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Tim Davis is Changing the Clinical Trials Landscape

Posted By: Dan Limbach
August 24, 2016

Tim Davis, Founder and CEO of Exco InTouch, is a pioneer in the clinical trials technology space. One of the 2016 PharmaVOICE 100, Davis has been busy since founding Exco InTouch in 2004.

Here are just a few of the company’s accomplishments under Tim’s leadership:
• First to use mobile phones for patient engagement in clinical trials
• Launched Gather, a tool for managing stakeholder engagement in clinical trials
• Launched Target My Hives ( a digital health community for people impacted by chronic urticaria
• Supports Founders4Schools, which gives students access to business leaders and mentors

In addition to being honored twice in the PharmaVOICE 100, Tim has accrued numerous other awards for himself and his company.

When he is not advancing the clinical trials technology space, he loves to cycle, and hopes to complete the Ride 25, a 25-stage ride from the UK to Australia.

Follow him on Twitter at @exco_ceo and his company at @excointouch

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