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Double Dose of Info about Mobile Medical Apps for Medical Devices

Posted By: Dan Limbach
October 26, 2016

Recently, Chiltern sponsored a white paper and podcast on a very interesting topic. It concerns developing mobile medical apps for medical devices.

Integrating any set of technologies can be difficult. A couple months ago I struggled trying to get a new TV working with an existing home theater system, blu-ray player, cable box DVR, and a universal remote (I persevered).  Had I not been able to make them integrate perfectly, I may have missed some Cubs games, or been forced to rig it so it did the job in a less elegant manner.

When we are talking about integrating a smartphone with a Class 3 Complex Medical Device, the stakes are much higher. Patient health and even their lives are at stake. It’s no simple matter to develop apps that can communicate with medical devices accurately and reliably.

I encourage you to absorb the learnings from this white paper and podcast combo.

White Paper:

Strategies for Developing Mobile Medical Apps for Patient-interactive Medical Devices


Concept to Commercialization of Complex Medical Devices with Mobile Medical Apps

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