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Patients Defend Afrezza

Posted By: Dan Limbach
January 13, 2016

Written by: Robin Robinson, Senior Editor, PharmaVOICE Magazine

On Friday, Jan. 8, 2016, PharmaVOICE featured a news story quoting a third party in its This Week’s News In Review regarding Sanofi’s decision to dissolve the marketing partnership for Afrezza with MannKind. Readers in support of MannKind reached out to us to show their support for Afrezza, and we would like to note that we fully understand that MannKind plans to continue manufacturing the treatment and will be looking for new partners to market the drug.

Here is reader Katrina Adamo’s comment:
“Your “reality check” neglected to mention that Afrezza has an unprecedented amount of patient support. Some of the “people” you speak of are Afrezza users who have gone out of their way (without industry influence or support) to create websites, social media campaigns, and videos advocating for this product. I’ve never seen that level of support for ANY product in 10+ years in the medical communication industry. It clearly suggests that Afrezza is a product the world needs. If you look past dollars, and focus on the diabetics behind the data, you’ll realize this is not the end of the Afrezza story.”

PharmaVOICE would like to offer another third-party article from the Los Angeles Times to speak to Ms. Adamo’s point. Please click here to read “Afrezza patients worry they’ll lose access to their insulin.”


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