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New White Paper Highlights: Mars vs. Venus: Men, Women, Trust & Biopharma

Posted By: Dan Limbach
July 14, 2016

This new white paper covers how men and women think about the biopharma industry, specifically in the area of trust. The white paper summarizes two surveys that compare and contrast the thoughts of men and women. The findings are quite interesting.

Here are some of the highlights.

  • Pharma is ranked below the average industry in terms of reputation, but men ranked pharma higher than women
  • 3 times as many men felt pharma is “Extremely trustworthy” compared to women
  • Women are far more skeptical than men about pricing transparency
  • Men focus on the information received from pharma, while women look more into the motivations of pharma, when considering trustworthiness
  • Men prefer a more private education on treatments, while women want to share their health experiences

The white paper provides an analysis, a summary, and an action plan as well. I recommend you download your copy today.

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