discussion.  Some of the key components of th … Read More »

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Fisher Clinical Services

December 23, 2015

There are many ways that your project can be delayed, and often these are managed in real time, rather than proactively on the front end, where they can be most effectively controlled, and minimize the impact to timelines and enrollment or even actual study conduct. If you d … Read More »

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Promidian Consulting

December 11, 2015

Companies like Turing Pharmaceuticals and KV Pharmaceuticals have grabbed headlines recently for their aggressive pharmaceutical pricing strategies. Whether these strategies are justified or even successful is not the point. Rather, what is important is the negative public p … Read More »