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What I love about this Digital Health white paper

Posted By: Dan Limbach
February 19, 2016

White papers often summarize larger sources of information, usually from research studies. Cello Health Insight released a white paper recently that contains a number of interesting findings from their study on digital health technology. It is chock full of intriguing facts about doctors in health care, and shows us how technology is becoming more important every day. Once you read this post, you’ll want to see the whole paper. Here are some of the highlights.

  • The study interviewed 1,040 certified doctors
  • 43% of doctors report having emailed a pharma representative in the last month
  • 48% of doctors report having emailed a patient in the last month
  • Skype has not taken off with doctors
  • Doctors use social media to communicate with peers far more than to communicate with patients and sales reps
  • 50% of doctors use Wikipedia at work
  • 74% of recent sales discussions have involved a tablet
  • 33% of doctors would recommend a wearable tech device in the future to their patients
  • 80% of doctors would be willing to participate in a market research study via an online community

Notable quotes:

“I find my smartphone / tablet so much easier to use than my work desktop / laptop.”

“Information from peers on Twitter will increasingly influence treatment decisions over the next one to two years.”

“Mobile apps could be a game-changer to improving health outcomes in many of the patients I see.”

This just scratches the surface. Download the white paper today.

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