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"Great in-depth presentation on important topics that build the pharmaceutical industry."  

Felix Theeuwes, D.Sc.
Chairman and
Chief Scientific Officer
Durect Corp.

PharmaVOICE's editorial editorial mission is to provide insightful, actionable commentary on the issues of today and to identify the trends that will shape the industry's future. PharmaVOICE’s editors welcome article suggestions for its forums, topics, and articles.

Editorial Submission Guidelines:
PharmaView: Please send an outline or first draft that addresses a topic or trend from an objective, nonpromotional, insider's point of view. Drafts/outlines are reviewed by the editorial staff. Upon acceptance, author is interviewed to complete the article. The PharmaView averages 1,500 to 2,000 words and is accompanied by photography of the submitting author.

PharmaOutlet: The PharmaOutlet is original content provided by a contributing author and is intended to be provocative. This department averages 500 words. A photograph of the contributor and company affiliation accompanies the article.

PharmaCase: This feature article explores the challenges of implementing a tactical/innovative solution to a business challenge. Submissions should be accompanied by a draft outlining the goal, the steps toward achieving the goal, and the challenges encountered during the process. Upon acceptance, the author is interviewed to complete the editorial content.

PharmaCounsel: This feature article investigates regulatory, legislative, and legal issues that impact the industry.

For Art's Sake: This department is designed to showcase advertising, medical education, and public-relations campaigns that have made a lasting impact on the creative community. 

Please e-mail Taren Grom, editor, at with editorial contributions and suggestions, including press releases and news announcements for inclusion in PharmaTrax, On the Calendar, What's New, E-Media, and Talent Pool.

Photography Submission Guidelines:
In addition to thought-provoking editorial designed to capture the insights of compelling business executives, visual appeal is very important. Integral to the PharmaVOICE’s design is portraying industry leaders through interesting photography and visual presentation. The magazine's goal is to publish "real" photography of the executives interviewed for articles. The submission of creative photography is encouraged. Photographs can be within the company environment or outdoors. Use unexpected angles, over-the-shoulder shots, off-center images, eyes off camera and on, etc. Please include plenty of background to allow for interesting cropping.

Picture file specifications: High-resolution - minimum of 300 dpi; Minimum size: 5 in. x 7 in.; Format: JPEG or PDF files.


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